100 runs at Horton Park

A guest report by Barry Shackleton
HORTON PARK PARKRUN REPORT #100 – 15th April 2017

We are all chasing our own individual run numbers ….. 10, then 50, then 100, and so on. And it is no different for the parkruns themselves and the Event Directors and the team who run Horton Park are today celebrating the 100th running of the parkrun. Eighty runners lined up at the start to get round as quickly as possible so as to get to the cup-cakes and other goodies at the finish, and they were given a calm spring morning to enjoy.

Finishing ahead of the rest of the field was Imran Asghar of Queensbury RC who finished almost a minute ahead of everyone, else and his time of 18:45 was just 3 seconds outside his Personal Best. This was Imran’s 33rd parkrun of which 26 have been with us, although we haven’t seen him for 10 weeks so he has come back in style. He continues his impressive results on the course with his 8th time in first place and 21st time finishing in the top 3 places. In second position was Simon Brady, another runner from Queensbury RC who finished in 19:48 which was a new Personal Best time. He takes 9 seconds from his time of 4 months ago and this was his 30th run at Horton Park. Haaris Khan was 3rd and was the first Junior runner home, and Haaris is a true Horton parkrun passionista having done all his 39 parkruns here. He has managed to finish in 3rd place on 3 occasions but being a Junior-15 category runner it can only be a matter of time before he comes first.

The first lady to finish was Rachel Bentley of Durham City Harriers AC who was 6th position overall. She was followed by Joanna Lockwood who is another Queensbury RC runner and running at Horton Park for the 66th time in her 86 parkruns.

On this day of celebration there were 12 runners who managed to run a Personal Best time, for their own personal achievement. Those riding home on the PB Express are Simon Brady, H Ditta, Dianne Simpson, Hanif Khan, Ann Upton, Deborah Peacock, Sohail Moran, Emily and Alice Patterson, Dina Bhagwakar, Sophie Emptage and Reshma Patel. At Horton parkrun the average number of Personal Bests achieved per week is 12 so we were bang on the money this week. None of the Personal Bests changed any of the existing Category Records.

Not quite a Personal Best this week for Helen Trevisani who was running her 58th parkrun (57 at Horton Park), and was being paced by Alun Griffiths who had promised to set a 28-minute pace. In a demonstration of perfect pacing Alun came home in 27:56, with Helen on exactly the same time, and managing her 3rd ever fastest time on the course, so well done the pair of you.

There were just 2 First Timers who joined the parkrun party at Horton this week, both of who were running their very first parkrun events. We welcome Michael Peel and Humairah Khan who are two of more than 10,000 runners across the UK who ran their first ever parkruns this week and join the ever growing parkrun family.

35 runners were ladies and 45 were men, and there were 5 juniors. Don’t forget that while we love the youngsters running with us, if the junior is under the age of 11 they MUST be accompanied at all times during the run by an adult, which doesn’t have to be a parent, but should be someone they know.

On Saturday there was just 1 runner who was shown as ‘unknown’. It’s terrible to have a brilliant run, maybe get a Personal Best, and then fail to have it recognised because you have no barcode. PLEASE …. Don’t Forget Your Barcode. Need a new barcode? Or would you like your result as a text? Follow the link to your profile from your latest results email. And remember please don’t take home your finish tokens. They are not souveniers …….. DON’T BE A TOKEN MAGPIE. Also, just a reminder that you cannot produce your barcode as a photograph on a mobile telephone which is not one of the many official ways of having your time recorded.

35 runners today were attached to running clubs and there were 44 unattached runners. The running club providing the most runners was Queensbury RC with 7, Saltaire Striders with 5 and Eccleshill Roadrunners with 4. Since Horton Park started Saltaire Striders have seen 69 of their runners finish 488 times, with 67 Queensbury runners finishing on 617 occasions and 44 Eccleshill Roadrunners finishing 268 times.

Those celebrating milestones with us this week were:
Rachel Parker (Saltaire Striders) 125 runs
Philip Jones (Baildon Runners) 100 runs. Philip shares the 100 celebration with Horton Park by running his own 100th run today and gets himself a Jet Black commemorative T-shirt. He has run 32 times with us (57 times at Bradford) with his first one being at the inaugural event in May 2015. He has run Personal Best times on 3 occasions, the current one being from November 2015 when he ran 23:15.

Number of Commemorative T-shirts on show today:
Junior White (10 runs) – 3 runners
Cardinal Red (50 runs) – 16 runners
Jet Black (100 runs) – 27 runners
Green (250 runs) – 0 runners
Blue (500 runs) – 0 runners

The top 5 attendees this week were:
Adrian Thomas (Marple Runners) 238 runs
Christopher Healy (Airedale Dodgers) 235 runs
Kim James (Eccleshill Road Runners) 230 runs
Andrew Byrom (North Leeds Fell Runners) 219 runs
H Ditta 219 runs
These five runners have completed 1,141 parkruns between them.

Keep in touch with the latest goings-on at Horton Park parkrun using one of the following media:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hortonparkparkrun
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hortonparkparkrun
Flickr: www.flickr.com/groups/hortonpark-parkrun
There are some brilliant photos on Facebook and Flickr so if you are on one of them, feel free to copy it for your personal collection.

Want to give feedback? Have anything to say or want anyone mentioned in future run reports? Are there any corrections needed to this report? Please e-mail hortonparkoffice@parkrun.com

VOLUNTEERS – REMEMBER that parkrun can only take place weekly because of the volunteers and marshalls who give up their time on a Saturday morning. If you want to get involved, email hortonparkhelpers@parkrun.com. This week, we had 11 credited volunteers so thank you all, and we hope you enjoyed the atmosphere of volunteering at our 100th parkrun.
And potential runners remember that to officially take part at Horton Park (or any other parkrun anywhere) you need to be registered at www.parkrun.org.uk but you only need to register once and the barcode they give you will be needed each week when you have finished the run. DON’T FORGET YOUR BARCODE.

This week’s UK Stats: 90 parkruns staged today set new attendance records. There were 440 parkruns, 8 cancellations, and the total UK senior parkrun population was 120,687 which is the highest daily total ever seen at combined UK parkruns. By running at Horton park today you have been part of parkrun history.

Horton Park parkrun started on the 30th May 2015 with 118 runners and 16 volunteers. That attendance remains as the second biggest ever, only beaten by the 134 runners who appeared at run #53 in May 2016. The course record was set in May 2016 (at our first birthday celebrations) by Chris Williams in 16:39, and the female course record was set by Hannah Oldroyd in November 2016 at 18:37. [And in a strange twist of synchronicity, here I am writing the Horton Park run report, while my wife is holidaying in New Zealand running at Rhodes parkrun with ………. Horton Park Female record holder Hannah Oldroyd!] There have been 1,402 different runners on the course, representing 148 different running clubs, and they have completed 6,225 runs. The average attendance is 62 every week and there have been 1,181 Personal Bests. Our attendance record is 134 and Horton Park parkrunners have completed 31,125 Km and have been running for over 132 days.

And that’s it for the report for run #100.

Finally, a little confession. I offered to write this run report because I was intending being a First Timer with you at the 100th event, but circumstances dictated that I could not make it on the day, so instead, I will be there with you NEXT WEEK when I hope to meet a few of you. I will be wearing my 250 run T-shirt and my Cow Cowl so why not come up to say hello. We are a friendly group.

After reading this run report, if you fancy writing your own and putting your slant on it, get in touch. We would love to hear from you. See you next week – I promise to be there this time!

Barry Shackleton #lovehortonparkparkrun