Advance Notice – Cancellation of Event on 1st March

For the third year in a row all of our Run Directors are involved with the Big Half half-marathon event taking place in London on 1st March. (Many of our regular volunteers are taking part too!). As a result, we are cancelling our junior parkrun on Sunday 1st March 2020.


Run Report for Event 230

Oh my gosh it was cold this morning - but bright and sunny and so we had a lovely 132 runners come and join in the fun...

So we had a great time - but were also wondering whether many of our fabulous runners and parents/guardians enjoy reading the run report as much as they like coming to junior parkrun.

So - a quick test - if you're reading this, let us know by liking our tweet (@HFjuniorparkrun), liking our post on facebook, or sending us an email at

Anyhow - back to the run report... It was really quiet in the park before y'all showed up...
2019-11-10 08.37.25

And then everyone ran off

2019-11-10 09.09.24

And we had so many runners the finish was super busy!
2019-11-10 09.24.02

Thanks for coming, and see you next week!


Run report for event 226 – 13th October 2019

Well done to the 98 young people who finished the 2 laps of Hilly Fields this morning. 48 were boys, 40 were girls. If the 10 unknowns were also girls, we could have a 50/50 gender split this morning.

4 junior parkrunners ran for the first time, and congratulations to the 14 children and young people who got a brand new personal best.

Two entered the half marathon club (Eddie and Ruben). Please let us know when you're next coming to junior parkrun so we can present you with your blue wristband.

Massive thanks to the army of hi-vis heroes who made it all possible. Please let us know if you are available to volunteer in future weeks.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Glenn (Run Director)


Run Report for Event 221

A bright and sunny, if a little bit chilly, morning today for Event 221.
Great conditions for running, as illustrated by the 143 runners who joined us - and the 30 PBs amongst them.

Well done to Daisy who received her marathon wristband today.  Let us know if you have any wristbands due for next week in your family!

Thanks as always to the volunteers: Abigail, Adam, Alex, Amanda, Andrew, Anya, Becca, Cameron, Clifford, Eloise, Harriet, Helga, James, Jenny, Joseph, Kev, Linda, Luke, Martin, Roni, Sam, Sharon, Suzanne McD, Suzanne S, Timo and Zoe - we couldn't do it without you!

Shout out in particular to Amanda who conquered her fear of timing this morning - here she is with fellow-timekeeper Sam.


And well done to Clifford, one of our junior volunteers (and token-sorter extraordinaire) who was proudly debuting his new 25 volunteer t-shirt today.

We also welcomed back Roni from our RD team who has been in the US for a few years, we took the opportunity to pose for a photo with her with the selfie-frame which had been returned following some triage work from a frisbee incident.  See our Instagram for what happened next...!


Thanks to Helga for leading the warm-up and keeping everyone on their toes!


If you’d like to volunteer for next week, get in touch - lots of roles available!

In case you didn’t see the information in our volunteer email this week, we have been allocated a small number of Community Places for the 2020 Big Half, which takes place on 1st March 2020. The entry fee for Community Places is £10. Email us if you are interested (

We’ll be running as usual next Sunday morning from 9am, but if you fancy a spot of extra running for a good cause, we’ll also be involved with providing some of the kit for the Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust sponsored relay event which takes place at 11am. This is its 5th year, and it is a really fun community-based charity event which raises funds to cover the salary of a cook who prepares home-cooked meals for young homeless women at the charity’s hostel on Tressillian Road.
It’s a 10k relay, teams of 2-4 doing a 2.5km lap four times per team around Hilly Fields. Entry is free, to sign up contact Rebecca Long on and start fundraising/make a donation via their JustGiving page.
All abilities welcome and it is guaranteed to be a feel-good event.


Have a great week everyone, see you next Sunday!


Run Report for Event #220

This week at Hilly Fields junior parkrun, as it was the end of the school holidays, our attendance seemed to go back to normal. We had a good turnout with 115 runners taking part.
Three blue half marathon wristbands were awarded this week, to James, Joshua and Tak, while Oscar received a green marathon one. Well done to you all!
Adam, Amanda, Amelia. Andrew, Clifford, Erica, Glenn, Harriet, Jacqueline, James, Jonah, Keiko, Kev, Linda, Luke, Matt, Niamh, Oscar, Paula, Peter, Robin, Sam, Sinead, Sky, Suzanne and Zoe were this week’s 26 hi-vis heroes. Without them the run would not have been possible, so a huge thank you to them all!
Drop us an email at if you can help out next week or any date in the future.
See you all next week.


Run Report for Event #217

While it was still a bit blowy today, we had a lovely sunny morning for parkrun - and a full roster of volunteers helping out.

2019-08-11 09.19.52

We had 78 runners, including five first timers - plus some fabulous visitors from Nottingham - my home town! Seven people got new PBs - not bad for a windy morning :)

2019-08-11 09.08.33

My favourite moment was when some of the kids started offering high-fives to the last runners entering the finish funnel -such great support!

2019-08-11 09.22.28

Thank you all and come again next week!



Run Report for Event #216

It's the holiday season, but great to see a good turnout today for Run 216 at Hilly Fields Juniors!

We were a bit short of volunteers on Friday night, but it all came good in the end with a number of people stepping up at the last minute - massive thanks to all and especially those who volunteered early ;-)


We had 79 runners, and 10 of you got PBs - well done. We also had four first timers - great to see you all...


And finally, a special shout out to superman, who put in a superb effort.

See you all next week!


Run report for event 215

This morning saw 72 runners complete the 'undulating' course at Hilly Fields. Immi received a green marathon wristband and Noah got a blue half-marathon one. Well done to you both!

As always the event was made possible by the following hi-viz heroes: Alex, Cameron, Erica, Frankie, Freya, Glenn, Gila, Heather, Isabelle, Jacqueline, Jennifer, Jo, Kev, Martin, Maysie, Molly, Phil, Sam, Silas, Sky and Suzanne. If you would like to help make the magic happen just email:

See you next week!



Run report for event #213

I was worried that the rain shower of rain that made my feet wet while setting up the course might affect the turnout today but well done to the 111 children and young people who ran, jogged and walked with us this morning. 4 completed the course for the first time and 22 got brand new personal bests.

Our first finisher Guy completed his parkrun quadruple with a first finish at Hilly Fields parkrun and a new personal best of 18:09 (for 5km) before a new 2km personal best of 6:50 and another first finish today. Massive congratulations Guy!

Thank you to our amazing volunteers who made it all possible. Adam Cole, Amanda Dominy, Anya Quiney, Cameron Livingstone, Chris Callender, Clare Griffiths, Claudia Griffiths, Darryl Chamberlain, Eibhlin Vardy, Glenn Hancock, Helga Wittmann, Isabelle Guillemot-Barbour, Jala Aldous, James Griffiths, Judith Greeves, Kev Wrake, Lily Hancock, Martin Faulkner, Poppy Greeves, Robin Morgan, Sal Tebbs, Sally Drayton, Sam Broderick, Sky London and Suzanne Spalding.

Please let us know if you're available to volunteer next Sunday,

Many thanks,

Glenn Hancock - Run Director



Run Report, Event #212

After a gloriously sunny Saturday, the weather was a little less inviting as I set up the event yesterday morning! A very big thank you to Andrew, who helped me bring all the equipment up from the shed (it's very heavy) and politely pointed out that I might have put the finish sign up incorrectly...

Happy helpers

Happy helpers



It's always super helpful to have a pre-run set-up volunteer, there's so much to organise, putting out the cones/marshal numbers, checking the course, setting out the start and finish areas. This is a role that can be done before you head out for the day, or before running with your child, because you are finished before 9am!

Another role that can be done alongside taking part is token sorting, this one is popular with children too (thank you Anya!). If you want to get in some exercise whilst volunteering, you could lead the warm-up (thank you Joseph!), or you could be tail-walker (thank you Sally, Edward, Hector and James!).

Fun on the move!

Fun on the move!

There are many more ways to get involved, with 24 volunteers making it happen this week - thank you all! It was touch-and-go as to whether we would be able to run this week though and I had to shout out from the bench to fill the gaps on the roster. Glenn is looking pretty lonely next Sunday, so make him smile and email: to add your name to the list!

We recorded 9 first-timers this week - welcome! There were quite a few 'unknown runners' too, who may well have been taking on their first ever junior parkrun, remember your barcode next time! I didn't have any wristbands to hand out this week, but Leo was running for the 100th time, amazing! He can now print off his certificate to celebrate this achievement. Out of our 89 finishers, 11 managed to run a personal best time - well done!

We hope you all had fun and that you will be lacing up again soon for some hilly fresh air and fun!

Adele :)





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