Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun #64 -18th May 2019

Over the past year I’ve heard lots about Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun but it’s taken until Saturday for me to actually manage a visit. Apart from QECP, this is the local one to my home and where a lot of my running group come to, so I persuaded my kids to have a change from the incredibly flat course we’ve been going to for the last 18 months and see what Hogmoor has to offer. I managed to convince a few friends to come along too, so we all met in the car park and followed the well signed path to the start area. One thing that I immediately noticed was the use of a bell to get the runners’ attention, initially to announce the new runners briefing details, then to gather up everyone for the pre-race briefing and a few 50 milestone announcements. A very short stroll around the corner to the start line and soon all the runners and walkers were on their way to complete the 5k distance. The course was a mixture of trail and sandy paths and apart from the passing straights to the loops it was also a wide course so you were able to run alongside friends or overtake someone easily.  Encouraging words were coming from marshals and other runners and soon we were on to lap 2. This lap seemed so much shorter, probably because I now had a few landmarks to use as points to get to. Before I knew it, the finish line was in sight, and we were cheered on by a handful of volunteers and faster runners. I crossed it wanting to do it all again. The absence of a coffee shop was made up by people wandering around offering cake and water. This meant that everyone was still at the finish area when the tail-walkers came through. Close to the start/finish area is also a large adventure playground that keeps young supporters occupied whilst still being close enough to keep popping back to see everyone coming by. My only regret about Hogmoor is not having visited sooner! I’ll definitely be back and will be recommending it to others. See you soon!

Clare Blecher

Editor's note: The long awaited café and toilet block are now due to open late summer (barring further setbacks) so, if you are so inclined, do keep bringing cakes etc. to share, they are always appreciated!

Thank you to Isaac Garfoot for this week's photos: