Event #80 – Imogen’s Run Report

Saturday morning I took part in my 3rd parkrun at Hogmoor, which was my 36th overall. I was running with my mum who was trying to get a PB, whilst my elder and younger sisters played at the park with dad on the zip wire! 

Whilst Hogmoor is set in beautiful surroundings, I find the course quite difficult, the sandy bits are hard to run on, however at the corner of one you get met by a music playing marshall who I like to hi-five so that gives me something to look forward to.

Hogmoor is *not* flat despite mum trying to convince me otherwise, but it’s not hilly, there’s just a few lumps and bumps in between the start and finish, which hopefully will feel ‘flatter’ each time I run them. 

I finished the run faster than mum (she’s never been able to beat me!!!), but I missed out on my own PB. Mum got hers but was so pleased with herself that she forgot to ring the PB bell!  Oh well, we will just have to come back soon and try again. Thank you to all the volunteers for helping to make Hogmoor happen.