Hove Promenade parkrun is cancelled on 11 July 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #16 – 4th July 2020

The one with the Diva and the tasty runners, the apricots, the parkrun bingo completion, "The Machine" takes it to new levels, Suzy gets so many miles out of the same joke that it is now a segment on Strava, we have to check our T's & C's in Hove Park, the end of an era for New Year's Day and we all send our love and thoughts to Brian.

Finally, on week 16 we had a Saturday that was more like those Saturdays we had before lockdown as the wind and rain battered the south coast.. Some 12 hours previous, the first runs, walks and jogs in parkrun world for 112 days took place at parkruns across New Zealand. Thanks to the unofficial parkrun podcast, "With Me Now", we were able to see this live from Pegasus parkrun, north of Christchurch, and experience this for ourselves. If you missed this, the YouTube channel will be at the end of the report and whilst it is over a hour, you can skip through any bits you like. There is also an interview with parkrun Chief Operating Officer, Tom Williams at the start!

One thing that will be missing when parkrun does return is the New Year's Day Double. As parkrun has increased in size over the years, the challenges to put on a NYD double have grown to such an extent that it was a matter of time before something happened. Whilst we are hugely proud of our record attendance of 787 this year, and we're sure you agree that it went well, numbers will only increase as people make pilgrimages to places where doubles are held, and then dash from the first event to the second in a rush. The equivalent of an above average attendance on the Prom made the trip from Hove Prom to Park (452 if you're interested) and this is a pattern copied across the country. Events will be able to host a NYD event but they will all start at the same time and doubles will not be permitted. As/when we are back, your Core Team will decide if we'll host an extra NYD run for you all so watch this space!

And so to a damp, windy morning in Sussex and there were worries that this could be the shortest run report yet, (even shorter than Rami's tales from a year or two ago), and the phrase "southern softies" was about to be dusted off again. Well, no sooner was it considered than it was swiftly put away! In came the comments and there's a bit of attitude coming across these days!

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 18.24.30

We start this week with the man, the runner and the parkunner with the nickname "The Machine", James GREVESON HICKS who polished off a 31.28 (he does love his decimals) mile run as well as polishing off some mashed potato in the process! You know parkrun is FIVE km, not FIFTY? Great going in this autumnal weather though there are rumours that James was clean shaven when he started that epic run!

Someone else seemingly obsessed by miles, though it does seem to be how many more miles she can get out of one joke, is Suzy HAWKER. Suzy and chums - Debbie ORME who loved the "raw energy of the run", (awesome description), Dawn SIDDENS, and Chrsitine MARSH - were once again in that place in Sussex that sounds like a rude word! No news yet on Suzy's application for residency in Fulking but we all know she would be a great addition to the place as there's not many Fulkers like Suzy, and therefore she'll be known forever as Suzy "Fulking" HAWKER. Surely, enough now?

Worries were abound that there would be no gossip from the Basin Road massive today. Issy MUIR opted for sock appeal and stayed home for a workout, and it was only after a worrying time that Thelma and Louise, AKA Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON made a belated, but triumphant appearance to the post, with pictures of egg butties and a completed bingo card! This is the first completed card that we're aware of unless anyone begs to differ?

Once again the apricot was out in force today - John "I never get a mention" ANTON was out in his personalised one, as was Emma DALLOS (her own personalised one - not John's as that would have been just awkward). Whilst out and about around the lagoon, Emma spotted a 50 parkrun shirted runner and we're wondering if she spotted Deborah "Lagoon Loop" ABSALOM (new nickname there for context!) Someone who did spot Deborah was Kath MARTIN (who was without a self appointed volunteer role this week) who also clocked an apricot adorned Jane TEW who is obviously missing her footy as she described her run as "a game of two halves" - though that is very apt!

Things will have been a bit quieter on the Prom today given the weather. Certainly Katie WRIGHT, Mark SALLIS, Mary HENDERSON and Chelsey HALLAM found the whole experience confusing with a post stating a 5k run - no location..nothing. Katie later claiming that working on a TT (Time Trial) that soon became a TT (Tempo Tempo) which became a CC (Chasing Chelsey) meant she forgot she was in Hove Park . To confuse matters more this then became a TTTT (too tired to talk). Normally you have to watch your P's and Q's in Hove Park - now you've got to check your T's and C's too!

Another new nickname incoming for someone who wasn't in Hove Park but seems to have an eye on "tasty" runners over there is Louise WRIGHT, whose nickname has been edited from "I post where I like" to now Louise "Diva" Wright which is a lot easier to type! Whilst over in that Shoreham place, Louise battled the elements on what she admitted wasn't her best run (but in these conditions, who could claim that?) but seems to have been distracted by events in Hove Park too. Not by Tee-Total-Totally-Tired-Tongue-Tied-Time-Trial Katie, but a "tasty" performance by Simon (another "T"!) in our weekly Battle of the PORGES - of course this week in said park. Joined again by Louisa and Keith TURVEY (Keith claiming a PB this week), another friendly battle ensued. Alison, you may have to have a word about those "tasty" comments! Lou - eaaasy tiger!

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 18.25.55

Across the city, getting their run in another park were Helen "ICS" BLOCK and Kirsty PUGH who'll have been very comfortable in the familiar surroundings of Preston Park. Taking it easy today though were Cass CASTLETON after a solid week of running and Lucy "The Watch" ADITI ahead of her 10k run tomorrow! Best of luck Lucy!

It does seem for some that the coast was not the place to be. Brenda WILLIAMS clocking an impressive 11.5k run far from the shores whilst a post-Yoga Dave VISE took on a breezy 10k round Lewes. Meanwhile back shore side and fresh from last week's "pier group pressure", Adam WALTER was joined by Caroline "Zumba" SHARP for another run and once again survived - though pictures show Caroline on the coffee so maybe roles reversed?

July 4th sees the return of some services following lockdown and for Dave SKINNER, it certainly was a "Fantastic Day" as he left Mark BROCKLEHURST trailing behind on his morning 5k as he had a haircut appointment to get to - (get the gag?) This left Mark doubly confused not only with Dave's turn of speed but wondering what on earth a "haircut" was? Great to see Joe WILKINSON back on the Prom too and let's hope that is the last we see of that nagging hamstring!

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 19.38.02

This week's "Helen BLOCK in the run report by the skin of your teeth" award goes to co-Event Director, Georgia "The Shades" CARRICK who posted about her four mile trail run with a pic of a recently sheared sheep - someone picked the wrong day for their haircut!

Brian Russell 

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 11.00.39

Our thoughts and parkrun love go to Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL this week. Recently he's been posting runs from Edinburgh whilst visiting his Pa in hospital. Sadly, Mr Russell Senior passed away and we want to send our thoughts and wishes to Brian and his beloved Ma at this time. "The Flying Scotsman" will return and continue to make your Pa proud.



That's this week's round up of your running! Next week is the BIG ONE - it's our 5th birthday and we want to see some natty attire on your photos please. Just because there isn't a party, it doesn't mean you can't dress to impress! "How's the video coming along?" I hear you ask. Well, we're talking a 5-6 minute epic at least and without spoiling the fun, there are some friends from parkrun HQ, some new friends from around the world (thanks Cass) and of course there is you lovely lot! You have certainly delivered and there's lots still to do to make the video as fun as this run report! Claims that this run report isn't funny will not be entertained - well, why should they? You haven't been ;)

For now, keep safe, keep believing and keep looking after each other and soon, we'll have a day like parkrun New Zealand did below! Until our birthday next week - be good!




Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #15 – 27th June 2020

The one with the pier group pressure, the return of the Two Johnnies, a healthy splash of apricot, why 0.67 is the new 0.1, it's a little bit Windy Miller and why sunshine sometimes shines on the righteous.

For the first time since lockdown, today's weather hasn't been perfect for parkrun which whilst providing some warped sense of satisfaction, means there's less to report from everyone. Certainly as the morning progressed, the weather deteriorated so well done for those who got out there. This is now your final reminder that if you want to feature in our birthday video, you have to submit your short video by 30th June and email it in to hovepromenade@parkrun.com. 

It seems it wasn't just Hove Prom that was a bit damp this morning judging by the sight of some "hard core" runners cowering in a shelter in Worthing today! Where is Cath SWEBY when we need her to back up the fact that this is a typical Mancunian summer (i.e. the rain is lighter - that light stuff that soaks you through).

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 16.43.54

Anyway there were tales of a new kind of pier group pressure (as indicated in the photo below) where Georgia "The Shades" CARRICK and Caroline "Zumba" SHARP and chums ganged...erm, encouraged and cajoled Adam WALTER to a comeback run - his first in 97 days according to Instagram - and then a coffee which hopefully wasn't a first in 97 days too! Thanks to Georgia in this for pointing out the pier in the pier group pressure - before you lot moan about a typo!

Safely at home and in the warm due to sadly still being on our injury bench, Amy "5k" JORBELL hopefully didn't get a drenching on a later planned dog walk. Fellow bencher, Joe WILKINSON gave it a try this morning but sadly it was a little too much too soon, though he and other runners were clocked by Cass CASTLETON who finished a session of runs this week on the Prom with a time of 30:04 which ain't that shabby!

On the subject of the decimals, James "The Machine" GREVESON HICKS took it easier today with "just" an 18.67 mile run - 0.67 is now the new 0.01 for those in the know! Just behind James in the mileage front, Clare NELMAN recorded 10 windy miles on the seafront herself and has the photo to prove it!

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 16.44.37

It will have been a case of runners crossing in the wind today and some adorned in apricot. Last week's unofficial Tail Walker Kath MARTIN installed herself this week as Walk Pacer/Apricot Spotter ticking off a rear view (probably the best) of Dave SKINNER & Mark BROCKLEHURST, the coffee chasers, as well as Jane TEW and then Joanna LYONS. Infact Jo, you need to take a look behind you when taking your pics - you might see Clare!

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 16.44.58

The Two Johnnies (WRIGHT & THOMPSON) were back at it, this time shunning the Prom for Preston Park for their UK Athletics 30 minute challenge. JW did wonder about the merits of this decision and if truth be told, unless you both were planning to run 30 minutes in one direction, you probably called it right! Making it to the Prom were club mates Katie WRIGHT, Mark SALLIS and Mary HENDERSON who opted for an intervals session.

Further eastwards, Lucy "The Watch" ADITI went out with Tiny Coach Greg (who lives in her watch) and was back on her usual Kemptown route whilst down a few metres on Madeira Drive, Emma BRISTOW took on the closed road for her run. Slightly further north and getting more miles out of this gag than she's actually running, Suzy HAWKER was back in Fulking. Not sure if Suzy is trying for residency there and if so, what would that make her? Hmmm!

Someone who appreciated the weather today was Darren HALE who enjoyed it, and his 12k as he avoided the seafront. Back down on the front, Chantal PENRHYN got out early doors to clock 6 miles whilst Sharon KENYON ticked off an impressive 9k. Heading out later in the wind and rain (and apricot) John "I never get a mention" ANTON got the miles in too! Well done all!

For our final few comments we take a turn and head west! Once again, Basin Road was the domain of Thelma and Louise AKA Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON who must have thought they were the chosen ones running in the sunshine...only to discover shortly afterwards that Mother Nature disagreed and promptly soaked them! The Battle of the PORGES was down to just three this week as Alison and Simon welcomed back Keith TURVEY along...but not before keeping him waiting! If you're thinking it was a message to put him in his place, it was not mind games - just hangovers!

Over in that there West Sussex, Louise "I post where I like" SMITH may need to amend her nickname to "I post what I like" as she managed to record some curious data following her 14k run. Sadly, it may already have been deleted but there were some times that we would all love - 17:18 5k anyone?

Of course that can't be the last post as Helen "ICS" BLOCK has maintained her reputation for posting as late as possible claiming this week,  "oversleeping" as the reason!? Typical teachers - one rule for one eh? Fingers on lips now Helen, but bonus points for the apricot shirt running selfie!

*****STOP PRESS**** - Blocky is "outblocked" as there's an even later entry (you do know the football is on guys, don't you?) but who can fail to acknowledge an 11.5 mile trail run from Paula Jane BERRY and chums - plus there's an awesome photo too!

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 18.05.19


Many thanks to all of you who've sent in your videos so far. There is a lot to work through, edit and piece together which is great! We're so proud of our community and it is one that seems to have grown and grown in these lockdown times. We want as many of you as possible and we've even got some members of parkrun HQ on board - but that'd be telling! Watch out this week though for the spoilers video as promised where Mark and Georgia invited you to submit your videos. And you thought they were one-take wonders!

The weather has played such a part today that today's YouTube clip has to acknowledge that. So all the way from Trumpton parkrun.... until next time Prommers!



Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #14 – 20th June 2020

The one with The Two Johnnies, The Goodies, Roberta Flack, another nickname for Jenny-Anne, why it's still all about the 0.1, more of the Fulking same from Suzy, we learn (a bit too much) about "sexy pace", and Thelma & Louise find parkrun is in their DNA (and throw down the gauntlet)

Once again it was another frustratingly good day for a parkrun, and whilst we won't be able to come together for a while yet, great news was to be had from down under in that, as mentioned last week, New Zealand will be the first parkrun country back hosting events. July 4th is their big day and whilst this is the first step it is certainly the most positive one we've had since March. We're very much aware that there's been a lot on our Facebook pages this week but don't forget, you can record your 5k times on the (non )parkrun results page by clicking the "Manage my Profile" link on your parkrun results emails and following the simple instructions.


The sunshine brought everyone out again and, as ever, it really is inspiring to share your runs, walks, cycles (or if you are like David SPENCER this morning- rollerblading). Over the past (almost) 5 years we've welcomed the parkrun world record holder, the parkun founder, the parkrun management, a few folk off the telly as well as one bloke who is particularly good at tennis, but nothing comes close to the sense of pride we have in our Hove Prom family. Right, that's enough of the nice stuff, time to get out the nicknames....

Kicking us off this week with a good run from me...and a good run from him, we introduce the Two Johnnies! Messrs WRIGHT and THOMPSON were up early using the 5k course for their British Masters 5k. Also ripping up the Prom were Katie WRIGHT and David KEMP as was an influx of Arena 80 runners! Also spotted out on her BM5k was Bevendean Down core team member Paula BLACKEDGE, for some reason choosing our course rather than Bevendean's for her timed run. Wonder why? Answers on a postcard please to "Hilliest parkrun in Brighton competition"....
Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 12.57.41

Wonderful today to see a very familiar face to you all out on the Prom. Having ticked off nearly every volunteer role possible whilst completing her Duke of Edinburgh Award, Lily had previously been unimpressed at the thought of running the parkrun. Maybe it was the addition of the very nice 25 volunteer shirt (richly deserved too) to her wardrobe or perhaps it was the regular sight of 400 people of all shapes, colours, speeds, sizes, and sexes taking on the course that inspired her? Whatever it was it was so lovely to see her smile back on the Prom (and thanks pausing for the photo too!)  If you see Lily out, give her a wave!

Meanwhile actually in Edinburgh, Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL was on home turf polishing off another very decent time - nor far off his year PB of last week.

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 11.00.39

Our best wishes to you Brian and hope to see you back down here soon! On the subject of saluting the Scots, Issy MUIR headed to Basin Road to check out and pay respects to the new Tarmac (see what we did there?) and reported back that it was smooth but short. Could be an apt description to save up that! Also treading the Tarmac was Jonathan "JB" BRITTEN as part of an 8 miler which took in the Prom too! Back on the Prom, Jane TEW was out "enjoying a leisurely 10k" (her own words :) ) and saw in passing self proclaimed Tail Walker for today, Kathryn MARTIN. Also using the seafront as a location for her run, Emma DALLOS was out recording a season's best time for 5k, so look out for that on (not)parkrun.

The Battle of the PORGES was once again taking place up by the lagoon and this week, more entered the fray! Alison and Simon were joined by the TINSONs, Steve and Jenny along with Louisa and Keith TURVEY. A few changes to finishing positions of note, but no PBs and a good time had by all.

Away from the Prom, Helen "International Cover Star" BLOCK (hereafter known as "ICS") took in the Downslink with Kirsty. Once again the ego of these famous people stands out so having had to delve into the photos, KIrsty now has the new nickname of Kirsty "Strava Mention" PUGH :) Jo LYONS once again donned the apricot for a hilly 5k in Hangleton and there was similar attire for John "I never get a mention" ANTON with a new apricot shirt and yet another mention. Last week he was Bridget Jones but tonight Matthew, Dave SKINNER is Roberta Flack! After being "all by myself" last week, it was business as usual for Dave as he and Mark BROCKLEHURST were "back together again" as Dave continued his work back from injury, clocking another sub-28 5k in the space of three days.

Once again, James "The Machine" GREVESON HICKIE was all about the 0.1 as his ultra adventures took him to Newhaven along the coast and then the South Downs Way on the route back. An eye watering 29.01 miles in all! Also clocking up some impressive mileage on his bike was Darren HALE whose 60k ride also took in a photo opportunity at the i360 (below!)

Screenshot 2020-06-20 at 13.05.21

With the i360 no doubt in sight down the coast in Worthing, Georgia "The Shades" CARRICK obviously didn't get the nickname memo as photos show her sans shades this morning. Bonus points were earned though with a post-run coffee with Alex GOBLE.

Someone who needs no such nickname memo is Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER who continues her impressive streak of getting even more nicknames! This week Jenny-Anne joined Sophie PECKHAM as she clocked off some more miles from her 75 miles in June for St Catherine's Hospice. Good luck with this Sophie! Jenny-Anne seemed impressed, so by our reckoning that makes her Jenny-Anne "The Fan"! Also working towards raising money for good causes, Lucy "The Watch" ADITI swapped the pumps for PJs today due to an online conference, whilst making sure she was well rested ahead of a training run tomorrow as she works towards a 10k for "Mindfulness in Schools" on 5th July. Good luck to you too Lucy (and we still haven't heard from JT - #justsaying)

Over in Hove Park, donned in some funky attire, were Hove's version of "The Goodies", Mike and Christine GIBBONS also running for a good cause and using their (not)parkrun 5k for Manorland Hospice. (If you don't understand the reference, check out the video at the end of the report!) At least the weather was good for it, and Pip BULL used the weather to dry out following a rather damp run the day before! Caroline "Zumba" SHARP used her Saturday exercise time well by erm, doing Zumba! The clue is in the nickname folks, though someone who sadly due to injury couldn't live up to her nickname is Amy "5k" JORBELL. However, she didn't rest up though and got the dumbells out. Sadly also joining Amy on the injury bench is Joe WILKINSON whose pesky hamstring has meant a pause to some impressive times lately. Heal well both!

Over in that West Sussex-Shire, we're not sure what has been going on. Louise "I post where I like" SMITH in what could be a quote from her forthcoming film, "Carry on Shoreham", has announced to the world that she has discovered "sexy pacing" and apparently it helped her find her "sweet spot" - 'ere, stop messin' about! (And by the way Lou, editing your post afterwards to remove said comments will never stop us from embarrassing you!) Mind you, the same could be said for Suzy HAWKER who was unperturbed by last week's cheeky comment and went also to West Sussex (what is in the water over there?) and once again had a Fulking good time!

Winner of the "Helen Block getting mentioned at the last moment" award this week is Cath SWEBY, once again reporting back from the people's republic of Mancunia. This week she ticked off two 5k runs, coffee with a friend and then ran past a famous biscuit factory - but forgot to take her watch to record it - crumbs! (*gets coat)

Lots and lots to report on this week and again you're all in there! Another week ticked off and one less for you to get your birthday videos emailed in to us. Our trailer is now featured on our Facebook page and if you haven't submitted one yet, please DO! We want as many of you as possible to feature. If you're shy and don't have a lot to say, keep it short and just say "Happy Birthday Hove Prom" - or if you're talkative, keep it short and just say "Happy Birthday Hove Prom" ;) Any running features too would be great - check out the trailer for some ideas and oh, Suzy, Louise - keep it clean please!

Once again, this week's final words come from our very own Thelma and Louise, Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON. Phillippa's post struck a chord with us, not just because she's thrown down the bingo gauntlet to us all (get posting up your bingo cards folks) but because their post (and our last comment today) is the same as how the run report started. Some lovely words and ones which hopefully apply to you all. So we leave you with Thelma's (or is it Louise's?) post below along with the aforementioned video of The Goodies. Stay safe Prommers - and see you next week.

The one where we took in a local landmark (challenge accepted Hove Promenade parkrun!) & realised that we’d done more non-parkruns than actual parkruns!?! So we sat down afterwards & contemplated how lockdown has made us make time for the things that are really important to us (mainly fried egg rolls & Andrea Wilson!)



Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #13 – 13th June 2020

The one with the PBs, the Bridget Jones run, the Grand Old Duke of York run, a Fulking good walk (read....that...again....carefully), the turf treader, how it's all about the 0.1, why we do like to run beside the seaside, why we're waiting for JT's ransom note and perhaps the best moment of lockdown so far, all because of a simple ickle run report.

In a world full of turmoil, you may have understandably missed two announcements from parkrun HQ, one which particularly means that the light at the end of the tunnel will be a little brighter. It is increasingly likely that parkrun New Zealand will be the first country to restart and whilst there is much to do, this is not a time to be jealous. This is a massive step for parkrun and no doubt some practices applied down under will be incorporated here in the months ahead. The first parkrun coming back is fantastic news and hopefully brings hope to you all that we have not been fibbing when we say WE WILL BE BACK!

A second announcement from HQ was made here with the forthcoming launch of (not)parkrun. This is the opportunity to log a 5k time and appear once again in results tables for a bit of fun. However, let's deal with the obvious question that will arise - your runs do not count towards your milestones. Only official parkruns do for that so take this as it is intended - a bit of fun. This has been created by HQ so please don't ask us, or any other team if you've queries with results. Check it out though!

So what have YOU been getting up to? Well, either there is something in the water or you lot are solar powered as the most common word today is PB. Lots of you getting out there and getting your own personal PBs which is brilliant (and something to tick off on your bingo card for sure - we'll come back to that later). We start though in a land, far, far away (well up the M23. M25, M40 and M6 to be precise) as Cath SWEBY was once again in the people's' republic of Mancunia checking out the many parks and green spaces up there (What? You were expecting whippets and cotton mills?) Great running by Cath notching up 8 miles in the process. Hard not to mention miles without mentioning James "The Machine" GREVESON HICKIE who went above and beyond his marathon distance with an awesome 27.01 mile run - all about the 0.1 folks! Someone else loving the trail runs was Kirsty PUGH whose run ended up being 30k - well, sometimes you can just have too much fun! Not sure if James got an ice lolly reward but Kirsty certainly did :)

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 17.16.27

Also loving life in the hills was Tracy MITCHELL who together with Wairimu clocked up some impressive views and an equally impressive 21k in the process. Loving the shades guys and no doubt equally impressed would have been Georgia "The Shades" CARRICK who racked up 10 miles of her own and in doing so completed the virtual Mid-Sussex Marathon event, which sadly, like parkrun had to be postponed. With a long run like that she was always going to bump into someone (from a social distance of course) and sure enough there were hellos to be had to Emma BRISTOW and Helen "International Cover Star" BLOCK on their five mile runs and they in turn were able to say hello to Debs FRIIS - it's a sociable little world the running community isn't it? Even John "I never get a mention" ANTON was spotted out and about in apricot...so erm, gets a mention!

Someone who may disagree with that today as he had to do a Bridget Jones run (theme song "All by myself") was Dave SKINNER whose solo 5k in the wind was only rewarded by the fact he had one less coffee to buy. Normal running partner Mark BROCKLEHURST absconded towards "that London" and took in a 5k in a lovely small park that, who knows, may see it's own parkrun in the months ahead. Naturally he played his "scare the southerners" game by saying "hello" and "good morning" to people and was shocked that they actually replied...politely too!

Also in that London-Shire place, Katie STRIPE took on a "Grand Old Duke of York" run but went one better. No marching up to the top of the hill - she ran it! That's a first for Katie (and another cross on the bingo card!) - well done!

Back in the shire of Sussex, there were PBs galore. Our chums at RunPals had their "Golden Mile" challenge today and there were some great performances. Shouts out to Ria BINNEY for her mile PB as well as one to Lou "I post where I like" SMITH who went sub 9 mins too. Great efforts from you both, and thanks to Matt & some of the other RunPals for their colourful photo on our post! Someone not quite getting the memo was Antony BRADLEY who simply commented, "forgot my barcode" - don't get into that habit, but luckily you don't need it at the moment. Great to see Antony back from the injury bench though!

Chantal PENRHYN managed to clock 8 miles on her run and page homage to the Steve OVETT statue on Madeira Drive, whilst slightly up from there, there was some turf treading going on. Lucy "The Watch" ADITI took on a 5k which is Jonathan "JT" Terry's route - good to share with the neighbours - though (in Lucy's words) her teeny, tiny coach, Greg (who lives in her watch) told her to take it easy. Watch your back JT, she's a-comin for you - hang on - JT, where are you? No comments, no photos? Lucy, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH JT?

Back on by the sea, great to once again see Pip BULL out on another run, and hopefully this is the beginning of a habit once more. Kudos to Karen BENNETT who has doubled her mileage with her walking and is now up to 3 miles - watch out walkers when the Prom is back. Also out on a walk today was Suzy HAWKER who together with the family had a Fulking good walk - come on Prommers, you're better than that! We know what you're thinking! Anyway, a lovely time was had in Fulking by all.

Back in Hove, more PBs to report! Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL clocked his fastest 5k of 2020 (so far) with a time of 26:10 - watch this space for the sub-26! Also surprisingly running a 5k was Amy "5k" JORBELL who unsurprisingly clocked a PB herself which is great reward for her constant attacking of the distance. Not content with that, she celebrated with a bike ride. Perhaps celebrating with something a little stronger, will be Zoe BLUNDELL who obliterated her 5k time by not just dipping under 30 mins but diving, doing a backflip and then landing perfectly with a fabulous time of 29:43! Tremendous work by you all.

John WRIGHT opted for the Ross Berkley approach with his 5k whilst Carmen SITA beat the heat on the Prom completing the same distance in the sunshine. Possibly passing each other in the process, a solid 5 miles was put in by Jo SIMPSON too down the coast. Enjoying a 5k by the sea, then enjoying a dip in the sea were Katie WRIGHT and Mark SALLIS - which was much deserved after putting each other through their paces. Back on shore and back in their natural habitat, the Battle of the PORGES once again took place up towards Hove Lagoon. Alison maintaining her first female finishing position whilst coming third with the addition of Stuart to the competition. Positions 1 & 2 have yet to be clarified by the competition judges ;) though there was a wave to a passing Jules EMMERSON.

Fresh from covering more road signs than Google Maps last week (you thought they were quiet, didn't you?) Hove Prom's very own Thelma and Louise have been at it again! Not one, but TWO visits to the Lawns Cafe - the second coming as they left their domain of Basin Road on their pilgrimage to become the ultimate bingo queens (or was it the allure of a veggie sausage sandwich and a cuppa?) Whatever it was Andrea WILSON and Phillippa TOWNEND did it again crossing off a visit to the cafe where they saw Jane TEW (who highly recommends the vegan chocolate brownies at the caff) and exchanged waves and smiles.

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 17.15.59

This is what these reports are all about - keeping everyone engaged and very much part of the community and hearing of fellow prommers seeing each other and waving - and perhaps, forming new friendships because of the run report mentions, is something that really makes it all so worthwhile. At the start, we mentioned a turbulent world and today Brighton showed the world it doesn't have to be like that. We truly are blessed with our community and it is one that will flourish further with the return of parkrun "proper" in the months ahead.

Remember the date - 11th July - Hove Prom parkrun turns 5 years old and we want to share it all together with a virtual celebration. Thanks so much to everyone who has sent in their videos, but there is room for so much more. Simply record a short birthday greeting to the Prom and, if you can do it safely, let's have one of you running too. Videos need to be emailed in by 30th June and from there, we'll edit, slice, dice and put together a birthday celebration that we want YOU to be part of.  Don't leave it to everyone else - miss it, miss out! It's child's' play! Just ask Fred and George BENTLEY - AKA The Gently Bentleys - who needed a bit of practice, but do you think this stopped them?

Spoiler Alert - they've nailed it as you'll see on the final video! Over to you.

Keep doing what you're doing Prommers and keep sharing it with us all. A day is another opportunity to fill with achievements and we couldn't be happier sharing yours with your parkrun family. Keep safe and keeeeeeeeeeep running (with apologies to Fred and George!)

Your Hove Prom parkrun Core Team


Graham Churchill and ReRun clothing

In these challenging times, here is a great feel-good story about the power of community.  Many regular Prommers will have said hello to Graham Churchill who had slept rough in the storm shelter on Hove Prom next to our east cones turning point since January 2020.  Graham could generally be found reading a book and was always happy and friendly; smiling, waving at and encouraging all the parkrunners.  Hove Prom parkrun co-founder, Clare, befriended him and invited him to come along and join in the fun.  He was really looking forward to doing his first parkrun when, all of a sudden, the world changed and Covid-19 put a stop to our regular Saturday fave activity.  Following lockdown, most of the soup runs halted and many of the night shelters including Clocktower Sanctuary and First Base which provided meals, washing facilities and care for rough sleepers, shut down.  Whilst accommodation was found for many of Brighton and Hove's homeless community, a number fell through the cracks and sourcing food became a real issue.  For the first month, Clare visited Graham daily with hot meals, snacks and thermos refills and a lovely friendship formed.  In the meantime, Clare was also shopping for Maureen, the widow of our beloved John Henry Ramsden who sadly passed away last year at the grand old age of 85 having completed over 300 parkruns and won all of our hearts.  Maureen always had hot pizza, fruit and books ready to send down to Graham via Clare on the way home.  
Clare's great friend, Rosie Swale Pope, a regular Prommer on her infrequent trips home whilst she completes her epic run from Brighton to Kathmandu for Phase Worldwide then contacted her "home base" at Southdown Way Campsite in Hassocks where Gloria, campsite manager, kindly offered Graham a nightwatchman role at the campsite; this has given him the security of a small income as well as his own warm, cosy caravan as a base.  Graham has now been there for two months and is absolutely loving his new world, especially being in a warm community and being able to cook for himself for the first time in years.  Inspired by his time on the prom watching parkrun and finally having a secure place for his belongings, he has taken up running again in the beautiful South Downs and network of lanes around his new home.  The only shoes he had were a pair of slip-on Vans but nevertheless, Graham was loving his new-found freedom and the joy that running was bringing to him.  But the Vans were wearing through so quickly that, after a few short weeks, he thought he would have to stop running altogether.
Our lovely friends, ReRun Clothing, now stepped in to help; ReRun is a community interest ground founded by Team GB 24hr Ultra runner, Dan Lawson and his wife, Charlotte, which has the aim of prolonging the life of running gear, reducing items going to landfill and supporting homeless and refugee projects.  They provide free running shoes and equipment to any project, charity or individual who would otherwise not be able to afford them.  Many of you have donated running gear to ReRun Clothing at Hove Prom's regular collections over the past couple of years and now ReRun have completely kitted Graham out with new running kit including a splendid pair of running shoes from their shoe bank.  Graham hasn't owned a pair of trainers since he was 20 years old and is now unstoppable, racing around all over the place for his daily exercise and loving his new gear.  Doesn't that just warm your cockles!!!  We are really looking forward to welcoming Graham into our wonderful running community just as soon as parkrun starts up again! 
PS Dan from ReRun is keen to emphasise that he would love to support people from the homeless/refugee community or from anyone who would benefit from some running gear who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it and has asked Prommers to help spread the word.  Just drop him a note at rerunshoebank@yahoo.com and he can provide a password to a specific page on the website for free kit. 
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