Gareth’s close shave!

As I arrived to set up with our wonderful team of set up volunteers, I was hopeful that the weather was not going to deliver the showers shown in the forecast. In fact, the weather turned out to be perfect for running, and the park was looking very lush now that all the trees have come into leaf and the large sycamores are laden with their flowers. However, this did mean that quite a few of the trees on our course had some very low hanging branches, which Martyn kindly pruned back to allow you all to be able to run round safely.  I love that time of the morning, when hardly anyone else is around, listening to the birds singing and watching the squirrels running around, with the anticipation of what is to follow

Thank you all for listening so attentively to my run briefing, the one part of the role as Run Director that I really struggle with. As a consequence of my desire to ‘get it over and done with’, I omitted to thank our wonderful volunteers, of which we had 32 amazing ‘Hi-Vis’ heroes this week. I was so annoyed with myself, as those of you who know me know just how much I value the volunteers and all that they do, supporting the core team to put on this wonderful event for the community of Horsham each week. For those volunteers who were out on the course by the time I took the runners to the start, that round of applause you heard from the start line was for all of you. THANK YOU!


For those of you wondering what the photo shoot was all about at 8:45am, this was for all of our 2019 marathon runners and volunteers, all of whom are truly inspirational!


It gave me great pleasure today to congratulate Anaya Wakefield on her 10th parkrun this week, which she was finally able to complete having volunteered for us on 26 occasions for her Duke of Edinburgh Silver award. Celebrating their 50th parkruns with us this week were:

  • Ros Shiel
  • Robert Swan, who’s twin brother was over from Columbia running with him.
  • Gareth Sear, who was lucky to get this run counted having dropped his barcode prior to the run, but was thankfully handed into me before the run briefing, so I could return it to him. Gareth also managed a magnificent PB today, so a good day all round in the end.

Congratulation to you all and we look forward to seeing you all in your free parkrun milestone shirts soon!

The numbers of walkers, joggers and runners we have taking part each week, never ceases to amaze me and I was really chuffed to welcome two more of my work colleagues, Simon and Bernadette, to our run this week, along with 40 other first timers. Welcome to you all and we hope you enjoyed yourselves and will be back again soon. We had an amazing total of 553 participants this week, with 100 of you recording Personal Bests (PBs). Congratulations and well done to you all!!

By way of a reminder, next week will be Horsham parkrun’s 250th run, so we are asking you all to come in green, by way of a nod to the 250th milestone shirt, which is green.

Until next week…..

Claire and team