Forever Autumn!

This week, on a beautiful autumnal morning, Horsham Parkrun welcomed 417 runners. Given the weather forecast, I was pleasantly surprised that so many of you still came along; it must be the tremendous parkrun community spirit and the warm, friendly welcome extended to all who come! Or could it be that you’ve heard of our Marshals? Feedback from the field is that we have the nicest and friendliest marshals but I’m sure other friendly and nice marshals are available!

This week we also welcomed 26 ‘First Timers’ to Horsham parkrun, 18 of whom were running their very first parkrun.  Afterwards, Erum and Alaina Qureshi first timers and locals, said how much they had enjoyed the experience and friendly atmosphere. It’s those marshals again! parkrun tourists also came from near and far: Richmond, Hereford and Down Under (no not ‘Men at Work’ and I know I’m showing my age), Australia. A very warm welcome to you all; we hope you had a great run and enjoyed the Horsham experience, as much as we enjoyed having you. We hope to see you again.

We also saw William Meech (Junior) complete his 10th Parkrun,  Paul Watts his 50th and Colin Shaw achieved the highest age grading this week of 79.46%. Congratulations to you all.

As always, parkrun would not be possible without our wonderful volunteers. A huge thank you to this week’s volunteers:

Peter BANKS, Coralie BEAMISH, Beatrix BEVERNAGE, Claire BUTLER, Samantha EDWARDS, Karen ENGLAND, Daniel ENGLAND, Charles FOOTER, Henry FOOTER, Jane FOOTER, Malcolm FOOTER, Jackie GARNER, Lydia GRAHAM, Rachel HAMSON, Allison HARTLEY, Michael HIBBERD, Olive HOBBS, Nicki HOLDER, David LAWTON, Mark LEACH, Claire MILLER, Caroline OLEARY, Nigel PHILLIPS, Debby SCULL, Richard SHERGOLD, Adam TWEED, Clive WALKER, Gary WALLIS, Mark WEBB, Zoe WELCHMAN, Yan YIP

If you would like to know more about volunteering or the various volunteer roles, please ask or login to your parkrun homepage, where information on volunteering can be found.

Once again, my job as Run Director has been painless and fun, entirely owing of course to the wonderful people that make parkrun Horsham happen and make it the inclusive and wonderful experience that it is. Any errors or omissions are entirely my fault and I apologise if I’ve inadvertently missed anything.

See you all soon,

Michael, Your Run Director and Team.



Good times…….

A phrase used by Charlatans front man Tim Burgess whenever things are……well…….good………!

Birthdays always are very “good” at Horsham parkrun and that is down to our fantastic community and Saturday was no different on our 5th birthday. The forecast all week had been good and so it was a little disconcerting as just after 8.30am I felt a few spots of rain in the air, thankfully it did not amount to anything and 607 of you still turned out and it was a fabulous sight to see.

Birthdays are also a great time for re connecting with people and this day was no different, seeing people from our early days coming to visit and especially my constant companion on set up in those early months Duncan Partridge paying me a surprise visit!


The Hawaii Five-0 theme was observed by some and some great pictures were taken and we all had some great coconut & pineapple cake made by yours truly.

The yearly awards were handed out as Claire gave Karen England the Female parkrunner of the year, Karen has done 178 Horsham parkruns and has achieved 5 pb’s in the last year as well as volunteering too, she has also ran round many times encouraging her whole family to get fitter and faster and has been a shining light in our parkrun community.


I had the pleasure of awarding our Male parkrunner of the year to Charlie Footer, although there have been no pb’s this year for Charlie he has run Horsham 118 times and has run fast, run with family, run with partners and even ran/carried his dog! He can be regularly seen encouraging runners as they approach the finish with Dad Malcolm. Charlie's enthusiasm for parkrun is boundless and really understands what parkrun is all about and this was reflected in his contribution to our award winning film earlier this year. A truly touching statement from the heart when talking about a tough period his Mum Jane had been through, he said “it has bought our family closer together and genuinely increased the numbers in our family” and I think a lot of us feel that, even if we don’t feel closer to our actual family, the people we have met and have become friends with through this amazing thing called parkrun will hopefully stay with us a lifetime.


So we finally got started (a bit late!) and Richard Lee-Wright blasted round finishing in 17.09 followed by Luke Triccas (on his 50th run) in 17.44 and Simon Perkins 18.02. For the ladies, Emily Muzio on her first visit to Horsham crossed the line in 21.30 followed by Niamh Donnelly (21.36) and Zoe Welchman (21.41).

We 41 first timers and 103 PB’s.

Retiring to the café afterwards to process the results, which have been a little tricky in the last few weeks to say the least, It was nice and straight forward and it was great to again catch up and reconnect with old friends.

It has been an amazing five years and as we start our 6th year it is hard to imagine how we can top what has happened so far…….. but I know with the team we now have looking after Horsham parkrun it is in safe hands and as new faces come through the future is nothing but shining bright…… to stay……..

See you all very soon, I hope!

Phil and Team.


Sunny days and shenanigans!

Well, what a way to start the Bank Holiday weekend!

The set-up team met nice and early to make sure we had everything ready for your arrival.  This included setting up the zig zag finish area and making sure the course was as clear as it could be from the previous evening’s shenanigans.

Its always fun to take a guess at how many runners and walkers we have once the masses have set off.  I guessed at 445 and was 100 people out.  545 of you turned up on this sunny Saturday morning.

We welcomed 17 newbies to parkrun and 29 tourists who travelled far and wide to run in our pretty park.

A whopping 68 of you achieved a new personal best time!

Krystal Bowbrick ran her 10th parkrun (junior).

Roger Taylor, Kevin Sawyer, Rebecca Tweed and Sue Hitchings all made it to their 50th parkrun.

Penny Sanders ran into her 100th parkrun.

Congratulations all of you!

I don’t get the opportunity to run or volunteer often on Saturdays but whenever I do it so great to see old friends and new.  The community at parkrun is such a beautiful thing and I look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Until next time……

Mel & team




First time back at Horsham parkrun for 4 weeks, Claire and I took a moment as we entered the park at 7.30am on Saturday to admire how beautiful our lovely park is. Green and lush it was a beautiful start to the day! They say travel is nice but it is even better coming home and the same can be said in parkrun world too. After a week touring on Ambassador duties and then a 2 week holiday which took in parkruns in the Lake District and on the last mile of the Great North run to be home was great!

It had been a stressful run up to the day though as we had been wondering if we would have to reroute due to travellers in the park and how much of a clean-up would still be going on, but all was good and we set up a normal course.

It was a very special morning of milestones and visitors…….. James Beckett did his 10th, Fred Ruffe, Tim Harris, Peter Williams (well done on your PB!), Paul Morley (on his 50th Birthday!) and the legendary John Booker all did their 50th, while Angel Bryant and Tina Lord did their 100th.

Also we had Ian and Harry Wilcox becoming the 6th and 7th entrants into Horsham parkruns 250 club! It was a real honour for me to announce this as Harry and Ian have been with us right from the start, Horsham parkrun pioneers at the test run event we celebrated in May. Harry was also a former parkrunner of the month and Ian and his wife, Sue regularly run the parkrun with their doggies, though we cannot confirm how many parkruns the dogs have done as they never remember their bark-codes…………… Harry has done 212 of his runs at Horsham while Ian has done 215, well done guys!

Ian & Harry 250

We were also visited by our Sussex parkrun Ambassadors, these guys support events with any problems they may have and are a vital part of the parkrun family, they also come to check we are keeping to the parkrun ethos. I am proud to number myself alongside them as much as I am proud to be Event Director at Horsham.


505 of you lined the park this week, 42 first timers to either Horsham park or parkrun and 52 PB’s! Oliver Crossley was first over the line in 16.41 followed by Gary Tomlinson and Simon Perkins and for the ladies, Tracey Woodyard (21.43) followed by Samantha Ridley and Cat Avenell. We are having a bit of a push now after the run to try to recruit volunteers for upcoming weeks, so if you see our Volunteer Coordinator wandering around with a big orange sign please go and have a word with them and give back to your weekly run! It simply doesn’t happen without our Hi Viz Hero’s, thank you. So another week rolls by and in 3 weeks’ time we will be 5!!! Unbelievable I know and we will be having our usual annual awards, a special theme day (TBA) and of course lots of cake!

Till next Saturday

Phil and Team.


It Wasn’t Me!

Now the name might suggest some wrongdoing or even the title of a millennial hit record by Shaggy but neither is true. You see, I wasn’t supposed to be RD today. The lovely Lorraine was on the roster for this role with me as her VC wingman but, car troubles prevented her from being here today and so I stepped in as RD at 10pm yesterday and Simon took my place as VC. Teamwork makes the dream work as they say!

Anyway, it was my pleasure to talk to you today and to watch you walk, jog and run around our rather soggy and slippery park. Now I don’t know about you, but I found today’s weather quite refreshing after the heat of the past few days. I think even the most hardcore runners may have taken the right decision to stay indoors had the heatwave continued into this weekend!

There was an epic battle at the front of the pack between Bradley and Richard and some superb performances within the top 2 ladies too. So for the stats: This week 469 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 46 were first timers and 54 recorded new personal bests. Representatives of 27 different clubs took part and we had tourists from as far as South Africa and China! Our highest age grading today was and incredible 80.83%!

The event was made possible by 30 volunteers:

James MUNDEN • Erik SHOPLAND • Michael SAUNDERS • Joanne BULL • Jason MCLAUGHLIN • David MACLEAN • Sarah MACLEAN • Rachel MACLEAN • Paul CHANTLER • Paul AYLETT • Claudine MOODLEY • Yan YIP • Kevin WEST • Simon PERKINS • Ali BOULTON • Maurizia ASCANI • Sandrine YEATES • Sok Wah LEE • Tina KNIGHT • Ruth M • Debby SCULL • Martyn NEWTON • Gary WALLIS • Andy STRANG • Pamela DEXTER • Chris OLEARY • Faye HEAD • Annie NEARY • Graham JOHNSON • James DUNNINGHAM

We also congratulated the following milestones: Junior 10’s for– Kendra Bowbrick and Farah Moodley. 50 for Carl & Eileen Nicholas and Stacie Pook. 100 for Christopher Dunn and Piers Pollard.

Finally, some of you offered to volunteer for the coming weeks via our clipboard system which was located near the scanning station. We are hoping to continue this in the coming weeks to see if we can find new volunteers and fill our roster in advance.

I then went home and dried out the hi-viz’s on the washing line! Living the dream eh?

Washing line

Keep up the good work everyone and we look forward to seeing you volunteering really soon.

Paul and the team

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