Hove Promenade parkrun is cancelled on 2021-06-26 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #66 – 19th June 2021

The late one with the birthday shirt, the Prom stealers thwarted as nobody puts the Diva in to Hove Park, hills, hills, hills for Mark, warm up, warm up for John, all your (not)parkrun stats, which Jenny-Anne ran and is it a Bridgewater too far for one of the Coffee Chasers?

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 22.27.59

The news from the Government was not what we wanted to hear and the knock on means that parkrun is moved back to July 24th. Why, we hear you ask? Well, we reply. A lot of the permissions gained from local authorities and land owners were dependent on the lifting of restrictions on June 21st. With that now no longer happening, the permissions were not in effect so there were insufficient events to cover the country. So July it is and we are welcoming people to come and volunteer for 24th and onwards. If you can help out, drop us an email at hovepromenade@parkrun.com with your barcode number and date you can help.

Some things will be different when we are back such as barcode scanning and timing being done from mobile devices. If these roles appeal to you, then you will need to have the app downloaded on your mobile phone. Please note that the app is for the volunteers and you will not be scanning yourself as a runner. Also, we still do not accept pictures of barcodes on phones so paper/wristband/plastic tag are the only barcodes we accept.

You can get the free app here:

Apple Store                               Google Play

Also check out this great video by Danny Norman from the unofficial parkrun podcast, "With Me Now", where he explains how the app works and how simple it is!

To this week's tales and we're by the sea, by the canal and by a river this week! We start on the Prom where there was a welcome return to running for Emma "The Power" DALLOS following her tumble the other week. Great to have you back out there Emma, and hope your grazes have nicely healed. Tony BRADLEY was also back on the Prom with a 5k, but his return was down to being hit by a virus, though Tony is at pains to let us all know it wasn't that virus.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 22.28.43

There were unofficial birthday shirt celebrations today as with the pending Father's Day (which will now be today by the time this is published), John "Hasthags" ANTON got the gift for Father's Day and it has been a regular feature every Saturday since! It was one of many apricots and parkrun shirts seen up and down the Prom on Saturday - a fact noted by Toria YOUNG on her run as she ran beneath the moody skies in Hove. That certainly wasn't forecast was it?

For the One Johnnie, it was a bit of a Groundhog Day for him - or perhaps he was feeling the cold with his morning consisting of a warm up run, a warm up hilly 5k and then taking refuge inside for a gym session. Perhaps a name change is in order here as it seems he can't do John WRIGHT from wrong? (Bear with - this is being written very late at night!). No such issues for Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL with a quality 24:48 recorded for his 5k as the Gazelles were on the Prom once again. Pip BULL took in the Prom too on her run to the Pier and back, whilst someone else returned to the Prom only for her to promptly be accosted with an attempt to "steal" her for the 5k in Hove Park when parkrun returns! Thankfully, nobody puts the Diva in Hove Park, as Lou "Diva" SMITH has only eyes for the Prom! There was also the small matter of a half marathon being completed by Lou too. Who could possibly attempt such treachery we hear you ask? (You're very inquisitive this week!) Well, names cannot be mentioned (yet) but we would like to think that they would hide in shame on their photo this week...

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 22.09.26

Yes, it was those naughty PORGES from the Park! Well you might hide. It does have to be said though that when parkrun returns, Hove Prom's loss is Hove Park's gain as Alison, Simon and chums have kept us seriously entertained with their photos and reports over the past few weeks. It really will be a case of "Wot no Porges" in a few weeks, but their tomfoolery will be around for a bit longer. Who knows, there may even be a run report from them before they go? #spoilers

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 23.04.35

If Mark BROCKLEHURST thought that replacing one Coffee Chaser with a younger model would mean a cheaper morning, he was sadly wrong as he joined Lucy ANDERSON for part of her 10k run. Lucy was snapped looking like the cat that got the oat milk hot chocolate for sure and as Stef RANSLEY said, not exactly living up to the slogan on her apricot!

No such squabbles for Thelma and Louise this morning as the dynamic duo of Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON met up at a cooler than normal "Viva" Basin Road, but were warmed on their 5k by a variety of familiar faces seen out on their run.

So that was the tales by the sea, but it's not all about the land lubbers just yet. Up in the Peoples' Republic of Mancunia, Cath SWEBY was croissant chasing along the River Mersey - and discovering a new croissant shop in the process. Not to be outdone, on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal, Dave SKINNER was suffering from caffeine credit syndrome as being a solo Coffee Chaser up north meant that he had to put his hand in his pocket for a "brew". Don't worry Dave, Lucy kept the flag flying for the tight southerners!

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 22.09.04

For Mark RAVEN, it was hills, hills, hills as he took on the East Grinstead parkrun course. You know there is something to be feared on a course when the locals simply call it "The Hill". Sounds like Mark had more than his fair share of it today.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 at 22.08.41

Last but by no means least, particularly since she was the first to comment, Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER was rumbled by our Facebook post and subsequently caught in the act as she enjoyed a "bakery dash". What was on the menu was not revealed so whether or not she was Jenny-Anne "Toast and Jam" or Jenny-Anne "Coffee and Flan" will forever remain a mystery.

Well done everyone for getting out there be it in apricot or not, on by land, sea, river, canal or simply by hiding behind the sea wall!


At the time of writing, 26 Hove Prommers had recorded 50 (not)parkruns.

There was 1 (not)parkrun PB (well done to Tim - indicated in the name list with a *) and first timer this week, (hello to Matt!)

Congratulations to Yvonne PATRICK and Victoria YOUNG, both of whom completed their 50th (not)parkruns.

The historic total of this week's 26 runners was 1,898 (not)parkruns! 

The total number of (not)parkruns recorded by Hove Prommers is 3,348 (not)parkruns.

This week's (not)parkrunners were:


And there we are. Later than usual but hopefully just as entertaining. As parkrun gets closer, do let your event teams know if you can help out - wherever you parkrun. Normal service will be resumed next week, but where parkrun where you can run or walk, we know that even if reports aren't at the usual time, it's never too late...

See you next week Prommers.


Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #65 – 12th June 2021

The one with the flying visit from Billy Whizz, the Shadows have a "Shindig" on the Prom, Karianne flies the colours in Singapore, it's belting in Weston-super-Mare, all your (not)parkrun stats, what Friday's announcement means for our parkrun and it's too hot to trot for the Diva. 

Where else can we start this week, other than the news we've been waiting for, for 65 weeks - parkrun is set to return in England. The announcement was made on Friday that sufficient parkruns have permissions from landowners. All eyes now are on the announcement regarding the lifting of restrictions on June 21st. There are many permutations of this and until they hear of what will actually be decided, parkrun cannot advise. The key thing to remember, is that even if there is a delay to lifting restrictions (and ultimately the restart of parkrun), parkrun will be back. Let's wait and see how the decisions affect us - when we know more, we'll let you know.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 14.17.34

It's wonderful to know though, that even thousands of miles away, parkrun colours are on display for our return. Karianne DI SALVO had the shirt and the wristband on display for her run over in Singapore, and is keeping an eye on things here, no doubt, like us, with everything crossed.

It seems today we had temperatures to match Karianne as Angela CLARKE checked in from Weston-super-Mare where it was, to use the meteorological term, "belting". Hove Prommers were here, there and everywhere as Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER reported in from Glasgow, though she pronounced it better as "Glasgie". Whether or not, as discussed in the last few week's reports, this was an attempt to avoid the sun we don't know, but she obviously feels at home up there, so this week she is Jenny-Anne "runs with the clan".

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 14.18.14

Clearly in one of those moods this week, is James GREVESON HICKIE whose run this morning started with a train journey to the start point - Eastbourne! Then, in the heat, he ran back the 31.07 miles to home clocking an aesthetically pleasing time of 05:58:58 which given the temperatures, is remarkable. Let's hope there was some ice cream waiting for him.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 14.17.16

In search of croissants, rather than ice cream this morning was Cath SWEBY, back in town and once again hitting the Prom. Cath seems to have been a bit inspired with a quiff similar to that of "Billy Whizz" from the Beano comics. Lovely to have you back in town, Cath! There were certainly plenty of other folk on the Prom today - at one stage, almost a mini-parkrun with Kath MARTIN, Alison KUY, a post-jab Jo LYONS and Laura HODGKISS meeting up for their 5k, followed in true parkrun tradition by tea and breakfast at the Lawns Cafe. They didn't even let their morning be spoiled by a passing appearance from a solo Coffee Chaser, Mark BROCKLEHURST.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 14.16.56

Also on the Prom this morning was our resident "Flying Scotsman", Brian RUSSELL who ticked off a 25:27 run as the temperatures started to rise. A little later on, a very cool looking John "Hashtags" ANTON was posing for photos, we presume before his sub-30 run. If it was after, he must have been ice cool! It seems that getting out early was no sure way to beat the heat either as Chantal PENRHYN found out on her 10 miler this morning. It seems the heat was up early, not just her.

For the Brighton Half-Marathonners, it seems that 10 miles was the required distance today. Fellow participants Yvonne PATRICK did 10 as did just the one Johnnie, John WRIGHT who went out for a tough 10 but experienced an easy 10 - whether that is a good thing or not, weather affected or even just a pleasant surprise, we don't know, but we hope to hear of everyone's success stories for the race at the end of the month. Maxwell BAILEY headed east for his run with a 12k out and back to Ovingdean, with hopefully a spring in his step at the parkrun news.

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 14.18.23

Further west, there was yet another pop group permutation provided by the PORGES as this week, shamelessly using the fab weather conditions, the Shadows made an appearance. Whether there was a "Shindig" or not is unclear but the challenge was thrown out to see if you could guess the participants from the above photo. Simon did kinda help with one of the answers, saying that the occasion had made him "Hank Marvin" - Google is available for those of you too young to appreciate this rather fine joke.

Over at "Viva" Basin Road, Thelma and Louise, AKA Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON were already getting nostalgic for these current times, sharing a photo of their activities below:

Screenshot 2021-06-12 at 15.46.04

Worth including purely for the one occasion where Phillippa let her guard down and almost included a full head shot in her selfies...

Final word of a scorching day has to go to Lou "Diva" SMITH who got her (not)parkrun completed but remarked that it was "too hot to trot". Few would disagree.



At the time of writing, 29 Hove Prommers had recorded 53 (not)parkruns.

There were 2 (not)parkrun PBs (well done to Issy (second week in succession) and Chris - indicated in the name list with a *) and 0 first timers this week.

The historic total of this week's 29 runners was 1,897 (not)parkruns! 

There were no (not)milestones this week.

The total number of (not)parkruns recorded by Hove Prommers is 3,283 (not)parkruns.

This week's (not)parkrunners were:


So there we are. In the next few days, we'll discover just how many more of these (not)run reports there are to go. However many there are, at least we know we WILL be back. We really hope you'll continue to take part and log (not)parkruns as they will not be going anywhere. They'll not feature in parkrun run reports but still use them as they'll be part of your profile.

We're almost there Prommers - it's happening. We'll find out exactly when soon. The shadows of COVID are almost gone, but some Shadows remain - thanks to the musical tastes of the PORGES. See you next week!


Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #64 – 5th June 2021

The one where we should have been parkrunning, Antony does somethingorother, the Power Rangers hit Lancing, "Viva" Basin Road is twinned with Coventry, your (not)parkrun stats, and it's nice and three-sy for Alison as Simon discovers the joy of Exmoor.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 14.26.04

Phew what a scorcher. They say a week is a long time in politics but the weather of yesterday seems a lifetime ago. We're all aware that today was the day it was hoped that we would be able to return to parkrunning, and everything is crossed now for the announcements from parkrun HQ, who have to take into account the situation across the country. Watch this space!

Today is a warm one so our best wishes to everyone running races, including Simon PORGES who has checked in from Exmoor during his ultra race. Here's hoping for some cooler periods and plenty of hydration for you Simon!

Another racer today was Antony BRADLEY who completed (in his own words), "the Vitality SomethingOrOther 10,000" today and as our first poster on Facebook, he declared it was "too damn hot". Rather an apt description!

Preparing for a race is Chantal PENRHYN, who (sensibly), was up and out early doors as usual as she clocked 12 miles. Even at the early hour, she found it hot though it sounds as though all prep for Brighton Half is now complete. Wishing she did go out early, was Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER whose second cuppa of the morning cost her the opportunity of missing the heat. She is totally Jenny-Anne "deffo, without question not a sun fan" for the second week running.

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 14.24.44

Ladies who DO like the sun now as (L to R), Laura HODGKISS, Alison KUY, Lucy "The Watch" ADITI and Kath MARTIN had their post run cuppas on a glorious Hove Prom. Getting practice in for the real thing we see - the practice known officially as parkfaff! Perhaps there was a cooling breeze there as Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL charged up and down the Prom on his way to a very smart 5k time of 24:38. The apricot gang were certainly noticed by Vix YOUNG as she enjoyed her run today - so nice to have that parkrun presence back on the Prom.

Managing to hide from the sun as she glows enough, Lou "Diva" SMITH was at a rather posh health club in Worthing this week. Rumours of a red carpet on the treadmill and canapes in the pool cannot be confirmed though! As luxurious as it sounds, it doesn't quite live up to Craig WATSON's comment of the day - "I personally achieved virtually nothing and I'm exhausted..." - well, it is a scorcher.

Suzy HAWKER hit the Leas in Folkestone today, and being the conscientious parkrunner she is, ensured she took in part of their parkrun course too. Over on Lancing Beach Green's course, there was a friendly invasion of the Power Rangers as Oliver DAY and the gang toured down the coast, bringing a healthy splash of colour to the seafront (below).

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 14.25.05

When your home city is awarded the title of "City of Culture", and you can't physically be there, where do you go? This was the dilemma facing Phillippa TOWNEND today. Naturally, there was only one place suitable for such celebrations as "Viva" Basin Road saw "Thelma and Louise" reunited for a run and no doubt raising of an egg roll in honour Coventry's award with Andrea WILSON.

Whilst the cat's away....there was no easing off of the official PORGES event this week, though the activities did include swimming, which does seem more sensible than most! Kudos to Alison and everyone for still getting out there as it can be all to easy, particularly in this weather, to think better of it! Someone else out there and achieving yet another sub-30 was John "Hashtags" ANTON. He even managed to get even more colourful than last week!

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 15.21.30

For all our hot weather complaints, just the one "Johnnie" this week, John WRIGHT had the best comment as he did a half of the half this morning along the seafront. It simply said "How lucky are we to live here?" He's totally right of course.

Someone who lives round here and you would think would know the way to the beach by now is James "The Machine" GREVESON HICKIE who went the long way round - a heck of a long way round - today as he completed the "Run to the Sea" 50k Ultra in just 4:49:49! Always good to see someone practice what they preach, and a ridiculously cool looking James, is pictured below, not only with his medal but another form of hydration!

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 15.04.31

STOP PRESS - a special shout out now to Emma "The Power" DALLOS who truly has lived up to her nickname. Taking part in the event as James, she came a cropper as you can see by the photo below! No Helen BLOCK Award for this week as anything with "skin" in might not be welcomed, but huge praise to Emma who despite the grazes and cuts, is also the proud owner of a medal, after getting home in 6:25:08. Well done!

Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 16.15.31

Whatever you did or didn't do today - keep hydrated and watch that sun folks!


At the time of writing, 25 Hove Prommers had recorded 50 (not)parkruns (four more than last week in total!) There were 2 (not)parkrun PBs (well done to Annie and Issy - indicated in the name list with a *) and first timer this week - hello to Chris!

The historic total of this week's 25 runners was 1,529 (not)parkruns! 

There were no (not)milestones this week.

The total number of (not)parkruns recorded by Hove Prommers is 3,205 (not)parkruns.

This week's (not)parkrunners were:


So that was the week that wasn't - but our week will come. Despite all of the reasons suggested that parkrun can't come back, it is getting ever closer. Whilst it was a glorious day today, that's no reason to bemoan the delayed return, so please don't blame it on the sunshine.

Until next week!


Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #63 – 29th May 2021

The one where we got permission, the Porges get colour coordinated, superheroes hit Peacehaven, is this end for "Virtual" Jane, is this a Diva abdication, guest stars on the Prom, hydration tips from "The Machine", all your (not)parkrun stats and Phillippa is playing all the right notes - not necessarily in the right order.

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.47.27

There is nowhere else we can start but with the brilliant news that Brighton & Hove City Council this week gave their backing and permission for parkrun to return on the Prom and the other locations. Whilst some would have liked this sooner, discussions between HQ and the Council have always been positive and we are very lucky to have such support from them. A return on the 26th is in the diary, but this does depend on other events getting permissions too as in some locations, there is a real risk that they could be overrun if enough events aren't back.

We do love to have a bit of fun with these reports (and this week is no exception even if there was only Alison Porges out of all of you, having a guess at the TV show), but over the coming weeks, we'll be sharing information to get you ready for our return. Already the core team have been brushing up on their results processing skills, sorting the kit and so on, and there is much to do. Below are some common questions, together with the best answers we have at present.

How many do you think you'll get at the first parkrun back? No idea! With all five events in the city coming back on the same day, we're confident that we'll be fine. We may work on our funnel and need a few more volunteers (especially if you're resting your legs for the Brighton Half Marathon the following day), but all will be in order.

What will I notice that is different? Some things are subtle, others are not. The Framework that we are all working to, which was created by parkrun UK in conjunction with Sport England and the DCMS amongst others, pinpointed the start and finish of parkrun as the areas of greater risk (a risk that is minimal but more than during the run). Thus, we'll do the brief as we're stood around the entire Prom and it will be a few key pointers and rules. Then head to the startline, line up and - GO!  This means that milestones and other nice announcements have to be parked for a while, but we will be doing that on social media so you won't miss out. (When the Framework rules no longer apply, this will return).  The finish area will have more scanners than usual and these will ALL be on a mobile phone using the parkrun app. As a runner, you still bring your paper barcode/wristband/barcode token as normal, but the scanner will not use one of the opticon devices as we used to. We still do not accept images of barcodes on phones - this rule does not change.

How long will parkrun be under the Framework rules? We have no idea. It is likely that it will continue even after Stage 4 is announced to ensure peace of mind for all participants and volunteers. Any amendments to this will be announced. The Prom and other parkruns will be app only for the timekeeping and scanning from 26th June onwards. Stopwatches and opticon scanners will not be used after this point.

When can I volunteer? We'll be welcoming volunteers to register once parkrun have made their announcement confirming the return of events on 11th June (or thereabouts). By then, the scores on the doors will be available from all parts of the country

More information will come over the coming weeks.

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.42.09

And so to this typical scene from Hove Prom this morning! Doesn't it look lovely? Well, considering the rain that wasn't forecast, it wasn't too bad but not as nice as the above image from Karianne DI SALVO following her half marathon run. Looks however can be deceiving as the beach was closed due to lightning strikes - not something we thankfully have to consider on the Prom.

In fact, it was hot weather that Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER was trying to avoid on her run - makes you wonder about that nickname when you read that - so she was out and about at 7am - a time which Chantal PENRHYN would have been proud of had she not deferred her run until tomorrow. It was job done for Jenny-Anne though who has the alter ego this week of Jenny-Anne "Not a sun fan".

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.25.32

It seems Jenny-Anne should have come to the Prom as there was rain to be had there early doors - a fact reported back to her by Alison PORGES as the joy of six became a fab four (if you don't count the photographer!) Check out the superb colour coordination of Team PORGES on the Prom. You have to say that's impressive!

It wasn't just on the actual promenade that folk were running. Cara PARKHURST and Evie took on the tide as they hit the sand during one of those lovely low tide moments. It does seem to have been a bit "touch and go" though as the tide decided to come in at a rather speedy rate! Back on drier land, Lucy "The Watch" ADITI, Joanna LYONS and "Virtual" Jane TEW opted for a sturdier surface for their 5k, with the latter completing her "LEJoG" virtual challenge in the process. Jane has ran the equivalent of Lands End to John O'Groats and there are concerns now about her nickname. Only one thing to do! Book another one! Claims though of a first finisher position for Lucy cannot be verified, though kudos for the imitation token - hope the breakfast was good!

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 14.54.15

It was a potentially poignant moment today for solo Coffee Chaser, Dave SKINNER - recording what could be his last Saturday (not)parkrun due to work commitments in the coming weeks. The next Saturday 5k for him should hopefully be an actual parkrun and whilst it the moment seems to have got to him, it transpired that having to buy his own coffee was the real reason for the emotion. Someone whose run literally did paint a pretty picture though, was John "Hashtags" ANTON who bumped into Pauly the Painter whilst out and about, adding a splash of apricot colour himself no doubt!

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.28.43

It was rather colourful in Peacehaven too today as Nikki BOWMAN, Debbie WINFIELD, Rebecca COYNE and Allison BRETT revealed their secret identities and set off to save the world whilst taking in the Virtual Vitality 10K in the process too. There was even time to use part of the Peacehaven parkrun course as well. Not all heroes wear capes but many of them get medals - well done all!

There was a welcome return to the Prom for Brian "The Flying Scotsman" RUSSELL to the Prom together with an equally welcome sub-25 minute time for his 5k. For John SMITH, he literally decided to HIIT the gym, clocking his run after his class this morning.

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.28.55

Over at Hove Lagoon, there was even MUIR of the Two Johnnies as Issy, together with Messrs WRIGHT and THOMPSON were joined by fellow Arena 80 AC club mates, Jenny HUGHES and Bob PAGE for their EA30 Challenge this week. Also part of the session was someone literally crying out for a nickname, so joining them was Paul "runs like he left the" GASSON too. You'll miss this wit when parkrun returns!

Someone else considering the return of parkrun is Lou "Diva" SMITH who has thoughts of abdication from 26th June and returning to her "anonymous" self. Remember Lou, a nickname isn't just for lockdown, but for life.

Desperately seeking sunshine, was Suzy HAWKER together with Susan CORNELIUS, Dawn SIDDENS, Sarah PAGE and Caroline LEWIS as they ran at Benfield Valley. It wasn't looking promising on their photo, but let's hope the late swath of sunshine hitting Sussex, caught up with them too!

Screenshot 2021-05-29 at 13.31.39

A double bubble for Thelma this week! The usual duo were in action as Andrea WILSON joined Phillippa TOWNEND for their "Viva" Basin Road run, this time on Friday (there were still egg rolls of course). Saturday saw Phil JONES accompany Phillippa for a run in Wakefield (rumours of driving up the M1 in a convertible car cannot be substantiated). She was catching up with her mum for the first time in 15 months and the phrase on Phil's shirt certainly seems appropriate today!

Emma "The Power" DALLOS took the long, hilly route to the Prom today, running from Bramber and managing to gatecrash a race taking part on the South Downs Way in the process. She was actually in line for the Helen BLOCK "in by the skin of your teeth" Award but was then usurped by James "The Machine" GREVESON HICKIE who, admittedly, with good reason, snatched it from her grasp. The reason - running 29.41 miles (not tempted to round it up?) which is a pretty good reason, though the delay may have been caused by his unique rehydration methods which involve an ice cold "Calippo" and then rubbing it on your face. not sure it will catch on, but maybe Jenny-Anne had a point!

Well done to everyone who got out there!



At the time of writing, 30 Hove Prommers had recorded 55 (not)parkruns (four more than last week in total!) There were 0 (not)parkrun PBs and first timers this week. 

The historic total of this week's 30 runners was 1,823 (not)parkruns! 

There were no (not)milestones this week.

The total number of (not)parkruns recorded by Hove Prommers is 3,124 (not)parkruns.

This week's (not)parkrunners were:


So there ends another week! It transpires we will see week 64 for a (not)run report (see previous reports if you need clarity. The countdown is well and truly on for our return, because as what another one of Phil's apricot shirts might say, in this world where we live, there should be more happiness.

Get digging out those barcodes!


Hove Promenade parkrun – Virtual Running #62 – 22nd May 2021

The one with the Porges in the Park, smiley weather beaters, a birthday marathon, two Wrights don't make it wrong, Lou is DI-VAccinated, John attracts the birds, all your (not)parkrun stats and could it BE any easier to work out which TV show is being referenced this week?


So the announcement was out this week that parkrun's return in England has been put back until June 26th. Of course, this will cause some disappointment to some, but at least we have a new date to work towards and more time to be ready. It's been a while since we ran parkrun "proper" and there will be people out and about in parks and on promenades who've never been aware of our existence, so will not appreciate that we were on a break.

If you've missed the announcement, we shared it on Facebook but you can catch it here. The response following the announcement has been fantastic, particularly in the capital where just 3 events had gained permission. The "yesses" are coming through now so we can be even more confident of the 26th! London baby!

It has been a quiet time on the Prom this week and this is reflected in the comments. There's never any pressure to comment of course, but even if you didn't comment this week, we're all thinking of you and will always want to know how you doin'?

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.22.42

It was the start of a marathon epic this week for Jenny-Anne "The Tan" DEXTER as she started off the Mid-Sussex Marathon with the first of three parts. Today was the East Grinstead 10 miles. The things she does for a Starbucks - wonder if they use her full run report name on the cups? Good luck for the rest of the challenge Jenny-Anne "it's only just began"!

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.39.17

Up north in that York-shire, a single Johnnie took on the EA30 challenge this week, but this week, brought along his brother. Now we love our tales of Muir of the Two Johnnies and no doubt they will be back soon - but this is great also, thus proving that two WRIGHTS don't make it wrong!

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.23.00

Back down south, it was a case of PORGES in Preston Park today (you can see they found the cafe ok) though minus Jenny. Work was listed as a reason for her lack of appearance but thoughts keep swaying back to last week and that photo between the beach huts. The camera must have been on some sort of pivot! Another appreciator of post-run beverages was Pip BULL who enjoyed a nice cuppa after four miles along Boundary Road with parkrun chums. Mention beverages and the Coffee Chasers come into view.

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 15.09.14

Hard to work out isn't it whose round it was? Either that or Dave SKINNER got a whiff of a smelly cat though it doesn't seem to have affected Mark BROCKLEHURST. Let's hope the coffee in Central (Hove) Perk(ed) them up a bit.

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.09.14

Someone whose outfit seemed to be attracting the birds was John "Hashtags" ANTON today, though curiously, much hasn't been heard from him since. Let's hope he's ok and it this isn't the preview of some dramatic horror scene.  No point asking Chantal PENRHYN for any clues about this as once again, she was up and out whilst most of us were still dozing. Marathon training doesn't do itself you know and you need the power of "Unagi" to get out there in all conditions and get it done.

How you getting on working out the TV show - should have had it by now!

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.39.28

Beaming her way down the Prom this morning was Vix YOUNG, getting it done before the worst of the weather hit - we seem to be mentioning the weather a lot over the past few weeks! Another pair of weather beaters were Thelma and Louise, AKA Phillippa TOWNEND and Andrea WILSON who were united once again by their love of three things - 5k, coffee and egg rolls! With these three things, you can see how "Viva" Basin Road gets it's nickname.

Screenshot 2021-05-22 at 14.14.35

The resetting of the parkrun comeback date has led Annie DRYNAN to set two goals. The first is work on that parkrun time, but the second is to bring that colourful hair back to brighten up the Prom. Will it be the traditional pink or something even wilder? We'll just have to wait and find out, but above is her "before" photo after another top run!

Birthday wishes ahoy for James GREVESON HICKIE today whose choice of activity will make you go "OH MY GOD". James did a marathon for his birthday and it is something of a tradition for him. He ran from Brighton to Arundel but went well prepared with a birthday cake flavoured gel. Not a usual choice of flavour but it seemed to do the trick.

She's been laid low a bit this week after a COVID jab but getting some running done all the same. However, this does mean a tiny amendment to her nickname so lets hope that your recovery continues, Lou "DI-VAccinated" SMITH.

Our winner of the Helen BLOCK "in by the skin of your teeth" Award this week is Pilates doing, croissant munching Cath SWEBY, literally in as the cursor was poised over published. Let's hope for continued success on the rehab!

And if you haven't got the TV show yet - well the answer is at the end!



At the time of writing, 32 Hove Prommers had recorded 58 (not)parkruns (four more than last week in total!) There were 1 (not)parkrun PB (well done to Ruth - indicated in the name list with a *) and first timers this week. 

The historic total of this week's 32 runners was 1,932 (not)parkruns! 

No (not)milestones this week.

The total number of (not)parkruns recorded by Hove Prommers is 3,048 (not)parkruns.

This week's (not)parkrunners were:


So there we are. We have a few more weeks to wait for parkrun but it will be worth it. How did you get on with the TV show. Easy? When you consider how every run report begins, it shouldn't have been that hard. The choice of the title of the show is one that you should all be aware of - something that you have in your parkrun community. Because at the end of the day, after the 15 months we've been through, we hope you realise that we'll be there for you.

See you next week for your Bank Holiday report!

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