Calm before the Storm!

Saturday 8th February was the calm before the storm, with Ciara promising to be blowing huge winds and bringing lots of rain in over the weekend, 246 people braved the puddle in the car park at Hogmoor Inclosure to take part in the weekly 5k event.  

Helen was Run Director today and it was a delight to be able to hear all the run brief through the megaphone  (in all honesty i'm not totally convinced Helen needs it!) and she was supported by Chris, in the new volunteer role as "megaphone holder." 

There were some milestones, with Ben (who is in the 11-14 age cat!) and Philip reaching their 50th run. I am delighted to say i have now done 50 separate volunteering roles too.  If anyone reading this wants to give volunteering one week a try but feels a bit shy or worried, please don't be, its so worthwhile! 

It was great to see lots of new PBs today in particular from some of the younger runners, good luck to those parents trying to keep up.  Sadly i was not able to keep up with my daughter today, luckily she spotted her friend with her mum and sped off to run with them.  Her strava gave many people a chuckle - Lola, where have the days gone where you struggled to keep up with me and moaned if i went too fast?!  

The course today was fairly respectable, the odd muddy bit, some compacted sand and a bit windy.  The good thing about Hogmoor is that you can never predict how well you will run or walk the course until you get there and i heard a good handful of people at the end saying it was trickier today yet the amount with PBs almost defies that! 

Lets hope that storm Dennis allows us to run safely this weekend, i am sure the amount of rain we have had will bring lots of puddles and muddy challenges.  

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Hogmoor 101

For seven days the very spectre of Hogmoor 101 had begun instead to represent Room 101. 
My Orwellian nightmare was shaped like the murky stretch of icy water which spanned the course at Stonehenge turn for Hogmoor 100

I had ended that run a week ago with my shirt soaked, knees scraped, shorts dripping and face streaked with ditchwater having pitchpoled headfirst into the water on the first turn.

It was my intention to show that corner much more respect this time round (most likely by creeping gingerly round the edge of it, clinging to the slippery bank) but as if by magic the water had gone, only a floodplain of sand and nub of black plastic hosing evidence of its nightmarish existence…

Still, I can’t say the run was made especially easier, as Hogmoor’s challenges of sand dunes, twisty boardwalks, steeplechase troughs and steady climbs continue to taunt those of us who vigorously abused mountains of mince pies, Christmas cakes, plum duff and tins of Quality Street for the best part of six weeks… I’m almost through the last few unloved blue coconut ones now (and the remaining toffee pennies), and then it is healthy fuel all the way! That will make all the difference, right?

Anyway… it seems more hearty souls than ever are drawn to the inclosure of a Saturday morning whatever the weather, and the carpark was again chock-a-block almost out to the road. In all, some 285 runners ran, jogged and walked the course, including 10 mystery men and women who had failed to register/sign up/bring their barcode… come on – reveal yourselves!! Hopefully see you next week.

There were 15 first timers to parkrun this week (welcome!), and 21 who were making their Hogmoor debuts including Kevin Yates of the Chandler’s Ford Community Running Group. Kevin is a Parkrun MACHINE, and Saturday’s run (he was the 11thfinisher in 21 minutes dead) was his 421st parkrun.

In all, there were 60 PBs on the day – I don’t think I heard the bell ringing 60 times, but to be fair the blood was coursing through my head for quite a while after wheezing over the finish line so I may have missed that.

Congratulations to Gerd Goldsack who ran her 50thparkrun (see you in your snazzy red 50 shirt soon, Gerd) and Martin Wells (50th) and to David Mais who clocked his 100th Parkrun.

James Baker (Chichester Runners & AC) struck a blow for the forty-somethings, flying round in 16 minutes 37 seconds, to achieve an age-grade score of 84.05%. If I’m going to be entirely honest, I’ll confess right now that despite trying to figure out the age-grade scoring system for about three years now, I am still not really any the wiser, but can confidently say a mark around 84% equates to that feeling you have a split second before vomiting. Or passing out. Or vomiting and then passing out.  The governing body for such pointy-headed things, World Masters Athletics, states that 100% is World Record Level, and above 90% is World Class level, so chapeau James!  Take a look here if you want to figure it out for yourself…

Katie Read, running her seventh parkrun was the first female finisher in a time of 24:06 just three seconds off her PB.
David Jarrett, who runs with Haslemere Border AC, registered a PB to duck under 18 minutes with a 17:58second-placed male finish and Lordshill Road Runner Ben Pitman was third male finisher in 18:06.

Alton Runner Beth Swadling was the second of 134 female finishers with a new PB of 24:33 (no bad luck on her 13th parkrun) and Cassandra Shepherd was third in 25:01 on her first visit to Hogmoor.

See you all next week for a sweaty run and some sticky buns - remember to bring your purses for the newly opened café.


Hogmoor’s Century

Wow Hogmoor I can’t believe you’re 100 already, I can remember when you were just 1! Now look at you all grown up, and attracting more and more people each week.  A huge shout out to every single volunteer and participant who has made those 100 parkruns happen

An amazing 351 people ran, jogged or walked the course today, with 32 managing to record new PBs on this freezing, icy morning. But didn’t the Inclosure look beautiful in the mist ?

The recent rain had added an additional challenge with the reappearance of the massive puddle by “Stonehenge”.  As one of the brave (!) souls who went through the middle I can confirm that the  water was seriously cold, RD Helen did warn us in her briefing that they had broken the ice on it earlier!

This week we welcomed 70 people who were taking part at Hogmoor for the very first time, 16 of whom chose to make Hogmoor’s 100th their first parkrun. A warm welcome to all, I believe our furthest travelled visitor was from Cardiff.

We were also visited by a few of our local fireman running in their full kits, well done guys .

Congratulations are in order to the following people who reached their milestones this Saturday:

Paul KEOGH,  Solveig STORE and Amy JONES celebrated their 50th runs ,

With Colin HARE reaching his 100th .

 Here’s to the next 100.

This week’s event was made possible by 21 volunteers:

Helen BLAKELEY • Helen CHAPMAN • Katie LUCAS • Jim ARMITAGE • John HILTON • Joanna LANGLEY • Chris SMITH • Christine TOMS • Colin BALDWIN • Toni BALDWIN • Georgina ASHTON • Joan LOWTON • Jessica BUSH • Emma PROCTOR • Bianca JUNGE • Louise THOMPSON • Lucy ANDREWS • Alex L C HALL • Geoff GOLDSACK • Helen STOKKEREIT • Florence SELF

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New Years Day at Hogmoor parkrun – Event #97

It was a special day in parkrun-land for on New Years Day two parkruns can be run! People travel far and wide for the New Years Day Double (NYDD). We had visitors this morning at Hogmoor from Manchester, Canada and large number of very friendly parkrunners from Salisbury. Oh and a special little crochet bear all the way from Lancaster.

The car park was packed, there were people coming from everywhere, there were 134 tourists/visitors with us this morning. 8 people choose New Years Day to join the parkrun family, thank you for choosing Hogmoor. Well done and we hope to see you all back on Saturday.
Sore heads were soon forgotten (for most!) as parkrunners’ set off for two sandy undulating laps of the Hogmoor Inclosure. There was a whopping 45 new PBs! Amazing effort everyone! But today’s event, just kept getting better. The Christmas Day record number of attendees was broken, 432 ran, walked, skipped and dragged themselves round the course. AND THEN James BAKER, flew round setting a new course record of 16mins 22seconds! Well done James!!
Andrew LOWTON & Linda ROBSON reached 100 runs, Katie LUCAS a whopping 200 and Elaine DAKIN joined the 250 club! And ‘the most runniest runner’ was Steve TILL of Alice Holt who has completed 472 parkruns. Well done all.
One of our juniors joined the 25 Volunteer club – Thank you Lola. Christine TOMS was on fine form as always volunteering for the first time in 2020. In 2019 Christine marshalled the course 50 times! Hogmoor would not be the same without her!
235 of the NYD Hoggies finished their first parkrun and hot footed over to Alice Holt for their second run. 36 of these people ran the same time as someone else at either Hogmoor or Alice Holt, I was planning to list them here, but there were so many, people many nod off whilst reading this. Worth highlighting though Liss RC Runner Steve ARMSTRONG managed to run the exact same time at both events! Now that’s what you call a NYDD!

The course was dominated this morning by Andrew’s and John’s/Jonathon’s (of various spellings) with 13 of each of them taking to the course! This was closely followed by 10 Catherine’s/Katherine’s, Dave’s/David’s& James’.

A huge thank you to our volunteers this morning the event wouldn’t have been possible (and nearly wasn’t!) without you and an even bigger THANK YOU, to those that also went on to volunteer for a second time at another venue.: Colin BALDWIN, Toni BALDWIN, Trish BIRCH, Catherine BLAKE, Sheena BOOKER, Patricia BROWN, Andrew BULL, Kerrieanne CARTWRIGHT FORBES, Helen CHAPMAN, Helen FOULDS, Jenny FRENCH, Miles HUTCHINGS, Simon LANGLEY, Joanna LANGLEY, Fran LIGHT, Fiona LUNSKEY, Helen MANSEY, Cliff PAY, Richard SCRASE, Nick SIRS, Christine TOMS.

Now as we move into 2020 we have 53 parkruns upon us, including a special treat, a rare parkrun on 29th Feb and a ‘two-days in a row parkrun’ as Christmas day this year falls on a Friday!

Thank you to everyone for joining us in the last 12 months and we look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday for Hogmoor parkrun event 98!

And remember without volunteers we wouldn’t be able to hold our FREE weekly, timed event. Why not make it a New Years Resolution to join the team and volunteer every now and again. I promise it is as much fun as running and the warm fuzzy feeling you get from giving back gives you a warm glow lasting the whole weekend!


Christmas Day at Hogmoor parkrun

It was December 25th, Father Christmas had delivered presents all across the globe, the elves had worked tirelessly and at last it was time to relax. So they laced up their trainers and whizzed on down to Hogmoor enclosure for parkrun. Elves, Santa’s, Gin Drinkers, Dogs on short leads and a couple of Inflatable  Horses, all gathered together on this morning to celebrate Christmas tidings! A record breaking 354 people turned out to start Christmas ‘the right way’!

There were visitors from a far, puddles long and wide, feet got wet and volunteers chanted! Christmas had fully taken over at Hogmoor parkrun.

Sweets, biscuits and donuts were being handed round, several rebels were even seen having a schnifter of port!

We welcomed 67 first timers, 13 doing their actual first parkrun (we hope to see you all again soon) and heard sleigh bells ring to the tune of 40 PB’s! The Hogmoor course record holder James Baker once again flew around the course, we heard he had put the turkey in a little bit early!


We saw some festive milestone: William CASSON joined the 10 club. Alex L C HALL and Gary CASWELL reached 50, Simon DIMMOCK and Ian URQUHART joined the 100 club.

Willem our pushchair champion took to the puddles, pushed by Dad and a couple of ‘Jolly’s’ joined us for the Christmas event!

Today’s event wouldn’t have been possible without Our volunteers Naomi SHAYLOR • Fran LIGHT • Nick SIRS • Catherine BLAKE • Alexander COLE • Rob HANNAM • Helen BLAKELEY • Helen CHAPMAN • Cliff PAY • Joanna LANGLEY • Joshua LAVERY • Sheena BOOKER • Christine TOMS • Colin BALDWIN • Toni BALDWIN • Sam FUTCHER • Diane BYRNE • Trish BIRCH • Janet GOVAN - MERRY CHRISTMAS and THANK YOU!

Without further adiue go forth and sip EggNog and we will see you all back here, same time, same place, as many puddles on the 28th December.