Run report for Sunday 20th October 2019

Well done to the 80 junior parkrunners who completed our 2km course this morning. 3 ran for the first time. Well done to Miles, Ethan and Sophia. Congratulations to the 27 who ran a brand new personal best this morning.

Many thanks to the adults who came forward to make the event happen. Thanks to Luke Ashton, Sharon Barnett, Erica Brackenbury, Chris Callender, Heather Castle, Adam Cole, Oscar Cole, Amanda Dominy, Jacqueline Francis, Susan Hancock, Mary Hodgson, Julene Knox, Ruben Mathers, Layla Mathers, Suzanne McDougall, Simon Milward, Alex Smith, Kate Ward, Tien Wilde and Kev Wrake. Congratulations to Oscar Cole who volunteered for the 25th time.

Before the run began this morning, we awarded wristbands to Ruben Veninga, who received his half marathon wristband, and Peggy Knox who joined the ultra marathon club after 50 runs.

If you ran 11, 21 or 50 runs this morning, please let us know when you are next coming to Hilly Fields junior parkrun and we will be able to present your child with their wristband.

Hope you all had fun at junior parkrun this morning and have a great half term week. Hope to see you all again soon

Glenn - Run director