Here’s to brighter days……..

Well this will possibly be the first and last run report we are asked to do.  Not only is it incredibly late it also marked the close down of parkrun.

That said, the usual group of happy and hopeful people gathered to run round beautiful Southwater Park on 14th March.   The 329 runners were joined by a band of particularly cheery volunteers that helped us on our way and a handful of supporters shouting from their vantage points around the course.

Amongst the runners were Oliver Partridge running his 10th, Christian Fortin and Amanda Ward running their 50th. Andy Strang and Helen Gallacher  who were running their 100th.  It was good to see some helium balloons bobbing around in celebration. 
There were a total of 10 runners for whom it was their first visit to Horsham (Southwater) and of these 7 were running their first ever parkrun.  We all hope it won't be long before you get another chance.
This was our 292 Horsham parkrun and it was won by the ever speedy Gary Tomlinson with Niamh Donnelly being the first woman.  Special position of the day goes to Angela Minogue who was 292nd.

Though at the time we did not know this would be our last parkrun I think that many of us could see this would be the case.
And now you are left without parkrun ... Well not quite.  If you look on You tube there are some lovely recordings of parkruns that you can watch while on the treadmill or just having a cup of tea.  One of my favourites is highlights from New Years Day at Southwater by Simon Perkins.  You will see many of our friendly parkrun family and of course you end up with a great time . 

The Footers.

P.S Thanks to Jane and Family for a great report!

While i have you here, i just wanted to update you on a couple of bits of parkrun news.

Firstly, HQ have announced that all parkruns are now cancelled till the end of May.

Also, that core team member Paul Aylett has stepped down due to Family commitments. Paul was due to do his last RD stint on the 21st March but sadly due to the current situation this was not possible. I just wanted to say thank you to Paul for his work and energy in the last couple of years, all the best with the house project!

See you all soon, I hope.




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