Event#148 Saturday 3rd August 2019

A couple of months ago, I ran Crane parkrun in my quest to complete the pirates challenge. What's the pirates challenge I hear you cry? Completing 7 parkruns beginning with the letter C and one starting with the letter R, 7 seas and an Arrrrrr!! (there's lots more to keep people amused, have a look at this fab add on for Chrome/Firefox browsers https://running-challenges.co.uk/).


One thing that Crane parkrun doesn't have is a local cafe, so we decided to visit the cafe at Hanworth parkrun, a mile or so down the road. I knew that some friends were running there that week, so knew we'd know some people in there. It was here I met an amazing young lady, Claudia.


Claudia isn't your average parkrunner. She used to be, running her first 20 or so runs at Bushy park. She then started to have mobility issues and so started to use crutches to get her way round the course. As these issues increased, Claudia started to use a wheelchair to get round. Minor little issues like your legs not working wouldn't stop Claudia from parkrunning.


So it was in a wheelchair that I met Claudia. In chatting to her, I mentioned that my home run was Homewood, where I was Co-ED. Claudia father lives quite close to Ottershaw and he'd run at Homewood and that he had said that she wouldn't be able to get round it in her chair. This is just like waving a red rag to a bull!! We agreed there and then that we would make it happen. No one had ever gone around Homewood in a chair before.

2019-08-03 09.50.18

In the intervening couple of months, we both kept in touch whilst travelling around the country completing various parkrun tourism trips, but agreed that the 3rd August would be the day. The weather has been dry (wheelchairs don't really like mud!) and the course was running nicely. Knowing Homewood well, there were two areas of the course that were a little concerning, the infamous Achilles Hill and Rooty row. I walked the course on Wednesday, checking out any areas that I thought may pose an issue to a chair user and I also made a quick video of going up Achilles Hill to send to Claudia so as to give her some idea of the challenge she was taking on. I also trimmed back  some of the brambles that had started to encroach on the edges of the course, to allow some of the faster runners more room to pass.


After meeting up with Claudia again this morning at Homewood, we did a quick recce of Achilles Hill, working out the easiest route up it.  In short, there isn't one, but it is possible with a little assistance up the steepest and rootiest parts.


Once we'd started, the run itself passed off without any major incidents. It was easier up the hill the 2nd and 3rd time without too many other runners around, as we could pick out the best route up. Rooty row posed a few challenges, with the wheels of the chair sometimes slipping on the numerous roots, but nothing insurmountable. One major advantage of a chair is on the downhill section out of the woods, I couldn't keep up with Claudia as she raced off into the distance down there.

2019-08-04 04.46.37

We got round in just over 45 minutes. It was never going to be a PB course, it isn't for any runner/walker/wheeler (Claudia has a chair PB of 20:02 on a flat course). This was all about the challenge and for a remarkable young lady, the chance to prove nothing is impossible, whatever life throws at you.

2019-08-03 09.57.08

A big thank you to all the other runners for your support and encouragement on the way round, for those that offered a hand on the trickier sections, for your patience when we may have been blocking the course slightly and for those that stayed to applaud a incredible young lady as she crossed the finish line.

Here is a little more about Claudia's story from the parkrun blog earlier this year:


For completeness, the stats. This week 111 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 18 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 19 volunteers:

Michael WAINE • Spencer BATEMAN • Sarah ABBOTT • Kate HICKEN • Jacob THOMAS • James OWEN • Max NICKLESS • Phil STOCKER • Sarah SKERTEN • Steve DYE • Jane STRATFORD • Jo GRAHAM • Dee HARPER • Lisa MCLAREN • Richard JONES • Carly BURLEIGH • Jake MARTIN • Joanne CLARK • Cynthia BOARDMAN


Today, it was a honour for me to assist someone who doesn't know how to say no to a challenge that I thought was impossible and which she proved easily, was perfectly possible!




Event # 66 Saturday 6th January 2018


The first run of 2018 and the course starts as it ended in 2017, very slippery and muddy, 105 people ran, jogged and walked the 5km, of whom 16 were first timers and 3 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 16 different clubs took part including Vegan Runners and Elmbridge RRC.


Welcome to Rupert DEVEREUX, Luke BATTING, Oscar CAMARGO,  Bea BONTES, Joanna SHILLABEER, Tracey OWEN and Sarah PENNINGTON who all must have made a New Years resolution to come and join us here at Homewood parkrun, it was great to see you all and hope you enjoyed the experience, well done on reaching your first milestone, run #1.

Congratulation to Daniel EVERALL and Larisa ANDRONACHE on completing 25 parkruns, half way towards joining the 50 club and claiming a red shirt.


The event was made possible by 19 amazing volunteers led by this weeks Run Director Steve DYE suitably attired in some lovely wellies: Calvin MANNING • Samantha PENNELL • Sam BLOOMFIELD • Kate HICKEN • Vicky BURR • Dave FITTON • Phil GARTY • Suzi BOWEN • Sidrah SHAFAQ • Jason TUTTY • Steve DYE • Jane STRATFORD • Dee HARPER • Lisa MCLAREN • Della KENDALL • Ian HARPER • Joseph MARDELL • Cora GILLETT • Holly STILLINGFLEET


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.

5 Unknown runners this week, #DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode! Why not print out a spare from your profile page and keep in your car or bag?

Most symmetrical time of the week was Dan SKERTEN finishing in 25:25, first female across the line was Homewood Event Director Suzi BOWEN in 26:19 and first male was Chris DYSON in 18:41. Good running and walking everyone, remember nobody finishes last at parkrun!


It was great to welcome tourists to Homewood this week, including from nearby Bedfont Lakes and Reading, in fact Homewood is firmly on the tourist map coming in 7th most visited parkrun in the UK in 2017, with 365 people visiting at least once during the year, not surprisingly Bushy, the birthplace of parkrun topped the list with 902 visitors.


More pictures from today’s event are available on our Flickr group page : https://www.flickr.com/groups/homewood-parkrun/


Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Old School Café, Longcross Road, Chertsey, KT16 0DP - you are most welcome to come and join us!

Great running everyone, see you next week #DFYB Don't Forget Your Barcode!




Report for Event #25 Saturday 2nd April 2017

This week at Homewood we reached our milestone birthday of our 25th event! In that time, we have celebrated 2,686 runs, from 1,211 different participants with a total of 13,430km run! Well done all.


All of this would not be possible without our amazing team of volunteers. We now have a team of 6 friendly Run Directors to lead you out each weekend, a group of 5 fantastic duke of Edinburgh volunteers who come every week rain or shine with a smile on their face, and have had 112 of you volunteer at one time or other since we started back in October. This is the stat that I am most proud of as Homewood parkrun Event Director, and the stat that helps us achieve everything we do; the bigger team of volunteers we have, the less pressure there is put on our most regular volunteers to put on a safe, fun and friendly event every week. With an average of 107 runners every week, if everyone volunteered even just once every few months it would fill our roster easily. All volunteer roles are easy, and it is the best way to meet even more fellow parkrunner's and feel part of the team that makes it all happen every week. If you would like to volunteer, please drop us an email at homewoodhelpers@parkrun.com, we'd love to hear from you.

Back to this week, we had another great turn out of 98 runners, with a lot of tourists taking the opportunity to visit during the Easter holidaysb (albeit from within the Surrey borders for the majority!). A whopping 32 of you recorded a personal best this weekend, well done all.

For the male runners, Lawrence BATE (VM45-49) of Dorking & Mole Valley AC, was first over the line in 21:01 in his first appearance at Homewood. Graham COOKMAN (VM50-54) was second over the line in 21:37 and Andrew CLUNEY (SM30-34) was third over the line in 21:38.

For the women, Homewood Run Director (and voice of Homewood social media!) Stephanie Louise MUZZALL (SW25-29) of Datchet Dashers, was first over the line 24:43 in her first run at the new Homewood course, Cath MONDAY (VW45-49) was second over the line in 26:07 looking very comfortable in her first parkrun (hopefully inspired by her daughters DofE volunteering with us!) and Sarah STIDWILL (VW35-39) was third over the line in 26:51.

A big shout out to our 14 volunteers that supported this weekend's event, and of course this week's Run Director Paul:


We were quite short of volunteers this week with a number of our regular volunteers away and struggled for the first time to fill the roster, so a reminder again if you are able to volunteer please do let us know homewoodhelpers@parkrun.com


I will leave you with a lovely comment from one of our first timers this weekend, we are so proud of our friendly parkrun family at Homewood and so pleased that it has such an impact on our runners:

"It was brilliant​ fun- what an incredible lovely, friendly group of people. And thanks so much Sam for persuading me to try. We walk-jogged at the back; stop- starting all the way chatted to some great people all of whom have got up on a Saturday morning to run or walk 5k and we're home in time for tea and toast for breakfast. Loved it!"

See you next week #DFYB




Report for Event #24 Saturday 25th March 2017

2017-03-25 08.25.09

It was a beautiful, warm morning on Saturday that greeted the 103 people that ran, jogged and walked the course at Homewood, including 3 with dogs and 2 with buggies. Roland was RD for the day, making sure that all went smoothly and safely for everyone. The course is beginning to dry out now in the parts that have been muddy, so we expect to see your PB’s tumble!

2017-03-25 08.56.43

Of these 103 people, 32 were first timers to our little piece of heaven in Surrey and 9 were completely new to parkrun. We hope to welcome you all back soon.

2017-03-25 09.42.05

A couple of notable milestones this week were Isabella Farrington completing her 10th run as a junior (White Tee) and Dee Harper, one of our team of Run Directors, notching up her 25th volunteering role and earning her a much coveted purple Tee.



This was the 24th running of Homewood parkrun since its inception in October 2016 and participants have run 12,940 kms in total. That’s further than running from Ottershaw Playing Fields to the Falkland Islands!

The event was made possible this week by 16 of our wonderful volunteers: Amy SEECHURN • Clare MILLER • Debbie SMITH • Dee HARPER • Ellie MONDAY • Hayden BINNS • Ian HARPER • Jane STRATFORD • Paul SILVESTER • Phil MOSS • Roland HOGG • Rowan BINNS • Sidrah SHAFAQ • Stephanie Louise MUZZALL • Steve DYE • Suzi BOWEN

2017-03-25 09.43.11

Fancy helping make sure parkrun runs smoothly in the future? Just drop a quick e-mail to homewoodhelpers@parkrun.com and we’ll add you to the list. There are lots of roles that you can do and also run, so no excuses there!

David Halloway of Tadworth AC, was the first male over the line in a time of 18:46 at his first appearance. James Clarke of Ordnance Survey Runners followed him over the line in 19:47 and completing the first 3 male’s home was previous Homewood first finisher Darren Bradley of Camberley & District AC in 19:52.

Of our lady finishers, Vicki Yvonne Clarke of Hardley Runners came top of the pack in 23:41, also in her first appearance at Homewood. Cara Silbury was just behind in 23:56 and Louise Diggens of Datchet Dashers completed our first 3 ladies in 24:47.

Ever wondered how your results get processed so quickly to get you your text/emails? Well, here’s a little secret, it’s all done over flowers in the Old School Café where we head to as soon as we’ve finished packing up. Do come and join us for a butty, brew and banter.

2017-03-25 10.27.53

This week we welcomed tourists from Woking and Basingstoke to the café who were then heading off to support a friend training for the Thames Path 100. They also managed to steal the leggings of the week crown this week.

2017-03-25 09.36.24

Look forward to seeing you all next week. #DFYB #loveparkrun


Run Report for Event #22 Saturday 11th March 2017


This week we saw 94 people and 2 dogs ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 24 were
first timers. Since the beginning of Homewood parkrun athletes have run 11,995 km and achieved 365 PB’s including 17 this week.



John ASHLEY (SM30-34), running for the 10th time at Homewood, was first over the line with a time of 20:00. Andy MCEWAN (VM45-49) who was second over the line in 20:23 also took the title of highest age grade with 71.22%. Ben COOK (VM35-39) was third over the line in 21:47.


For the ladies, Suzy STORR (SW25-29) of Viceroys Triathlon Club, was first (11th overall) over the line in 24:58 - second time in 9 appearances, Rosie SHELDON (VW45-49) was second (19th overall) over the line in 26:14, and Sarah STIDWILL (VW35-39) was third (21st overall) over the line in 26:47.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.



This week we had several great contenders for Leggings of the Week.



This Saturday Steve came back to deliver a brilliant second event following his first time as Run Director last week. This week we had a very strong team this week with 24 volunteers including many new faces who are running in tomorrow’s Surrey Half Marathon. Thanks to the hi-viz heroes of the week: Amy SEECHURN • Andre CATAO • Ceri RICHARDSON • Debbie SMITH • Dee HARPER • Ellie MONDAY • Emilia FITTON • Hayden BINNS • Ian HARPER • Jane STRATFORD • Jason TUTTY • Joseph MARDELL • Kate HICKEN • Kathy MILLER • Keith BATTEN • Lisa MCLAREN • Paul SILVESTER • Sam BLOOMFIELD • Sarah EVE • Simon CORRIGAN • Stephanie Louise MUZZALL • Steve DYE • Susan HOWARTH • Suzi BOWEN


If you fancy joining our noble band of volunteers please sign on to receive the volunteer emails. Even if you only help occasionally it is greatly appreciated. You can even run and volunteer with some of the roles (tail runner, course set up, run report writer, new runner's briefing etc).

APTOTW (Aesthetically Pleasing Time of The Week) goes to Andrew, David, and Matthew SHELDON who all finished with the time 34:34

See you next week



Run Report for Event #21 Saturday 4th March 2017

If a parkrun can come of age then this was it for Homewood – as this week’s parkrun was its twenty first! Still proving a popular choice with established parkrunners and new comers alike; since the inaugural event on 15th October last year 1,112 different runners, including participants from 157 athletics clubs, have taken part.


This week alone we were joined by representatives of 16 different athletics clubs and if you were there you couldn’t help but notice one club in particular. It was great to have a good number of runners from 26.2 RRC – looking smartly turned out in their club colours! As part of 26.2 RRC’s ‘Grand Prix’ they have a 5km run, and this year they chose Homewood parkrun for this event, and we are delighted that they did.


It’s interesting talking to parkrun tourists about how Homewood compares to their regular parkrun venue. One runner from Woking said their course is usually quite muddy – but after completing the course at Homewood I caught up with him and he decided Woking wasn’t that muddy after all. Other’s described the course as a ‘great cross country trail’, ‘quite hard’ and ‘a really special course’ – oh, and several mentioned ‘That Hill’! There’s no doubt that Homewood has a lot to offer – even if it is rather muddy, which it was especially this week. We’re already seeing the start of spring and we know the course will transform as Spring starts to unfold. Who spotted the crocuses peeping through this week?


This Saturday was also special as we had first time Run Director Steve, who did a brilliant job leading a smooth event. When asked about the secret of his success Steve was quick to acknowledge that it was due to “the help of the great team around me”. It’s true, parkrun would not happen without our wonderful Volunteers who make it possible each week. Thanks this week to Shyam BHARADWAJ, Suzi BOWEN, Lyn BRYMER, Simon DRAKE, Steve DYE, Sarah EVE, Dave FITTON, Emilia FITTON, Dee HARPER, Ian HARPER, Kate HICKEN, Alison JAMES, Joseph MARDELL, Ellie MONDAY, Stephanie Louise MUZZALL, Susan NOONE, Amy SEECHURN, Sarah SKERTEN and Susan WOOD. You may have seen one of our Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers who went out on the course this week in the role of tail runner – well done. If you’d like to volunteer contact homewoodoffice@parkrun.com to get involved.


Leggings of the Week (LOTW) this week is replaced by ‘Muddy Legs of the Week’ and due to the conditions there were numerous contenders.


It’s always worth putting an extra pair of shoes in the car to change into afterwards.

Jane proved that sporting your crazy leggings however can help you levitate round the course:

This week’s first two men across the line did so in a new record for the Ottershaw Memorial Fields (current) course: Matt REED (SM25-29) of Walton AC was first in 18:43, in his first appearance, and Alastair MCGEOCH-WILLIAMS (SM30-34) of 26.2 RRC, was second over the line in 18:55. Andy MCEWAN (VM45-49) (Unattached) was third over the line in 20:47 – and has been first to finish once before.


For the ladies Victoria HASLAM (SW25-29) of 26.2 RRC, was first (10th overall) over the line in 22:41 in her first appearance at Homewood, and Libby MARCHANT (SW30-34) of 26.2 RRC, was second (14th overall) over the line in 23:25. Daisy STREET (VW35-39) of 26.2 RRC, was third (30th overall) over the line in 26:49.

Great running! (Full results can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page).

Well done to everyone who took part - whether you walked, jogged, ran or volunteered it couldn’t happen without you! Until next time …




Run Report for Event #19 Saturday 18th February 2017


A nice sunny morning today as another 100+ field (116 in fact, representing 21 different athletics clubs) ran round Ottershaw Memorial Fields. Well done to all our runners! We are now averaging about 110 runners each week is great for a new run over the winter.


Andy MCEWAN was first over the line in 20:10. Steve TURVEY (Northbrook AC), was second male home in 21:05, and Matt STORR (Viceroys Triathlon Club) was third male to finish in 21:40. A terrific run, in the conditions, by Claire HALLISSEY (Bristol and West AC) saw her finish second overall in 20:34, and she was also the first female to finish, in her first run at Homewood. Lucy FARNELL was the second female over the line in 23:32, and Kerstin LUKSCH (Ealing Eagles Running Club) was third female in 23:46. Great running all! These week we also had 20 runners who recorded personal bests.

There were many other good runs, too numerous to mention individually, but today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Homewood parkrun Results Page.


This week we had an amazing 56 first timers to Homewood parkrun, including 15 running in their very first parkrun. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you all back again soon. We had quite a few visitors from other parkruns including Bushy, Basingstoke, Bedfont Lakes and Coventry (via South Africa). Great to see a few of our visitors joining us for post-run coffee at the Old School Cafe on Accommodation Road in Ottershaw, although you can also buy a hot drink from the van in the car park.


Great to see some new walkers completing parkrun today, although they couldn't resist finishing with a flourish with a little sprint for the line, encouraged by our resident cheerleader Stephanie MUZZALL. Hope to see you back next week - print off a bar code and you will get your run registered (any problems get in touch). Steph says there was also a terrific buggy show down on the field as the buggy pushers battled for supremacy. I'm told that the bigger buggy came off best! Well done folks!



We did have three runners fall today, although fortunately none resulted in serious injury, probably because the ground is still soft. It's easy to say, but please be careful, especially in areas of the course where there are exposed roots (we try to cover them with cones but there are quite a few). The downhill left turn as you come out of the woods seems to be favourite place for people to go flying, and we also had a chap fall on the way up to the hill where it can get a bit slippery.

Most importantly, if you volunteered today, you were terrific. Not just for putting your hand up in the first place and for getting out of bed, but also for the way you did your job. Homewood runs smoothly week after week with great support for those running. No volunteers = no park run, and many of our marshalls are already out on the course when we are clapping them at the run briefing. Here is our list of hi-viz heroes this week:

Alan FAUBEL • Amy SEECHURN • Clare MILLER • Dave FITTON • Dee HARPER • Emilia FITTON • Hayden BINNS • Helen EVE • Ian HARPER • Jane STRATFORD • Janet SMITH • Kate HICKEN • Paul SILVESTER • Roland HOGG • Sarah EVE • Sarah HURCOMB • Stephanie Louise MUZZALL • Steve DYE • Suzi BOWEN • Suzy STORR


Well done to our Duke of Edinburgh participants, especially Amy and Emilia who gave a great new runners' briefing and weren't at all phased by dozens of new runners coming forward!

The volunteers were ably led by Run Director Roland HOGG this week and a big thank you goes out to him.


If you fancy joining our noble band of volunteers please sign on to receive the volunteer emails. Even if you only help out once in a while it is greatly appreciated. You can even run and volunteer with some of the roles (tail runner, course set up, run report writer, new runner's briefing etc).

Please also 'like' our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. If there is any last minute run news we'll post it on there as well as the web site, and it's good to keep up with the general news and banter during the time in between parkruns. At the moment we are running a poll to name the little hill that some of you will have noticed whilst running Homewood parkrun, so get on line to choose your favourite name!


I was going to award LOTW to Keith BATTEN for being the first male to challenge for the prize but he was beaten into second place by these two so it's a joint award this week.


APTOTW goes to Harlie CURTIS for 44:44.

That's all folks! See you all next week; same time, same place.




Run Report for Event #13 Saturday 7th January 2017

Hello parkrunners, and Happy New Year! With a new year we had a new venue for our Homewood parkrun at Ottershaw Park, we look forward to many more parkruns here, thank you for having us! Our team have worked hard to have a smooth transition to a new location, and the positive feedback from yourself reflected this.


O – ur new home
T – ry your best :-)
T – ail runners will ensure that everyone gets around safely
E – ach and every one of our runners is wonderful
R – esults are whizzed to your email and phones thanks to our amazing result processors
S – aturday’s are made for parkrun
H – omewood parkrun marshals will cheer you round with a smile
A – lways remember your barcode!
W – alk, jog or run, we love having you at our parkrun!

Ottershaw Park is home to the Ottershaw Park Estate. This history of the Estate begins in 1761 when Sir Thomas Sewell, built the first mansion. During World War I the building was made available to the British Red Cross as an Auxiliary Home Hospital. In 1982 the mansion was converted into other buildings and present residential estate.


175 parkrunners and a number of dogs joined us today in our new home, of which 74 were first timers. 26 of you chose Homewood as your first parkrun, a warm welcome to the parkrun family. It was a little bit muddy this morning, but that didn’t put our runners off, even three of them battling the cross country course with buggies! Hats off to you!


Well done to Christine JELLY who ran her 99th parkrun today, hope you enjoy your milestone 100th run soon! We expected a number of parkrun tourists for our first event at our new home and our runners didn't disappoint with visitors from as far away as Sydney!

Best dressed parkrunner goes to this lady, where can I get some of these leggings please?!


With a New Year there are lot of New Year’s resolutions, and many appear to have chosen parkrun as one of them. Yay! Initially it took over 3 years to reach 10,000 parkrunners. It was reported this weekend that 10,000 runners signed up for parkrun in one day. How amazing is that?! We think this demonstrates that parkrun goes from strength to strength, and encourages people to get into running no matter the perceived ability. It’s so encouraging to see people give parkruns a try in the New Year and we hope it’s something that will be a big part of your 2017. Huge well done to all those that walked, jogged and ran at a parkrun today.
So on that note, I am going to let these pictures speak to themselves on how much our runners today love Homewood parkrun :-)


For the men’s placings;
Neil MARTIN was first over the line in a time of 19:40, Mark HERBERT was close behind in second place in a time of 19:54. In third place was Chris DAVIDSON in a time of 20:19.


For the female placings;
Georgina FURZE saw the ladies home in a time of 22:56. Catherine BALLARD was second in a time of 24:33 and Sarah STIDWELL was third lady in a time of 26:05.


parkrun wouldn’t happen without the volunteers and if you would like to make it a new year’s resolution to volunteer more then please do get in contact. There are lots of roles, none too challenging, and it’s a great way to get to understand how parkrun works on the ground. It can be daunting volunteering but I encourage you to give it a go, it really is rewarding!


As always a huge thanks to our volunteers today. Homewood parkrun was brought to you today by;

Keith BATTEN, Oliver BERRY, Shyam BHARADWAJ, Suzi BOWEN, Daniel BRATTON, Hannah BYE, Simon DRAKE, Steve DYE, Emilia FITTON, David FITTON, Dee HARPER, Roland HOGG, Lisa MCLAREN, Stephanie Louise MUZZALL, Zena PHILLIPS, Amy SEECHURN, Paul SILVESTER, James WINGRAVE

If you would like to join the volunteer experience then please do get in contact with homewoodhelpers@parkrun.com

Happy parkruning :-)




Run Report for Event #12 Saturday 31st December 2016


This week was the 12th Homewood parkrun at our original Homewood course and the last one before our move to our new venue at Ottershaw Memorial Fields on 7th January 2016. We had a really great turnout of 105 runners which included a good percentage of tourists from near and far including Shopshire, Penzance, Kent and Baltimore. Despite the murky weather at the start, the mist eventually lifted and we had quite good visibility at the end.

A massive thank you to today’s volunteers who were: Nigel BANISTER, Keith BATTEN, Oliver BERRY, Suzi BOWEN, Steve DYE, Emilia FITTON, Dave FITTON, Lyndsey GARDNER, Dee HARPER, Ian HARPER, Kate HICKEN, Roland HOGG, Clare MILLER, Stephanie Louise MUZZALL, Amy SEECHURN, Jane STRATFORD, Shyam BHARADWAJ

We could do with a few more volunteers for our first few weeks of the New Year, so if you haven’t volunteered yet why not make it your New Year’s Resolution – it is very rewarding and the more the merrier! Either opt in as a volunteer via your profile or take a look at the Homewood future volunteer roster via the volunteer tab on the webpage and drop us an e-mail if you can fill any gaps.

This week’s results are below:
The top three male placings:
Angus CARUTH (JM11-14) of Woking AC, was first over the line in 18.39.
Jon KEW (VM45-49) of Maidenhead AC, was second over the line in 19.20. Peter MANNION (VM55-59) of Windle Valley Runners, was third in 19:27.


The top three female placings were:
Hannah BYE (SW30-34) was first (13th overall) over the line in 21.58. Debbie AITKEN (VW40-44) of Purple Patch Runners, was second (15th overall) over the line in 22:31. Kamela PREVETT (VW40-44) was third (20th overall) over the line in 23:00.

This week there were 105 runners, of whom 49 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests. Well done to everyone!

Happy New Year and see you on 7th January 2017 at Ottershaw Memorial Fields!



Run Report for Event #11 Saturday 24th December 2016


The pleasant Christmas Eve weather meant we had a great turnout of 79 runners, plus a buggy and 3 dogs tackling the rather muddy course. There was a festive array of fancy dress ranging from a Christmas tree, elves and Santa beard to Rudolph antlers and Santa hats. Even before the run had begun there were a few paper cups with mulled wine doing the rounds of the marshals!





We are hoping for a good turnout for our New Year’s Eve parkrun (or perhaps ‘park extremely slow shuffle’ for those of us that might have overindulged) as it will be the last one at our current location. Our new year will start with a new parkrun course just down the road at Ottershaw Memorial Fields on 7th January.


A massive thank you to today’s volunteers who were Paul SILVESTER, Suzi BOWEN, Stephanie Louise MUZZALL, Dee HARPER, Emilia FITTON, Steve DYE, Shirley MUZZALL, Amy SEECHURN, Shirley CADE, Susan WOOD, Dave FITTON, Chris CADE, Kate HICKEN, Roland HOGG, Jane STRATFORD, Simon DRAKE


If you haven’t volunteered yet why not make it your New Year’s Resolution – it is very rewarding and the more the merrier! Either opt in as a volunteer via your profile or take a look at the Homewood future volunteer roster via the volunteer tab on the webpage and drop us an e-mail if you can fill any gaps.

This week’s results are below:

The top three male placings:
Martin RUTTER (SM30-34) of Clapham Chasers RC, was first over the line in 17:25 - first appearance.
Dylan SPENCER (JM11-14) of Woking AC, was second over the line in 18:47 - has been first to finish on 2 previous occasions. Jonathan HOLLAND (SM25-29) of Datchet Dashers, was third over the line in 19:15.

The top three female placings were:
Rachel PHARAOH (JW15-17) of Walton AC, was first (5th overall) over the line in 20:00 - first appearance. Well done Rachel for setting a new female course record! Colette KITTERHING (VW40-44) of Team TTR, was second (11th overall) over the line in 21:18 - was first to finish once before. Sarah HURCOMB (SW25-29) of Datchet Dashers, was third (18th overall) over the line in 23:23.

This week there were 79 runners, of whom 32 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different athletics clubs took part.

Homewood parkrun started on 15th October 2016, and since then 686 different runners, including participants from 118 athletics clubs, have completed 1,124 runs covering a total distance of 5,620 km, and there have been 198 new Personal Bests.

Have a fabulous Christmas and see you on New Year’s Eve!


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