The start of my D of E Journey

This Saturday was my 34th parkrun and I have been doing them since April last year with my Mum. Today was a crisp autumn day, with a frost on the ground and for the first time we decided to walk from home to the start of parkrun. This meant we were nicely warmed up for the start and boosted my step count for the day! This time of year is especially beautiful with the striking autumnal colours on the trees. Hogmoor, with all its trees is a scenic course.

As expected, this parkrun is well managed, with a race director that is organised and friendly volunteers.  Today we had over 200 runners. Although today was dry, we have had a lot of rain this week and some areas of the course were slightly muddy and despite the low temperatures I warmed up very quickly. I am always amazed by the wide variety of participants. There are runners who finish the course in less than twenty minutes and we also have mums and dads pushing babies in buggies, young children and families with dogs. People of all ages complete the course and it’s always great to see new faces who want to get involved in parkrun.

Hogmoor Inclosure used to be an army training area with lots of tank crossings. When the Army moved out of Bordon, the area was converted into a park which can be used by the community. This means we have a figure of eight course, with wide sandy tracks and pathways through the woods.  Keep your eyes open for the many interesting hand carved waymarkers and gateway sculptures dotted throughout the inclosure.

I have decided to do parkun for my physical section of my silver Duke of Edinburgh award and I would like to thank the race director for being so friendly and helping me complete this.