Event 511 – 30th November 2019 by Darren Horton

Nice Cold, Ice Cold - Parkrun

When writing reports I try not go on about the weather – but for parkrunners it’s an important aspect. So, dismissing my intention again, I start with the weather. Did anyone else look outside and consider going back to bed? I’m always glad that I don’t and despite being ‘nithered’ we saw a beautifully scenic East Park. A couple of icy spots around the lake meant some could compete for Dancing On Ice but hopefully everyone finished without injury and took care avoiding those slippery patches.


449 of us weren’t fazed by the chill and well done sideline supporters too! We often forget to mention friends and family that attend for moral support, but it does make a difference. We had 17 first timers with six completing your first ever parkrun. Unfortunately Humber Bridge parkrun was cancelled again but you’re all very welcome and hopefully you will get your home parkrun back soon. We saw tourists from Rothwell, Leeds, Oldham & Derbyshire and welcome to all visitors, we hope to see you back soon.


Finishers & Milestones


Our leading ladies start with Georgina WESTON who finished in 19:03 gaining her 9th time as first finisher at Hull. Seconds behind was Jodie MARTIN in 19:08 on her 12th parkrun. Regular top ten finisher Sally BENTLEY was in third in 20:38 on her 22nd parkrun. For the gents, unfortunately the first male was an unbarcoded runner but you finished in an impressive time. In second place and on his first visit to Hull parkrun was Stuart SPENCER in 17:31 – Stuart was on his 16th parkrun and is usually at Peter Pan. In third place was Oliver BURNETT who finished in 17:44 on his 184th parkrun – impressively for junior runner Oliver he is now running at his best, seven minutes faster than in 2011.


We have a massive eleven official milestones to celebrate this week – which is a celebration for everyone when there’s lovely treats on the go afterwards.


In the white t-shirt corner with 10 Junior Parkruns was Ella SHAW-HALL finishing in a superb time; Riley & Caitlin WILKINSON have barely missed a parkrun since starting in September and celebrate their 10th event. Emily TAYLOR hit a shiny PB on her last parkrun and now takes home her white t-shirt. Well done all.


Over to the red corner celebrating 50 parkruns we start with the man with the finish zone treats, Phillip NORTON who has ran here since July 2017 can now claim his first milestone t-shirt. Stephen TICHOPAD hasn’t parkran since February but has ran all his 50 at Hull – welcome back Stephen and hopefully this milestone gives you the motivation to keep running.


Onto the black t-shirt corner and three first century celebrations. With 100 runs all at Hull is Angela DUNN, she has been running since July 2017 but hit her fastest time this year. John GILL has been parkrunning since 2016 and now claims the black 100 t-shirt having ran 88 of his at Hull. Kate BLAMIRES not only scores a new milestone but she also secured a new PB this week too – well done on both Kate!


And finally onto the green corner and a massive 250 parkrun milestone. Sue & Phil DAVIES have both been parkrunning together here since 2014 and of their 250, 184 have been at Hull. Where else have they been on their parkrun journey? 53 other locations in case you are wondering. Well done guys, your achievement is inspiring others to keep going.


Quick mentions also to Stephanie ANDERSON reaching 150 parkruns this week while Paul FEWLASS hit his double century of 200 parkruns. Well done everyone and keep on parkrunning.


Personal Bests


18 parkrunners relished the extra chill this week as they secured new personal bests. Well done to everyone who made this week’s parkrun, your best run – here are a few noteworthy successes;


Emma-Jayne BRACKSTONE completed her 49th parkrun in 21:59 with a new personal best in a patch of four during the past two months. Junior runner George BURNETT is also on a patch of PBs and scored his 6th since September by finishing his 148th parkrun in 21:38.


Matthew BAINBRIDGE was on his 56th parkrun with 32 of those at Hull. Not only has Matthew attained eight new PBs recently, he has reduced his finish time by almost eight minutes this year and in 26:37 this was his best anywhere time.


On his 38th parkrun was Peter ATKINSON and he went sub-30 minutes for the first time in October – he decreased his time again his week with another PB. John DICKENS finished in 28:16 which was his 3rd consecutive personal best on his 16th parkrun.


Kathryn BOOTYMAN-YATES visited Hull for the 2nd time on her 47th parkrun and secured a best anywhere parkrun time by finishing in 27:15. Pascal MARTINEZ PEREZ also managed a best anywhere parkrun time finishing in 22:15 on his 38th event.


And finally…regular volunteer Lucy BOWERS was on a PB mission and finishing in 45:29 she has now reduced her time by five minutes since starting parkrunning.


Event 510, 23rd November, by Liz Lamb

Raindrops keep falling
Do I even need to say it was wet? It was a Saturday morning, of course it was wet! However, in a change from the last couple of weeks we did start the event without our water feature on the back straight, instead we had a developing pond at the finish area. Undeterred though were 348 runners, joggers and walkers who braved the miserable conditions.
On a serious note about the wet conditions, as mentioned in the run briefing, if the lake on the back straight does make a return, please can everyone go through the puddle as we don’t want to contribute to the damage on the grass? We need and value the support of East Park management to be able to hold our wonderful event, please help us to help them and maintain our good relationship.
We welcomed 15 first timers to Hull and this included four people completing their first ever parkrun. We hope you enjoyed it and come back soon. I’d like to say it’s not always this wet…
Tourists this week included visitors from North Wales and Scarborough.
Our first finisher this week was Timmy DAVIES with an incredible time of 15:52 (which was also a PB), following him was Alec Ryan GIBSON in 17:07, then Oliver DONKIN in 17:57. First woman home was Rebecca Annalese WILKINSON in 20:10, next was Sophie LEE in 21:53 and then Vicky GODFREY with 22:15. Top on age grading was Steve MASON with 87.30%.
Our top juniors this week were Riley WILKINSON (JM10) with 24:42; Dallas JOPLING (JM11-14) in 21:30; Bella YOUNG (JW10) in 27:59 and Caitlin WILKINSON (JW11-14) 29:34 (this was also a new Pb or Caitlin). Congratulations to you all.
26 of you managed to bag new PB’s, extra special well done to you all given the horrible conditions.
A few eye catching ones – Joanne EGAN got a brilliant new PB of 23:45 on her 256 th parkrun. Joanne usually runs at Humber Bridge which was unfortunately called off due to the conditions. Denise MALTON was finishing her 6 th parkrun and got a new PB of 33:35. Emma WOODMANSEY scored a fabulous new PB of 30:00 on Saturday on her 15 th run.
Also getting a round number for their new PB was Alison PAYNE with 27:00.
Again well done all!
So, onto this week’s milestones.
For the juniors their first milestone is 10 adult runs. We had two this week, Max EMA and Charlie KOHLER. Well done and wear those white T shirts with pride.
On 100 was this week’s tail walker Mike SHARP.
Unofficial milestones were reached by David RUDD on 150 and Quintina DAVIES and Ian MELBOURNE on 200.
Of course as always the real heroes of Saturday morning were the volunteers. It was cold, wet and miserable but the volunteers never stopped smiling. Huge thanks to –

Adrian PARKER, Alan Stanley WILSON, Chris ASHMEAD, Claire ROBINSON, Darren HORTON, Dave MASKELL, David GINGELL, Diane MAWER, Eilish GLADWN, Elisabeth LAMB, Jez KAYE, John S Baker, Kalina MORRIS, Lisa HALL, Lucas MEAGOR, Marie PICKERSGILL, Mike SHARP, Nikki DUNLOP, Rob PARRITT, Steve CRONAN, Trevor ROSE, Vicky COE.
If you’ve never tried it please do give volunteering a go, it’s fun and easy and a great way to meet new people.
That’s it for this week. Will we ever again have a dry Hull parkrun? Join us next week to find out.


Event 509, 16 November 2019, by Keith Jackson

Return of the Permapuddle

Hull parkrunners of a certain vintage will no doubt remember the permapuddle. For those that don’t, a quick recap: the permapuddle lay just before the bridge and was in situ almost all year, whatever the weather. One day, someone decided to install a drain and flatten the tarmac, and bingo! The permapuddle was gone forever. Or so we thought….it seems to have returned with a vengeance a little further back on the course. Admittedly, permapuddle two has only been there for a couple of weeks now, but given the long term forecast we may be living with it for some time. 

I think East Park looks splendid with the trees turning their autumnal gold, but it seems as though we’ve had endless days and nights of howling wind and gushing rain of late, so the leaves have become a mushy pulp and the puddles are turning our beloved parkrun into an obstacle cource. I went straight through the big puddle twice and my feet still feel damp. Particular thanks to Kalina MORRIS for acting as lifeguard and ensuring we all passed safely.  

The rain held off, and the conditions certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of parkrunners, as precisely 500 turned up to run, jog or walk the two and a bit laps around the lake and animal enclosure for Hull parkun event number 509. We welcomed 27 first timers, including 13 people completing their first parkrun anywhere. Visitors this week included parkrunners from Chippenham, Cleethorpes, Huddersfield, Bolton and Temple Newsam. We also welcomed Dave CLARK who has ran his 26 parkruns at 19 different venues, and Tillie CLARK who has completed 95 parkruns at 61 different venues! Big congratulations to those who hit milestones this week. Josie GREEN and James EDEY both earned their white 10 t-shirt, whilst Pete THOMPSON, Tony PULLEN, Michelle FOSTER, Andrew SHANKS, Steve PLATTEN and Kerry FORRESTER all completed their 50th to earn a red t-shirt. Not only did Rebecca DAM finish her 100th parkrun, she also brought some delightful mini gingerbread men in 100 t-shirts and some Mars Bar Brownies to share after her run. Rebecca started parkrun in October 2015 and every parkrun she has completed has been at Hull, with a PB of 25:14. Well done Rebecca, and well done to all milestone achievers this week. No t-shirt for Carole MCMAHON, but a fantastic achievement of 350 parkruns.   

Lewis SUDDABY was first finisher this week in 17:38, the fourth time Lewis has finished first. Steve MASON and Lee James HAMMOND were second and third respectively. First female was Georgina WESTON in 18:19. This was Georgina’s ninth consecutive parkrun finishing as the first female.  Vicky GODFREY was second female, with Karen PARK third. 

Despite the less than perfect conditions, 48 people managed a PB. These included (in alphabetical order) Peter ATKINSON, who went under 30 minutes for the first time on his 35th parkun; Kate BLAMIRES, who has ran 80 of her 98 parkruns at Hull and beat her previous best from June 2018 by four seconds to finish in 24:52; Lucy BOWERS, who took over two and a half minutes off of a previous best; Jamie FOULDS, who has ran at Hull 40 times, and beat his previous best by 42 seconds; Claire JUGGINS, who went under 30 minutes for the first time and now has six PBs on the bounce; Rachel KEMP, who finished in 23:54 on her 37th Hull parkrun, and Gavin STUART who crossed the line in 23:32 in his 60th parkrun, 52 of which have been as East Park. 

The top age-graded percentages this week go to Steve MASON (89.16%) and Stella DINSDALE (84.12%)

Average run time at Hull is 28:48 – the exact time achieved by Pam GLADWIN this week. It was also Pam’s 350th time at Hull, and her 368th overall. 

You must surely know by now that parkrun relies on volunteers, and wouldn’t take place without them. The volunteer roster well into December is on the website, and there are plenty of gaps, so why not see if you can help to fill some of them? You get to see how parkrun operates from a different perspective and you’ll also make a huge difference: for example one more person scanning barcodes can help to reduce the queues significantly. Thanks to this week’s hi-viz heroes:

Sophie ALDUS, Michael BAGGOTT, John S BAKER, Victoria BANNISTER, Mark BANNISTER, Malcolm BELL, Carol BELL, Lucy BOWERS, Keith CONKERTON, Nikki DUNLOP, Beverley FAIRBURN, Billy FOX, Rebecca FOX, Hayden FOX, Mark FOX, David GINGELL, Iona GLADWIN, Sarah GREENLEY, Leanne HALL, Rachel HILTON, Darren HORTON, Keith JACKSON, Jez KAYE, Bob KILVINGTON, Diane MAWER, Kalina MORRIS, Adrian PARKER, Nell PEGG, Marie PICKERSGILL, Claire ROBINSON, David RUSSELL, Mike SHARP, John WALKER, Alan Stanley WILSON, Emily WIX

Have a good week, 



Event 508, 9 November 2019 – By Liz Lamb

parkrun, walk, jog or swim!


It’s safe to say that last week’s down pour had left its mark on our course, but our new water feature didn’t put 564 of you off on what was actually a beautiful albeit cold autumn morning.


We had an impressive 46 first timers joining us at Hull this week, with 16 of these taking part in their first ever parkrun anywhere. Honestly, snorkels aren’t usually required.


Of the 30 tourists joining us for the first time, Sharon SHILLITO was completing her 193rd run and her 52nd different event!


Unfortunately our neighbours at Peter Pan parkrun weren’t as fortunate as us and had to cancel their event, we hope anyone who rerouted to us enjoyed their Saturday morning on the east side.


Splashing home in first this week was Peter Pan regular Mark BISSELL in 17:50, followed by Lee James HAMMOND in 18:07 and then Martin SMITH in 18:12. First woman home was Sally BENTLEY in 20:01 with Ella SHAW HALL next in 20:59, then Carrie TREWERN in 21:00.


Top on age grading was Steve MASON with 87.85%. Steve has actually topped the age grading league at every event since #491, with the exception of #499 where Shirley OGLESBY knocked him into second spot (Shirley’s age grading that day is actually Hull’s record). I suspect his streak may go on longer, but frankly your intrepid run reporter got bored of checking! Well done Steve amazing achievement.


The cool conditions worked in the favour of 49 of you who got new PBs. All PBs deserve celebrating, but ones that stood out include John ESCRITT is another Peter Pan regular who joined us on Saturday and bagged a new PB of 21:53. Although it was only his fifth time at Hull, he was actually completing his 188th run in total.


Unlike John, Samantha GRAHAM has done all of her runs at Hull. Saturday was her 100th run, so not only does she bag herself a new T-shirt but also a new PB of 23:02.

Another Samantha, Samantha PAGE also got herself a new PB and went under 30 minutes (and 29) for the first time with 28:59. Well done!

JM10 runner Zachary SMITH also earnt himself a new PB with a fantastic 31:22. Well done Zachary.


On the milestone front this week we had Megan CHOWN (Megan also got a new PB of 23:11) and Keelee MCGOWAN earning their red 50 Ts.

In addition to Samantha GRAHAM, Bruce WOODFORD, Katie PRENDERGAST, Sarah PATTISON and Janette FOX also celebrated 100 runs.

James COOK celebrated the big 250. Of those 250 runs, 248 have been at Hull (the other two were at Sewerby if you were wondering). James’s time was nearly perfect for such a big occasion, 20:05, if only the five and zero were the other way around.

Not official T shirt milestones but very impressive tallies are Grzegorz SEMIK on 150 runs and doubly impressively John CROSBY on 300! John started his parkrun journey back in June 2012. 217 of his runs have been at Hull, and he has taken in 50 different parkruns in total, the most impressive being North Wollongong parkrun in Australia!


Well done all, we can’t wait to cheer you to the next milestone.


And now for the important bit, the volunteers. As Vicky said on Saturday it’s one thing volunteering on a warm sunny day but it takes real dedication to stand in a soggy park on a chilly autumn day so double thanks to this week’s band of merry volunteers.


Adrian PARKER  •  Alan Stanley WILSON  •  Bob KILVINGTON  •  Carol BELL  •  Chloe LAMB  •  Chris AYER  •  Clare VERITY  •  David RUSSELL  •  Diane MAWER  •  Elisabeth LAMB  •  Helen JOHNSON  •  Jed HOLDEN  •  Jenny ROSE  •  Jez KAYE  •  John S BAKER  •  Kalina MORRIS  •  Keith JACKSON  •  Leanne HALL  •  Lisa BENDELOW  •  Malcolm BELL  •  Marie PICKERSGILL  •  Mark GADIE  •  Nikki DUNLOP  •  Oliver KING  •  Rob PARRITT  •  Sarah GREENLEY  •  Stephen SHERIFF  •  Trevor ROSE  •  Vicky COE


If you fancy a go please let us know. It really is easy lots of fun.


So that’s it for last weekend, fingers crossed you’ll be able to leave the wet gear at home on Saturday.




Event 507, 2nd November 2019 – By Darren Horton

Who you gonna call? Park-runners!


Two days after Halloween our Saturday parkrun in East Park was far from a creepy eerie scene, we had a glorious crisp and sunny morning. And although half term breaks and of course a certain rugby match may have prevented a few from making it this week, 450 were present to walk, jog or run Hull Parkrun. 31 people attended Hull parkrun for the first time this week, and of those 15 were completing their first ever parkrun. Well done for completing your 5km, hopefully this was more of a treat than a trick and it is the start of an enjoyable parkrun journey.


With the main road into Hull closed this weekend I was happily surprised to see so many visitors in the results. Surely no broomsticks were used but maybe some wizardry was at force here! This week we saw tourists from London, Telford, Cumbria, Leeds, Sheffield, Middlesbrough & Edinburgh. Ruth & Simon HUNTER from Doncaster attended Hull parkrun for the first time and have each completed over 60 different events in a combined 361 parkruns. Meanwhile Mel, Penny & Emily TATTERSFIELD from Dewsbury were attending Hull for the first time – all three ladies are well over 100 parkruns each and are clocking up their tourist miles (Penny, a further note on your run later). Welcome to all visitors old and new, and we hope to see you back soon.


Finishers & Milestones


There were some devilishly fast finish times this week and leading the gents was Mike TANNER who completed his 59th parkrun in an amazing 15:45. This was Mike’s 10th visit to Hull and his 8th as a first finisher here. Impressively Mike holds the 6th fastest finish time at our event! Matthew SNOW was in 2nd place finishing in 17:30; on his 37th parkrun Matthew secured his best finish position on his 5th Hull parkrun. In 17:58 and 3rd this week was regular Hull parkrunner Steve MASON; Steve has completed 313 parkruns and has not dropped below the 85% age grade score since 2015.


The ladies were also bewitchingly fast this week and taking the top spot and impressive fourth overall place was Georgina WESTON in 17:59. Georgina averages about one visit to Hull parkrun per month and has now finished first seven times out of 12 visits (in a total 94 parkruns). Sophie THORNTON finished 2nd in 21:04 which was a new personal best out of her 13 parkruns here. In 3rd this week was regular top five finisher for the ladies, Katie SEDDON – Katie finished her 113th parkrun in 21:23.


Celebrating milestones this week were Junior parkrunner Travis GREEN who secured his white ‘10’ t-shirt on his 10th parkrun (6 of those here at Hull). We had three people celebrating the half century of parkruns and taking claim to that first senior milestone red ‘50’ t-shirt – Ian PROCTOR has been running here since 2015 and has ran all of his fifty at Hull; likewise Ray HUSSEY has completed his 50 parkruns at Hull since starting last year; and Louise ROUTE, who first ran at Hull parkrun in 2014. Well done on your 50th parkrun guys!


No t-shirt, but a celebration all the same – John LONG completed his 200th parkrun this week, with 144 of those here at Hull. John has been parkrunning since 2013 and that next official milestone won’t seem too far away now.


We didn’t have a run report last week so I thought it only right to mention the milestones from last week. Junior parkrunner Hayden FOX celebrated his 100th parkrun – this is always great to see from a junior but Hayden also plays his part in regularly helping with the post-event tasks. Chris KNEE secured his black ‘100’ t-shirt last week on his 100th parkrun having first attended in October 2010. Mike HINDLEY achieved an impressive 200, with 186 of his runs here at Hull. And we couldn’t miss out a mention to David RUSSELL who last week finished his 250th parkrun; David started parkrunning in 2010 and is a regular volunteer so rightly earned his new green ‘250’ t-shirt last week.


Well done to all milestone finishers last week and this week and here’s to the next 50…and more!


Personal Bests


There were a spook-tacular 34 parkrunners who secured new Personal Bests this week – no secret potions, just sheer hard work and determination. Well done to everyone who made this week’s parkrun, your best run – here are a few noteworthy successes:


Iona GLADWIN has been running at Hull since 2010 and on her 88th parkrun she secured a new PB! Finishing in 24:45, this was Iona’s first sub-25 minute parkrun. Also securing her first sub-25 minute parkrun was Sarah CARTER who finished in 24:53; this was Sarah’s 103rd parkrun (and 71st at Hull) and she beat her PB from two years ago. Well done ladies!


Showing that persistence pays…Sarah GREENLEY secured her 8th consecutive PB here at Hull. Now on her 236th parkrun Sarah finished this week in 25:56 which was her first sub-26 minute parkrun.


Julie WRIGHT finished in 31:52 on her 15th parkrun giving her a fourth consecutive PB and finishing over ten minutes faster than her first parkrun in January! Jenni RAWLINGS finished her 11th parkrun in 31:43 which is another fourth consecutive PB since she started parkrunning again. Ken STURDY finished his 35th parkrun (24 of those at Hull) in 26:07 which gave him a best anywhere PB. Keep going guys, you’re doing so well!


Jo & Rob MARSDEN were both on their 2nd visit to Hull parkrun, but both secured best anywhere finish times. Jo finished in 26:31 on her 40th parkrun while Rob finished in 28:25 on his 15th. You know you want to both get back to go one better!


And not forgetting my promise of a further mention to junior parkrunner Penny TATTERSFIELD who finished her 119th parkrun in 21:55. Although her first visit to Hull parkrun, this was her fastest ever finish time!



Parkrun can only happen with the support of the organisers and a troop of volunteers and this week 30 individuals gave their time and commitment. Don’t hesitate in thinking about volunteering, do give it a go occasionally to assist. This week’s hi-viz heroes who helped make parkrun possible and successful were;


Adrian PARKER  •  Bob KILVINGTON  •  Carol BELL  •  Chris AYER  •  Chris CHESTNEY  •  Claire ROBINSON  •  Darren HORTON  •  David GINGELL  •  David RUSSELL  •  Diane MAWER  •  Eilish GLADWIN  •  Iona GLADWIN  •  Jed HOLDEN  •  Jenny ROSE  •  John S BAKER  •  Kalina MORRIS  •  Keith CONKERTON  •  Leanne HALL  •  Lisa DOUGLAS  •  Lucy BOWERS  •  Malcolm BELL  •  Marie PICKERSGILL  •  Oliver KING  •  Peter ATKINSON  •  Rob PARRITT  •  Sam BROWN  •  Stephen SHERIFF  •  Sue CARTER  •  Trevor ROSE  •  Vicky COE


A quick reminder about personal property, coats etc…please remember to collect these as soon as you have completed parkrun. A small collection of items seems to be gathering in the boxes each week (including a random witch’s hat) and they cannot be kept in the hope that someone will re-claim them weeks later. So until next week when we do this all again, and remember, it’s always closer than it seems. P.S - the witch’s hat has been sent back to Hogwarts!



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