Run report for event 214 – Sunday 21st July 2019

It was all about the numbers 2, 1 and 4 at Hilly Fields parkrun on 21st July. It was our 214th event. 114 junior parkrunners ran, jogged and walked the 2 laps of the park. 24 got a brand new personal best and another 24 volunteers helped to make it all happen. Thank you to Adam Cole, Agnes Stanley, Amanda Dominy, Andrew Mundy, Anya Quiney, Cameron Livingstone, Clare Griffiths, Darryl Chamberlain, Frankie Campbell, Freya Wrake, Glenn Hancock, Isaac Mathers, Jala Aldous,  Kev Wrake, Layla Mathers, Luke Hodgson, Mary Hodgson, Mateo Mathers, Robin Morgan, Sam Broderick, Scott Koronka, Sharon Stanley, Sheonaidh Johnston, Sky London, Suzanne Spalding.

Special mention to the volunteers who picked up litter from around the course before the run started this morning.

We will be holding junior parkrun events every Sunday through the summer holidays. Please let us know if you know you are coming along and can help out. It's great fun and a fantastic way to start the day. If you are able to help Jacqueline next Sunday please get in touch with her at or via our socials. Thank you in advance.

Have a great week, and I hope to see you at Hilly Fields junior parkrun again next Sunday.

Glenn - Run director



Run report for event #213

I was worried that the rain shower of rain that made my feet wet while setting up the course might affect the turnout today but well done to the 111 children and young people who ran, jogged and walked with us this morning. 4 completed the course for the first time and 22 got brand new personal bests.

Our first finisher Guy completed his parkrun quadruple with a first finish at Hilly Fields parkrun and a new personal best of 18:09 (for 5km) before a new 2km personal best of 6:50 and another first finish today. Massive congratulations Guy!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who made it all possible. Adam Cole, Amanda Dominy, Anya Quiney, Cameron Livingstone, Chris Callender, Clare Griffiths, Claudia Griffiths, Darryl Chamberlain, Eibhlin Vardy, Glenn Hancock, Helga Wittmann, Isabelle Guillemot-Barbour, Jala Aldous, James Griffiths, Judith Greeves, Kev Wrake, Lily Hancock, Martin Faulkner, Poppy Greeves, Robin Morgan, Sal Tebbs, Sally Drayton, Sam Broderick, Sky London and Suzanne Spalding.

Please let us know if you're available to volunteer next Sunday,

Many thanks,

Glenn Hancock - Run Director



Thank You, Natalie!

We’ve known it was on the cards for a while, but there was a message on our Run Directors’ WhatsApp group on Friday from Natalie, to let us know that this week’s event would be her last time to be a Run Director at Hilly Fields junior parkrun.



She asked us not to make a fuss and of course we told her we would respect her wishes. But then we changed our minds and gave her a little thank you shout out from the bench this morning anyway!


Natalie has been on our Run Directing team from the very start - right from the first discussion in Glenn’s sitting room in late 2014 (no photos exist to illustrate this!).

But we do have photos of her at our trial run event in March 2015 leading the warm up on what was probably one of the wettest days we have had at Hilly Fields (and we have had many!), as well as fun times captured on many other days over the last 4+ years and 210 events.






We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Natalie for being such a great person to have on our team, a dedicated Run Director and a wonderful friend. We will miss her a lot, but we know that she will come back to visit us soon.

Good Luck Natalie from all of your Hilly Fields junior parkrun family!




Run report for event 210 – 23rd June 2019.

This mornings event was a record breaking one. It was our biggest attendance to date (273), and also our second largest number of first timers (65) since our inaugural event in May 2015.

As part of our outreach into local primary schools, we welcomed over 100 children and their parents/carers from Gordonbrock School in Ladywell this morning. Gordonbrock School is less than half a mile from our start line but only a few of their school community attend Hilly Fields junior parkrun each week. As a result, many of the children ran 2km for the first time today. We hope to see lots of you back in future weeks.

Well done to the 46 finishers who ran, jogged and walked a shiny new personal best time today too. Massive thanks as always to the 32 volunteers, many of whom volunteered for the first time as well. We hope to see lots of you back again running, jogging, walking or volunteering with us next week.

Run director


Run Report for Event 202

There was definitely something in the air today…perhaps the marathon fever in Greenwich Park had made its way across the borough boundary to Lewisham!
We don’t often talk about speed at Hilly Fields junior parkrun (it’s a run not a race!), but a whopping 28 of our 107 runners got new PBs today. Some serious determination and focus across the two laps of the park this morning. Indeed well done to everyone who came and ran with us, and thanks so much to everyone who volunteered this week. London Marathon weekend is traditionally a tough weekend to recruit volunteers so we were especially grateful to everyone who joined the volunteer team today.

We gave out wristbands to Umami and James who have both done the equivalent of a half-marathon in junior parkruns. And we reunited a few people with lost barcodes which was a relief - top tip, if your running gear doesn’t have a secure pocket for your barcode, it might be better to leave it in the care of an adult while you run and get it from them at the finish.

So, did you go cheering at the marathon today?
We are so proud of our Run Directors Luke and Jacqueline who ran the 26.2 miles across London this morning. Well done to them for all their hard work and determination, and for the money they raised for charity - Luke was running for Dementia Revolution and Jacqueline was running for Leukaemia UK in memory of our good friend Lucreta La Pierre.
Here is Jacqueline in action:
Jacqueline Marathon

And Luke with his medal:
Luke with medal

Well done too to our junior runners who swapped their junior parkrun this morning for the London Mini Marathon.

We were beyond delighted to see that our course record holder, Oli Bright, was the fastest finisher in the Borough Challenge at the London Mini Marathon today - although his running prowess comes as no surprise at all to us!!
Our regular runners Lucas Zurdo, Guy Barnett, Jude Weekly, Theo Gaymes, Sophie Walker and Maryam Drammeh were all out in force today, as were former regulars Isaac Maxwell, Luke Abrams and Oscar Zurdo. Go Team Lewisham, and congrats to their coaches Spencer Lane, Sarah Young and Ted Aston!!
The full borough challenge results are here if you fancy a browse:
Boys Borough Challenge.
Girls Borough Challenge.

And the Lewisham Under 13s team took 2nd place in the Under-13s borough challenge teams. All that hill training is clearly paying off...!

We spied a few of the Lewisham juniors in this great picture gallery video on Twitter! Hope you all had a good race…

Lots of our volunteers and parents running today too, well done to you all.

And a shout out to our Run Directors Glenn, Adele and Natalie who were up super-early to volunteer on the baggage trucks in Greenwich park. Can you spot them here amongst the whole gang from Hilly Fields?

Hope you have a great week and we’ll be running as normal next week on bank holiday Sunday so hope to see lots of you out and about. If you have a medal or a t-shirt from the marathon or mini-marathon to show off please do bring it along!!

Run Director - Event 202


Run report for event 201 – 21st April 2019

The junior parkrun at Hilly Fields had a Easter flavour this morning. We had volunteers and runners in bunny ears and there were lots of Easter eggs around the course (thank you Sally).

We welcomed four first timers to the event this morning. 22 of the 76 finishers achieved a shiny new personal best today. Well done to everyone who ran, jogged, skipped and walked the 2km with us.

Before the run, Thomas Lehner received his ultra marathon wristband for completing 50 junior parkruns. Well done Thomas.

Two of our run director team are running the London Marathon next weekend. Jacqueline Francis and Luke Ashton will be running their first marathon. Good luck to them and all parents/carers who have been running the junior parkrun alongside their children as part of their training.

Lisa is run director next Sunday. If you know you are planning to come along, please let us know if you're able to volunteer.

Event co-director


Run Report – Event 200!

This week was our 200th event at Hilly Fields juniors!
You may be interested to learn that 1633 runners have covered a distance of 39,402km around Hilly Fields park since event number 1. Impressive, eh?

We had a record breaking 34 volunteers - and 8 of them were under-18.

A park run 14th april 2019-131

Poppy and Isabel marshalled with their mum, Oscar took photos with his dad, Joseph led the warm up, Amelia handed out the finish tokens, Luke and Niamh sorted tokens in the cafe with their dad, and Lyra baked the most wonderful chocolate fudge cake with her mum to mark the celebrations for our 200th run.

A park run 14th april 2019-56

And we had a few special accessories to mark the occasion too - Saturday Run Director Sally made us some lovely bunting from the old hi-vis vests (we love a bit of up-cycling).

Bunting park run 14th april 2019-132

And we had a brand new selfie frame. If you took a photo with the selfie frame do share it with us on social media!

selfie park run 14th april 2019-6

Selfie park run 14th april 2019-127

selfie park run 14th april 2019-135

Selfie park run 14th april 2019-136

Selfie park run 14th april 2019-139

84 runners took part in event 200, we had 6 registered first timers and there were a whopping 24 new PBs. Heidi got her blue half-marathon wristband too. Don’t forget to let us know if there are wristbands due for anyone in your family - we award them after 11 runs, 21 runs and 50 runs.

Check out all of the brilliant photos by Adam and Oscar in our
Facebook Album.

Hope you have a nice week of holidays ahead, and see you next Sunday for our Easter event.

Run Director
Event 200


Run report – 30th December 2018

Hello, my name is Jake and I have done 142 junior parkruns at Gedling, Long Eaton, Rushcliffe and Hucknall juniors in Nottingham where my grandparents live, Highbury Fields, Mile End and Brockwell juniors as well as Norwich juniors while we were on holiday in Norfolk a few years ago. I have run Hilly Fields 126 of the 142 that I have run.

I have also volunteered at Hilly Fields over 50 times and today on the 30th of December I finished all of my volunteering for my Bronze DofE award. Therefore I intend to start running again next Sunday.

This morning it was quite dark, there was a little bit of rain and mud around the course but that didn’t stop the 85 amazing runners that woke up extra early to go for a run with their friends. There were 2 first timers and 5 tourists along with 12 people that achieved a PB today. There were also 30 volunteers that helped make this event happen. Thank you to Adam, Amanda, Andrew, Cameron, Claire, Edward, Eloise, Eric, Frankie, Glenn, Heather, Jake, James, Jennifer, Joseph, Jude, Kate, Kev, Laura, Layla, Lew, Linda, Lisa, Nick, Philip, Robin, Sharon, Sky, Suzanne and Zoe.

Thank you for reading and me and everyone else at junior parkrun will see you in the café next week.

These are some pictures that I took today.

Jake Hancock

Hilly Fields junior parkrun - 30th December

Hilly Fields junior parkrun - 30th December

Hilly Fields junior parkrun - 30th December


Well done to the 80 finishers who braved the rain showers and dodged the puddles on Hilly Fields Crescent this morning.

4 junior parkrunners completed their first ever junior parkrun with us this morning. Well done to Luke, Jake, Oliver and Benjamin. We hope to see you again next week.

Kennedy received her half-marathon wristband for completing her 11th, Elizabeth, Agnes and Michael were presented with their marathon wristband for completing 21 and Max received his apricot coloured ultra marathon club wristband for completing his 50th junior parkrun.

13 PBs were recorded today. Well done to Julian, Mustafa, Joseph, Alice, Maiah, Cairan, Jude, Benjamin, Alice P, Roxanne, Sam, Lyra and Alfie. Great work all. Alfie also ran his 11th junior parkrun today so will recieve a blue half-marathon wristband next time. Jonah joins the marathon club by completed their 21st junior parkrun Well done. We look forward to presenting you with your green marathon wristband next time you come to Hilly Fields juniors.

Massive thanks to all of our amazing volunteers. We wouldn't have a junior parkrun without your enthusiansm and energy. A round of applause for Amanda Anderson, Samuel Branch, Frankie Campbell, Adam Cole, Ben Greenberg, Glenn Hancock, Jake Hancock, Lily, Hancock, Mary Hodgson, Scott Koronka, Cameron Livingstone, Sky London, Chris Martin, Jude Martynski, Suzanne McDougall, Eloise McKeown, Joseph McKeown, Nick Morgan, Zoe Negus, Sandy Pollock, Lisa Power, Sarah Samuel, Sharon Stanley, Thi Vu and Kev Wrake. Eloise became our youngest volunteer to join the 25 volunteers club this morning. Well done Eloise. We can’t wait to see you in your purple 25 volunteers t’shirt soon.

Hope everyone has a great week. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for event 181 at 9am on Sunday 18th November.

Glenn - Run Director


Run report for event 179 – 4th November 2018

Well done to the 109 finishers on a perfect autumnal day in Hilly Fields this morning. We had a halloween theme today. Thank you if you came in fancy dress or carved us a pumpkin.

9 junior runners completed their first ever junior parkrun with us this morning. Well done to Tyler, Freya, Monika, Julian, Matilda, Arthur, Mustafa, Isobel and Alexander. We hope to see you again next week.

Sam received his half-marathon wristband for completing his 11th, Hetty was presented with her marathon wristband for her 21st and Tristan received his apricot coloured ultra marathon club wristband for completing his 50th junior parkrun.

23 PBs were recorded today. Well done to Benjamin, Luke, Tessa, Amber, Rosie, Mia, Agnes, Alice, Ernest, Ivor, Claudia, Jude, Samuel, Sophie, Maxwell, Reuben, Sirenna, Mara, Maxwell, Joseph, Georgia, Bess and Kennedy. Great work all. Kennedy also ran her 11th junior parkrun today so will recieve her blue half-marathon wristband next time. Elizabeth, Agnes and Wilf join the marathon club by completed their 21st junior parkrun and Max ran for the 50th time today. Well done. We look forward to presenting you with your green marathon and apricot ultra marathon wristbands respectively next time you come to Hilly Fields juniors.

Massive thanks to all of our amazing volunteers. We wouldn't have a junior parkrun without your enthusiansm and energy. A round of applause please for Amanda Anderson, Barnaby Day,  Cameron Livingstone, Chris Martin, Clare Griffiths, Clifford Quiney, Darryl Chamberlain, David Kenington, Glenn Hancock, Jacqueline Francis, Jake Hancock, James Griffiths, Kev Wrake, Laura Neuveglise, Luke Ashton, Mary Hodgson, Samuel Branch, Sandy Pollock, Scott Koronka, Sharon Stanley, Suzanne McDougal and Thi Vu.

Have a great week. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for event 180 at 9am on Sunday 11th November.

Glenn - Run Director

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