Event #80 – Imogen’s Run Report

Saturday morning I took part in my 3rd parkrun at Hogmoor, which was my 36th overall. I was running with my mum who was trying to get a PB, whilst my elder and younger sisters played at the park with dad on the zip wire! 

Whilst Hogmoor is set in beautiful surroundings, I find the course quite difficult, the sandy bits are hard to run on, however at the corner of one you get met by a music playing marshall who I like to hi-five so that gives me something to look forward to.

Hogmoor is *not* flat despite mum trying to convince me otherwise, but it’s not hilly, there’s just a few lumps and bumps in between the start and finish, which hopefully will feel ‘flatter’ each time I run them. 

I finished the run faster than mum (she’s never been able to beat me!!!), but I missed out on my own PB. Mum got hers but was so pleased with herself that she forgot to ring the PB bell!  Oh well, we will just have to come back soon and try again. Thank you to all the volunteers for helping to make Hogmoor happen. 


Event #79 – A Visitor from Ramsgate

With a wedding in Hampshire this weekend, it was the perfect opportunity for me to get away to somewhere new. I chose the quirkily named Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun. I woke up on parkrunday, fresh and ready for a bit of parkrun tourism. After the usual tourist breakfast of porridge and a banana (and a LOT of coffee – the A3 was not kind on the drive down last night!), I headed out the door to find my parkrun.

The conditions were ideal. Cool and a little cloudy; it wasn’t going to be a sweltering summer sizzler today. One of my friends might have called it ‘PB conditions’, but I don’t think he has seen the course at Hogmoor Inclosure!

When I got there, I was amazed at the scenery. Gigantic conifer trees line the entrance to the inclosure, creating a grand sense of scale. What surprised me most was the sand! Harking from Ramsgate, I’m used to sand being next to the sea! Yet here I was, well out of sight of any seagulls, standing on what felt like a beach. It was certainly going to be an interesting run!

I was welcomed by the lovely team of volunteers, expertly led by Jo. The first timers briefing increased that feeling of being part of something bigger. There were a great number of first timers, including tourists from as far away as Portsmouth and Northampton.

Then came time to start the run. Being of the quicker persuasion, I like to start near the front. I was swiftly overtaken by at least three dogs with their owners being pulled along behind! I always enjoy the mad rush at the start of a parkrun. We all know its not a race, and that going off too quick will leave you huffing and puffing before the end, but when the Event Director says “Three, two, one, go!” the adrenaline always takes over! Very quickly, I learnt that a steady start is essential at this parkrun!

I had sprinted through tall conifers in the cool breeze, I’d dragged my feet through the sandy dunes, and I’d climbed multiple ‘undulations’. I looked at my garmin. Only 800 metres in! This course is truly exceptional and rewarding. There is so much to see and experience from running here. As I came round the course, I was greeted by the most exuberant marshals! It was a real lift to hear them cheering us on.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable morning at Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a rewarding, technical run. I would love to come back and see how the course changes in the winter!


Event Number 78 – parkrun Challenges

There are plenty of parkrun challenges that you can set yourself: the most common being to run a parkrun run beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Some might think a little differently and become a pirate (by running the seven Cs and an R!) or you might like to run all of the events in Hampshire. This is the challenge that my friend and I are currently completing and this weekend we attended the lovely Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun.

This was a very friendly event. The RD was very excited to have a race report writer! There were plenty of friendly attendees; from runners, to people with buggies and those taking part in canicross. A special mention has to go to the very enthusiastic and happy marshals.

The route itself offers plenty for everyone. Hogmoor has sandy hills, forest paths and gravel. You will not be bored taking part in this event, it has so much to offer. There are parts through trees, a section across the forest and plenty of twists, turns and other undulations to keep you occupied.

There are currently 19 events in Hampshire and Hogmoor definitely offers the most variety in terms of terrain and views.

This week there were 219 finishers, with 47 people taking part in Hogmoor for the very first time. Well done to you and welcome to your new obsession.

Danielle Ward


Photos from HI parkrun #74

Thanks to Isaac and Jacob Garfoot for taking photos of Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun on 27/07/19:


If you would like to be a volunteer photographer one Saturday we would love your help.  Email us at hogmoorinclosure@parkrun.com

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