Run Report for Event 230

Oh my gosh it was cold this morning - but bright and sunny and so we had a lovely 132 runners come and join in the fun...

So we had a great time - but were also wondering whether many of our fabulous runners and parents/guardians enjoy reading the run report as much as they like coming to junior parkrun.

So - a quick test - if you're reading this, let us know by liking our tweet (@HFjuniorparkrun), liking our post on facebook, or sending us an email at

Anyhow - back to the run report... It was really quiet in the park before y'all showed up...
2019-11-10 08.37.25

And then everyone ran off

2019-11-10 09.09.24

And we had so many runners the finish was super busy!
2019-11-10 09.24.02

Thanks for coming, and see you next week!