Horsham parkrun CCXC (290)

It really wasn’t the weather that Romans would enjoy at all, pouring down with rain and blowing a gale. Whilst waiting on the set up crew to arrive, I thought I would just go and check that we didn’t have any flooded areas of the course, which thankfully we didn’t. However, we did have a tree down across our course, well a sapling actually, but still attached at the roots, that I was completely unable to manoeuvre. Thankfully, I was able to call on my wonderful Centurion, ED Phil, to come to the rescue! Phew, we were able to go ahead, so off to set up the course, ably assisted by volunteer Rob Eggers….thank you.


So “Why the Roman Theme?” I hear you ask. Well it was a particular Roman, Julius Caeser, who invented the ‘leap year’, which contains one extra day on this year, which happens every four years, namely the 29th February. This was the first time in parkrun’s history that it has fallen on the 29th February, so the core team felt we had to acknowledge this somehow, thus the Roman theme and the spot prizes for the ‘XXIX’ 29th; ‘CXXIX’ 129th and ‘CCXXIX’….. (I think you get the picture now) finisher today. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t make this easy and numbers were well down. However, we did have a few hardy souls who came dressed for the occasion…….. not the weather! Well done to all of you.


We had a few milestones to celebrate today, namely Gary Wallis finally completing his ‘L’ (50th) parkrun and Amanda Sullivan and Sharon Burchett completing their ‘C’ (100th) parkruns. Congratulations to you all!  I should also mention that Sharon is also celebrating her ‘L’ birthday this week, so Happy Birthday to you and what a way to start your celebrations, running round your local park in the wind and rain, with fellow ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’!!


AMANDAD 20200301_160026






We had ‘XX’ first timers to Horsham, ‘XVI’ of whom were tourists. ‘IV’ of you started your parkrun journeys with us today and we all applaud you for turning out in such horrible weather. Believe me when I say, “it can only get better and easier!”. Well done and we hope to see you all again next week! Amazingly, we also saw ‘XV’of you achieve PB’s today. Well done to all of you!

On a final note, I want to say the biggest THANK YOU to all our volunteers today and especially Matthew England for stepping in, last minute, to fill the vacant Finish Token role. You are all AMAZING for coming out in that weather, to allow others to enjoy their free run!

Claire & Horsham parkrun team.