No we haven’t gone all Clint Eastwood on you, just that these words seem to sum up parkrun day quite well for me.

The good – Sunshine, warmth, dry course, full roster, hi-viz heroes, a sea of smiley happy faces all listening to the run brief, 633 participants, 2nd biggest attendance EVER! No incidents, good feedback, café culture.

The bad – Problems in the finish funnel within the mid-pack

The Ugly – The time the results took to complete after!

So what can we learn as Horsham parkrun goes from strength to strength and larger attendances becomes “the norm”? Well, the funnel should be the most critical part from a runners perspective. After all, you all come for the craic, the banter, the fitness, the social scene, the cake, but most of all A TIME right? We have many challenges as a team to ensure this happens maybe even to adopt a Tilgate style double funnel. But we also need your help. Don’t stop, keep moving, don’t duck out of the funnel tape, stay pinned to the person in front of you, take your token quickly, clear the funnel exit quickly. All of this allows fellow runners to finish behind you and our volunteers can process you quickly and accurately and it gives us a set of results which accurately reflect what happened on the finish line. We really need your help!

So back to the stats: 74 first timers at Horsham, 94 PB’s, 45 unknown runners, 5 runners in the 250 club, an 81.70% maximum age grading and 48 runners who’ve also completed more than 25 volunteer stints!

So you really did “go ahead and make our day”!

Paul and the team