Dedication, despite the weather!

In spite of the uninviting weather there was still a good turnout of 196 runners who decided tpartake in a 5km run, inevitably it meant getting a bit soggy and having trainers that were not perhaps the colour they were before running the course after a week of not such glorious weather. That’s dedication!

The event was still very enjoyable and retained the lovely positive atmosphere that it usually has, which is what I think encourages people to turn up on a weekly basis, whatever the weather. As for the course, it was not looking quite as magnificent as it would on a sunny day but nevertheless was still pleasant and the conditions were not horrendous. 

In the field of 196 runners; of course there were some amazing personal best’s as well as some milestones. In fact, there were 30 PB’s set today (including my own) so congratulations to everyone who achieved a new record today. You’re amazing! W

Well done to the first finishers, Harry BOYD, who zoomed round the course in 17:45 and to Karen STEVENS, who ran at Hogmoor for the first time today and was the first woman to finish, with a time of 24:15. Well done to Seren HARTWRIGHT and Lucy CROOKSHANK who have both now completed 50 Parkruns. Happy 8th Birthday to Blake who completed his 3rd parkrun. What a great way to kick off your birthday weekend!

Also, a massive thank you to all the volunteers who helped out today, there was a full house of volunteers this week which was amazing to see. Today’s volunteers were: Beth DAVIES • Catherine BLAKE • Christine TOMS  •  Cliff PAY  •  Dan CLARKE  •  Freddy KNIGHT  •  George LONGLAND  •  Helen CHAPMAN  •  Jessica BUSH  •  Lucy ANDREWS  •  Max POWELL  •  Nicky COLE  •  Patricia BROWN  •  Rob HANNAM  •  Sadie COLE  •  Samantha MITCHELL  •  Sarah STANBRIDGE  •  Simon BANE  •  Susie CHAN  •  Terri FREEMAN  •  William JONES