New Years Day!

We're back for New Years Day parkrun again!

10am start!

There are opportunities to 2 parkruns on New Years Day.

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Run Report Event No. 133 – 19th October 2013

Another week, another fantastic parkrun!

458 of you decided to join us on a not-particularly glorious day, which frankly, is incredible. Do you realise that your continued passion and support meant that we had the third largest attendance of any parkrun in the WORLD this week? That is quite special, and we’re incredibly humbled by all of you coming out to run with us.

A large chunk of that is due to the wonderful new people we seem to have every single week - and this week was no exception - 48 of you said “hello” for the first time this week. And we said “hello” back. Welcome to the family. Come again, bring a friend!

Next week would be a good time for friends... we're hosting our All Hallows Eve parkrun so they can dress up as something spooky! It's a good time for shy people to wear a mask and scare the running shorts off their buddies!

Of those of you that have been here before… wow! 81 personal bests! Brilliant running everyone! Amongst those we had notable bests from Ben HARTLEY - almost a year since he’s ran at Huddersfield, and this is only his second time here (his regular parkrun is the lovely Leeds parkrun). It’s always great to see someone make a huge PB on their return visit. Well done Ben.

Also well done to another visitor Alex RUTSON who got a PB at Huddersfield on his 7th try! Consistent runs for almost a year on every visit to Huddersfield from his regular Pontefract parkrun... but this time he smashed it! Great running Alex!

Well done to the 334 of you who managed to beat our bunny this week (pictured above) the amazing Andrew LAIRD BUNNY. He was a tough contender, being paced excellently by Jonathon SPENCER who managed to get a triple celebration this week by neating the bunny, smashing his personal best and earning his 10 t-shirt! ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!

There was also a 10 t-shirt earned by Philip MATHEW this week - well done Philip! We look forward to seeing both of you in your lovely white shirts soon!

On a slightly sad note… 19 of you forgot your barcodes this week :( We all do it at least once, but we URGE you to start carrying spares in your car, attached to your clothes, sellotaped to your face… or you can buy a fancy plastic one from the official supplier.

It’s particularly sad this week, because our two first finishers this week… forgot their barcode! That could have been a course record! It might have been the kind of times which Mo Farah would be proud of! We will never know. DONT FORGET YOUR BARCODES! #DFYB

Thankfully, third finisher remembered his. Martin SCHOFIELD will be happy too, because it was his course PB of 17:28, and his 112th run! He usually likes to share his time between Heaton and Oldham as well as travelling around a whole host of parkruns… but I’m sure he’s still proud of a course PB at Huddersfield!

Ladies, it seems, are much better at remembering their barcodes. First female finisher was Jacqui KHOUEIRY in 20:01, followed by Liz WOODFIELD with a huge PB of 20:43, and third finisher being Kirsty HENDERSON in 21:27. We’ve no idea what sort of rigourous training Holmfirth Harriers AC are putting their females though… but apparently it’s working! Well done all!

Bunny Buzz

First up this week is a lovely email we received from one of our young parkrunners, Niamh PURCELL - check this out:

i am soo sad that i cant come to the parkrun thiss week .
my readon is that i am off to winmarleigh hall fir the weekend .
i would love to join in next time but i cant :-(
i have alot of fun @ the parkrun and would like to day thank you for running this parkrun.
( running it as in being in charge if the whole thing )
as a result of doing this parkrun i am now slot fitter than i was 6 weeks ago!
thank you for your time
Niamh, age 10 I AM A PARKRUNNER YAY!!!!!!!

That’s a FABULOUS email! Thank you Niamh for taking the time to write. You were missed by your parkrun family, but the wonderful thing about parkrun is… we’re here every single week! We’ll always be here, so you can go off and enjoy your weekends elsewhere (even at other parkruns), and we will be here for you the following week!

Hope you had a fab time, and we hope to see you back soon!

We love hearing from you all throughout the week, so why not chat to us on Facebook, tweet with us @huddsparkrun or send us an email about your parkrun days and experiences - we look forward to it!

We Love Our Volunteers

Every single week there’s a bunch of you lovely people who decide to volunteer. It allows us to keep going, keep the runners running and helps us be one of the biggest, most welcoming, and AWESOME parkrun’s in the world. We’re incredibly lucky.

Please take a moment to thank this week’s Team Awesome:

Abi HOWARTH • Amanda CROZIER • Andrew PIGG • Becca SPAVIN • Becky BURDON • Bridget HUGHES • Caryn MAYS • Emily UNSWORTH • Glenn DAVIES • James BUTTERY • Jayne PURCELL • John CUFFE • John Frederick COTTAM • John PIPER • John RITCHIE • Jonny SPEIGHT • Karen ANDERSON • Katrina LESLIE • Katy STEWARD • Kevin BALL • Linda BREWIS • Lynda ANDERSON • Matthew Jack POTTER • Michael PENNINGTON • Michael WADDINGTON • Ralph BARKER • Ryan LEE • Sam HUDSON • Sam NORTH • Samantha DAVIES • Sarah COWDELL • Scott SMITH • Sheena MILLER • Simon BRASS • Simon THOMPSON

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

If you’ve never volunteered before, please consider it. We need a full roster every single week, and there will be something you can do. If you’d like to do something amazing, then please drop us a line and we can have a chat about roles. Thank you :)

Upcoming Events

Saturday 26th October - All Hallows Eve parkrun
Are you afraid of the things that go bump in the park? Make yourself spooky, or just prepare to be spooked as we enjoy Halloween in our special unique style. Witches, Ghosts, Warlocks, Zombies and Mummies more than welcome… or anything else you find TERRIFYING!

Saturday 9th November - Mob Run parkrun
A chance for our local running clubs and communities to shine! Who can bring the most club runners? Who has the quickest average runner? Who can make the most noise and cover our parkrun in their club colours? Bring your club vests, flags, banners and supporters… and let’s have a good old fashioned smackdown!

Wednesday 25th December (9am) - Christmas Day parkrun
Ho Ho Ho! Stop opening the presents! Put down the turkey! Get yourselves to the most festive parkrun of the year! There may be Christmas pudding!

Wednesday 1st January 2014 (10am) - New Years Day parkrun
Start the year with a BANG! A slightly later start time, so you can stay up until midnight to sing Auld Lang Syne and watch Big Bens Bongs… but then get yourselves down to the park to begin your new years resolutions in style! You are guaranteed a 2014 PB!

Every Thursday (6:30pm) - darkrun
Join us for an informal get together in the park. Freedom runs and the social side to running await! Please be aware that as the dark nights draw in, we will be running OUTSIDE of the park, so please meet by the top gates.

Now I need to go figure out what I’m wearing for Halloween! What can a bunny dress up as?

See you all on parkrun day! Stay spooky…
Stat Bunny x

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