Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun #54 – 1st birthday celebration!

A run report by Catherine BLAKE

The sun shone through the clouds to help us celebrate this morning’s 1st anniversary run in style.  On the course we had the wind in our faces as we ran towards Stonehenge, but it gave us the push we needed as we turned towards home.  Happily, it was a small puddles, wet feet optional day.

parkrun#54 (Photo: Jonathan COURT)

291 people completed the course today.  Just a quick reminder before I crack on with the fun stuff: when we have big numbers it quickly gets very difficult to hear the pre-run briefing.  Please keep quiet so everyone can hear.  You may have heard it all before, but for 11 people it was their first ever parkrun.  We also had lots of visitors.  We hope you enjoyed it enough to come back again soon!  Running is hard work but there is often cake to enjoy and undo all our good work!cake (Photo: George LONGLAND)

Well done to the 58 of you who achieved hard won personal best times and got to ring the PB bell.  Perhaps some were due to our pacers.  It was my first time pacing today and I thoroughly recommend it.  I had the privilege of running with Ryan MCGREAVEY, who took an incredible 3 minutes 53 off his previous best!

Well done to first finishers Ollie GARROD and Victoria DICK.  Ollie’s time was a new SM25-29 record, and Steve LOW had an impressive age graded result of 76.22%.

Anne BARTLETT completed her 200th run, and Steve MURPHY and Seun AKINBOLUWAJO are both now eligible for their free red 50 t-shirts!  A big thank you to Christine TOMS for 25 times volunteering done in record time – your superwoman costume was very apt!

We had lots of great ‘History of Hogmoor’ themed costumes, including an array of Roman and modern army soldiers, a couple of bats, and some of the best camouflage I’ve ever (not) seen!

parkrun#54 fancy dress(Photo: Jonathan COURT)

parkrun 1st year attendance stats(Graphic: Catherine BLAKE)

In our first year 2,640 different people have completed a total of 41,230km together on Saturday mornings.  The 3 highest attendance peaks were when Alice Holt parkrun was cancelled, New Year and our anniversary today.  Our lowest attendance was when we had several weeks of very wet Saturdays in December.  Interestingly, it seems the computer system counts 'Unknown' parkrunners as male, so if you are male and feeling discouraged by your results email saying you 'were the [nth] male out of a field of [x] parkrunners', you likely came in higher up the field than that because probably around half of the unknowns were actually female!  We had the highest ever number of unknown runners today - #dfyb folks!

We have made new friends.  We have tried new volunteer roles and given generously to our community.  We have striven to do difficult things, achieving 1,974 PBs and overcoming personal hurdles.  A few of us have fallen over, but we’ve got up again and dusted ourselves off.  I’m looking forward to next year with you lovely people!

Lastly, a huge thank you to today’s volunteers: Fran LIGHT • Alistair MOREY • Sue BROWNE • Freddy KNIGHT • Catherine BLAKE • Colin HARE • Helen CHAPMAN • Katie CLARKE • Nicky COLE • Paul DAVIES • Joanna GUY • Chris SMITH • Christine TOMS • Simon LANGLEY • Kathryn POWELL • Colin BALDWIN • Lee WHITE • George LONGLAND • Joanne SCAWN • Lesley Jane LUCAS • Max POWELL • Connor WREY • Sadie COLE • Jonathan COOK

Please subscribe to our volunteer emails.  The link is on the bottom of your results email.  We don’t bombard you with emails: it is usually one per week letting you know what roles still need filling for your parkrun to go ahead.  We can’t do it without you.