It’s hard to believe that just one week ago I was completing my first South African parkrun as a tourist and the experience was overwhelming! Small, intimate, picturesque but still an incredible sense of community for the 30 finishers. But I have to say that there’s no better place to be than home with Horsham Park looking gloriously green today in more ways than one!


For our 250th parkrun, there was only one colour on everybody’s mind – GREEN! Whether you aspire to be wearing green one day or you already own the illusive 250th milestone t-shirt, it was great to see so many runners, joggers and walkers turn out in celebration of our 250th event.


As I set out the course earlier today with the lovely VC Claire, I was heartened to hear such lovely comments from a chap exercising his dog on his bike (the gentleman on the bike, not the dog!). He stopped and said that he was a local GP and wanted to thank us for doing more for health and wellbeing of Horsham residents in the past few years than he had been able to do in his entire career. Praise indeed for the momentum with which parkrun has gripped the nation, if not the world! But the praise lies at your feet, not ours. The hundreds who turn up each week, come rain or shine, to complete your free, weekly timed run, jog or walk. You took the hardest step – the first step!

So what about the stats? Well, 35 hi-viz heroes made it happen (whoop, whoop – don’t forget to volunteer!), 627 of you completed the course today, the third highest attendance ever at Horsham! 54 first timers including tourists from East Grinstead, Worthing, Herne Hill, Reigate, Beckingham, Edinburgh and Malta! There were 81 PB’s and no less than 11 who belong to that illusive 250 club! The granddaddy of them all being Horsham’s own Geoff Fisher at a whopping 375 parkruns!


So keep plugging away folks and soon you will be a member of team green!

Paul and the team