Hull parkrun is cancelled on 2021-01-23 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Tenth Anniversary, 4th April 2020 by the parkwriter.

 In The Beginning

25th April 2009
Albert parkrun, Middlesbrough, Event 48
Jane Spink 23:17
I suppose this is where it all really began. Encouraged by a work colleague, Jane discovered parkrun. She also discovered that it was more than a run in the park, embracing the post run cafe culture, which, of course included cake and chatter.

15th November 2009
Schools' Half Term
Sometime during the half term break, Jane related how much she enjoyed her Saturday mornings, parkrunning in Albert Park. Gill was impressed by the idea of a gentle, non-competitive 5K, followed by cake, especially as it's free.

November 2009
Sometime during the next week
ack in Hull, out came the laptop, parkrun was Googled. Huge disappointment, the nearest parkruns were either (the now) Woodhouse Moor in Leeds, or Albert Park, Middlesbrough ! No parkruns this side of the A1/ M1, south of the Tees (apart from Albert Park), north of London. Eastern England was a parkrun desert. Good news however is that we live quite near to a large park, (with a cafe). Gill began to wonder .... what if …….?

11th December 2009
East Park
Meet East Park Manager, Martin Coss at 2pm
Try explaining parkrun to someone who has never heard of it and you have never been to one. Gill had a good understanding of how parkrun operates, but never having experienced it first hand was a bit of a disadvantage.

I remember that part of the conversation went something like
Martin    “So you want to organise a 5k run in the park on Saturday morning?”
Gill          “Yes, that's right”
Martin     “How much is the entry fee going to be?”
Gill          “Nothing, it's going to be free”
Martin     “Which Saturday are you thinking of?”
Gill          “Every Saturday”
Martin      “Let me get this right ….. you want to organise a run every Saturday and it will be free?"
Gill          “Yes, that's right”
Martin     “What an amazing idea ! Just what we need here !
Are you insured …… have
you done a risk assessment?”

Martin's initial support and encouragement, was the vital spark, no stopping Gill now!
I was not so sure …..
it's all well and good in the well heeled, leafy suburbs of west London ..… but running round a park in east Hull at 9 o'clock on Saturday mornings … will it ever catch on?

19th March 2010
Meet Anita Alfonso at Hull Interchange 10:03
I recognised Anita immediately, she had a surveyors wheel in her hand, not many passengers
alighting from the London train had one. Anita was here to train the Hull parkrun volunteer team. Nine of us gathered at our house. Anita explained about, timers, scanners, finish tokens, fms systems, volunteer co-ordination, equipment, setting up the finish and myriad of other stuff. Then with surveyors' wheel at the ready, we headed off to East Park to establish and measure the course. Our ideas were soon binned and in no time at all Anita suggested and measured the course we are all familiar with. Everything done and dusted in around four hours. Then off to catch the London train, the whirlwind was over. A short pause to catch our breath, before Gill and I drove to Harrogate for a Chris Rea concert (gig?). He did not let us down. Strange that he comes from Middlesbrough and his Dad's shop was not far from Albert Park !

We still had not been to a parkrun and I still had my doubts. I could foresee a lot of hard work for a very limited outcome.

27th March 2010
East Park
Set up for the pilot Hull parkrun
I was volunteering at an LDWA challenge walk, so did not go to East Park. Can you imagine that?
Gill seemed happy that all was well …….
I was still far from convinced.

3rdApril 2010, Easter Saturday
East Park
Set up for Hull parkrun, Event 1.
Things seemed to go really well.
Nineteen runners turned up, supported by ten volunteers.
Gill, prompted by Jane, confidently explained something we had never attended, done or even seen, to a bunch of people who had no clear idea of what it was about. Everyone listened, no one complained and all seemed happy.
The gear lived in our garage. The tokens were easy to sort and we did not lose any.
Dave Gowans took some smashing photos, that helped us to
confirm the finishing order.
Finish t
imes were also recorded on a clip board, because we did not trust the technology. Even so the results took ages to process, because we did not fully understand the system, eventually entering the positions and times individually.
Appropriately Jane was the first lady to finish in 22:17.

We had, at last ……. been to a parkrun …….. and enjoyed every minute.
I still thought that it would never really catch on,
but dare not express my doubts .

We always recognise the value of the parkrun volunteers. No volunteers, no run. So with time on my hands I looked up the other eight original volunteers. Who do you remember from the days before purple t-shirts?

Joan Farey, volunteered 141 times together with 167 runs.
Dave Gowans, volunteered 137 times, 136 of them as photographer.
Pauline King, volunteered on 113 occasions
Denise Thomson, 111
Sue Wilkinson 81
Rae Hampson 52
Phil Caygill 42, timing 31 times.
Trevor Kerwin 4

Thank you




Event 527 – 14th March 2020, by Liz Lamb

Unimportant Important Things


So, before I get to the usual business of milestones, PBs and our immense thanks to our fabulous volunteers, let’s tackle the extraordinary times we are living through head on.


Last Saturday was our last parkrun for who knows how long. I have put off writing this run report all week because I haven’t had the heart to do it and as I imagine most of you are, I’ve been struggling with the current situation.


For me, of all the unimportant important things I’ve lost (temporarily) this week parkrun is the most important. Just over two years ago I turned up to my first one fully expecting it to be my last. Since then we have missed very few Saturdays and found our Sundays taken over by junior! I’ve said it before but it has genuinely changed the lives of myself, my husband, dad and little girl. We have gained a genuine love of running (one of those lost things, my first marathon), fitness, confidence and not just friends but family. parkrun isn’t just a run around a park, it’s a community and a safe haven to so many people, the coming weeks will be hard but let’s look out for each other and the wider community where we can. We will be back in the park on Saturday’s at 9, with our friends who are family, and when we are it will be all the sweeter.


In the interim though, PLEASE do not do a ‘freedom’ run in the park at 9 on Saturday mornings. Social distancing can genuinely save lives, do your bit and stay away. Not only are you potentially risking yourselves and others but you are also risking the good name of parkrun. homerun is the way forward, for the next few weeks anyway.


Anyway, now to the fun stuff...


The weather was frankly horrid last Saturday, a horrible cold rain met our 548 participants. We welcomed 30 first timers, including 16 completing parkrun for the first time. Do come back when we return.


First home was a very speedy Paul LYONS in 16:46 with a new PB; second was Oliver BURNETT in 17:00, again this was a new PB; third home was Aiden MOYLES in 17:05.

First woman home was Carole FEE in 20:37; followed by Sara ROOKYARD in 21:25 and then Vicky GODFREY in 21:58.

Well done all.


A brilliant 69 of you went into the hiatus with shiny new PB’s, eye catching ones were –

Samantha GRAHAM with a new PB of 22:13 on run 117.

Daniel FRANCE (who can often be found at Alderman Kneeshaw junior with a big foam hand) with a very impressive 24:25.

Junior runner Isabella HILL got an amazing PB of 25:07,

Andrew TWEDDELL was another 100+ runner (120) to score a PB, clocking 29:11.

Spike MORGAN has come on leaps and bounds, and got his first sub 30, of 29:38, well done Spike.

Well done to Gavin MARSHALL getting his 50 T this week.


A couple of 100 run achievers, well done to Amanda KENDRICK and John WALKER. Huge thanks to John as well for pacing this week, and for the encouragement he has provided to a lot of us along the way.


This week it also seems only fair to mention those ‘oh so nears’ who may have a bit of a wait to get to their milestones

49 – Katy WHITE and Heather PAYNE

99 – John Leslie MURPHY

249 – Claire TANG

498 – Trevor ROSE, he might be two off but Trevor is part of the backbone of Hull, we’ll celebrate all the more when you get there Trev!!


And the volunteers.

I know you’ve heard it a million times but our volunteers are awesome. Given the current situation we are even more grateful to those who gave their time on Saturday. The hugest of thanks to –


John S BAKER • Iona GLADWIN • Eilish GLADWIN • Dave PLAYFORTH • Diane MAWER • David WALMSLEY • Mark GADIE • Trevor ROSE • David RUSSELL • Jenny ROSE • Michael BAGGOTT • Alan Stanley WILSON • Graham HALL • Phil DAVIES • John WALKER • Sarah GREENLEY • Keith JACKSON • Vicky COE • Kalina MORRIS • Rebecca DAM • Anthea BAINES • Martin BELL • Marie PICKERSGILL • Danielle PINDER • Rebecca FOX • Hayden FOX • Mark FOX • Billy FOX • Beverley FAIRBURN • Leanne HALL • Elisabeth LAMB • Mike LAMB • Darren HORTON • Stuart SPENCER • Jez KAYE • Bob KILVINGTON • Chloe LAMB


I’d also like to extend my own thanks (and I’m sure you’ll all agree) to Vicky COE and the rest of the core team, parkrun isn’t just a Saturday morning’s work for them there are decisions to be made and jobs to be done throughout the week. Thank you for your commitment and dedication that makes our Saturdays possible.


So, that’s about it. Last finisher this week by the way was Mike LAMB (I told Chloe to go last!).


Keep running everyone (in a socially responsible way), and stay safe. We’ll get through this and be back before you know it, begging for volunteers.


Liz x


Celebrating #IWDparkrun


Well February has gone and March has arrived. The evenings are getting lighter, the temperatures a little milder, and thoughts turn to Spring rather than Winter.


It can’t have escaped your notice that globally, this weekends parkruns have been promoted in conjunction with International Women’s Day, which was on Sunday 8th March. Parkrun HQ – via the social media hashtags #IWDparkrun and #ThisGirlCan have been encouraging parkrunners to bring a female friend, colleague or family member to run, walk, jog or volunteer at a parkrun. So a big hand to Daisy MALTON, Natalie DAVIES, Julie DAWSON, Vicky HUNT, Katie FEE, Rachel WILCOCK, Chloe BUTLIN, Mariam SATI, Shana JALALI, Frisian DEL ROSARIO, Linda NEWMAN, Louise ROWE, Joanna MAUD, Jemma HOWARD, Elizabeth PARKINSON and Patricia BARKER who each proved #ThisGirlCan by making their parkrun debuts this weekend. Overall 45 people ran their first parkrun at Hull, who contributed to another great turnout of 651 for event number 526. We hope you had a great time at Hull. Visitors this week included runners from Scunthorpe and Boston.


Everyone was ably supported by a terrific group of hi-viz heroes:


Anthea BAINES, John S BAKER, Martin BELL, Vicky COE, Rebecca DAM, Phil DAVIES, Nikki DUNLOP, Beverley FAIRBURN, Billy FOX, Hayden FOX, Mark FOX, Rebecca FOX, Iona GLADWIN, Jack GROVES, Graham HALL, Megan HATFIELD, Darren HORTON, Keith JACKSON, Helen JOHNSON, Jez KAYE, Bob KILVINGTON, Chloe LAMB, Brenda MACLEOD, Diane MAWER, Kalina MORRIS, Rich NORTH, Marie PICKERSGILL, Claire ROBINSON, Jenny ROSE, Trevor ROSE, David RUSSELL, Stephen SHERIFF, David WALMSLEY SENIOR, Alan Stanley WILSON, and Emily WIX.


As usual, we’re always on the lookout for volunteers, it’s a great way to experience parkrun from a different perspective, and there are many roles for everyone. If you fancy giving it a go, email , we’d love to hear from you. The roster for the next few weeks is up on the website, so have a look and see if there are any gaps you could fill.


We had a few people achieving milestones this week: Darren HORTON reached 50 parkruns, 38 of which have been at Hull. Darren’s debut was in May 2018, and he recorded his PB of 20:28 the following month. Darren’s tourist runs stretch beyond Sewerby and Beverley Westwood – he’s completed parkruns in Germany, Singapore and New Zealand, along with undertaking 39 volunteer roles. Darren often runs with nephew Charlie KOHLER (who managed a PB this week). Others who completed their 50th this week were Richard GOULD who has ran 43 times at Hull, with a best ever time of 22:07 on his first ever run in May 2014. Jennifer ROSS has ran 31 of her 50 parkruns at Hull and has a PB of 24:48 which occurred on Christmas Day last year. Jennifer began parkrunning in December 2018 and has also ran at Humber Bridge and Peter Pan. Any BREWSTER started parkrun in March 2017 and recorded her PB of 22:51 last April. Along with running at Hull, Amy has finished parkruns at Humber Bridge, Peter Pan and Kingsbury Water. Enjoy your red t-shirts!


Rohan BUCKLEY earns a black 100 t-shirt – 74 of Rohan’s runs has been at Hull with a PB of 25:50 set in September last year. Rohan began parkrun in July 2017, and has visited Lincoln, Inverness, Exeter Riverside and Lowestoft in that time. MEGAN SMITH marked her 100th run with a first ever visit to Hull. She most often runs at Scunthorpe, but has completed parkruns at 20 different venues, including Crissy Fields in San Francisco. Well done also to Poppy TURNER who started her parkrun journey in April 2018 and now becomes the latest junior to earn a white t-shirt.


So onto this week’s event: all of the results are on the website, but as parkrun was all about women this weekend, it’s only right that should be the focus of this report. So the first female was Demi LIDSTER in 22nd place overall with an excellent PB of 19:41, followed by Vicky GODFREY in 47th place overall in 21:45, followed by Sara ROOKYARD in 52nd overall with a time of 22:12. For the men, first was Oliver BURNETT in 17:03 (also a PB), followed by Mark BISSELL in 17:22 and Rob NEWTON in 17:28.


Overall there was a huge 96 PB’s this week. Some of those that caught my eye include Anita Mary GROVES, who finished in 28:49 on her 197th parkrun, beating her best time set all the way back in May 2013; Elisabeth LAMB, who marked her 83rd parkrun by finishing in 27:31, taking seven seconds off of her previous best time set in September 2018; Beverley FAIRBURN who took an impressive 40 seconds off of her previous best time, finishing in 25:22; Michelle SMELT who marked her return to Hull with a PB of 28:22; Claire JUGGINS, who has managed a PB on each of her last seven runs at Hull; Sue Drake, who in her 92nd parkrun took a second off her previous PB which has stood since October 2016; youngster Faith GRAHAM, who finished in under 30 minutes for the first time, as did Sarah STUBBINS, Jo INGHAM and Katy BROUGH; Sarah NUTBROWN finished in under 35 minutes for the first time; Angela RUSH improved by exactly 2 minutes to finish on 35:40, and Alison NORTH has had nine consecutive PBs at Hull; Excellent work everyone!


Well that just about wraps this week’s International Women’s Day themed parkrun. It was great to see some of our regular female parkrunners in their promotional t-shirts, and before anyone asks, there *is* an International Men’s Day; it takes place annually on November 19th.


Have a good week,

Keith Jackson


Event 525, 29th February 2020 – By Keith Jackson

Leaping into Spring


In last week’s run report, Darren concluded by commenting on the rarity of having five parkruns in a February, an event not to be repeated until 2048. Thanks to this year being a leap year, for the first time in parkrun history there were five Saturdays in February, so well done to everyone who participated in a parkrun on all five days. Our 9th parkrun of the year attracted 563 runners, joggers and walkers to a very wet and blustery East Park for event number 525.


Despite the volunteer roster looking a bit sparse early in the week, a terrific 35 people put themselves forward to be a hi-viz hero this week, so many thanks to:-


Alan Stanley WILSON, Anthea BAINES, Beverley FAIRBURN, Billy FOX , Bob KILVINGTON,  Brenda MACLEOD , Claire ROBINSON, David RUDD, David RUSSELL,  Diane MAWER, Eilish GLADWIN, Graham HALL , Hayden FOX , Iona GLADWIN, Jenny ROSE , Jez KAYE, John S BAKER, Kalina MORRIS , Keith CONKERTON,  Keith JACKSON, Lisa DOUGLAS, Lucy BOWERS, Marie PICKERSGILL ,Mark FOX , Martin BELL , Michael BAGGOTT, Peter ATKINSON, Phil DAVIES, Phil HARLAND, Rebecca FOX, Richard MACLEOD, Sue CARTER, Tony BURGIN, Trevor ROSE and Vicky COE.


We’re always on the lookout for volunteers, it’s a great way to experience parkrun from a different perspective, and there are many roles for everyone. If you fancy giving it a go, email , we’d love to hear from you. The roster for the next few weeks is up on the website, so have a look and see if there are any gaps you could fill.


This week, we welcomed 36 first timers to Hull parkrun, including 15 who took part in their first ever parkun. It’s always good to welcome tourists, and this week visitors came from far and wide: Pegwell Bay in Sussex, Middlesbrough, Coventry, and a fair few who usually run at Beverley Westwood.


You have to go a fair way back for when some of this week’s milestone achievers made their debuts: Craig HUSSEY completed his 100th parkrun having started way back in March 2012, but it’s taken Lisa COLES just over two years to reach 100. There were plenty of people who completed their 50th parkrun this week, so a big hand to Ben ELLIOT, Gavin BRICKLEBANK, Rachel KEMP, Darren SPENCE, Laura BARTON, and Ann DRURY. Carolyn BARTON also completed her 50th, having started parkrun way back in May 2014. In that five and a bit years, Carolyn has also undertaken a phenomenal 133 volunteer roles. And you know what? She even got a PB! Fantastic work Carolyn. Stephen SHERIFF completed his first parkrun in October 2018 and has now reached 50. Stephen has ran 41 times at Hull, and has also made a pilgrimage to Bushy. He has also undertaken an incredible 153 volunteer roles at both parkrun and junior parkrun the time of writing, and when not running, he’s often found cheering on the other participants often with granddaughter Chloe. Well done Stephen! Congratulations also to Freddie MOORE on completing his 10th parkrun, and Carrie Ann MURPHY on her 400th.


First over the finish line this week was Paul LYONS in 17:03, followed by Oliver ROBINSON and Ashley CRAWFORD. Paul and Oliver also managed a PB. First lady was Georgina WESTON in 18:37, with Demi LIDSTER and Tessa CONDON second and third female. Steve MASON was top age graded percentage scorer with 88.66%.


The bad conditions didn’t stop 51 people achieving a PB. Well done everyone! A few that caught my eye included Louise SMITH on her 79th Hull parkrun (128th overall) who finished in 22:13; Peter ATKINSON who finished in 28:38 on his 42nd Hull parkrun; Jacqui LINWOOD who improved by almost a minute and has managed four PBs in her last five runs; Faye JOHNSON who finished her fifth parkrun in 36:46 and has achieved a PB each week; Amanda LAWSON who bettered her previous best by two minutes and finished in 38:42; and Paul STANTON who finished in 28:37 and has bagged a PB in each of his six parkruns at Hull.


Storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge have caused havoc with parkrun February, with cancellations up and down the country, so here’s hoping for a more settled and drier March.


Have a good week,

Keith Jackson


Event 524, 22nd February 2020 – By Darren Horton

Storming out of the blocks


What a February we have had with gales, torrential rain and what seems like never-ending storms (even naming them doesn’t make them any friendlier). February 2020 parkrun number four out of five arrived, and so did the wind. Our parkrun has been lucky compared to many around the UK and despite lots of bad weather we’ve avoided any cancellations. Still over the 600-attendee mark, with 603 of us turning up to run, jog or walk the two and a bit laps in East Park this week. 29 attended Hull parkrun for the first time this week with 13 brave new parkrunners finding out what drives us all out of bed on a Saturday morning (no storm can keep us away).


Lots of tourists again this week with visitors from Scunthorpe, Goole, Pontefract, York, Middlesbrough, Coventry, Cheadle Hulme & Somerset. Special tourist mentions for three first-time visitors starting with Dave CHAPMAN from Nottingham on his 217th parkrun and now on 115 different parkrun events. Kirstin FARQUHAR & Paul BRENNAN, both from County Durham have 681 events between them and have both attended just over 100 different parkrun events each. Welcome to all tourists far and wide – we hope to see you back soon!


Finishers & Milestones


A close finish for the men this week with only nine seconds between the top six places. In first on his 9th time as a first finisher was Lewis SUDDABY in 17:43. One second behind was Mark BISSELL in 17:44 on his 87th parkrun but first at Hull this year. Regular top five finisher Oliver BURNETT finished third in 17:47 on his 189th parkrun.


For the ladies Ella SHAW HALL attained her first parkrun as a first finisher in 20:19, giving this Junior 15-17 runner a new PB on her 11th parkrun. A great achievement Ella! Demi LIDSTER was in second place in 20:46 and on her first visit to Hull. On her 69th parkrun, Carole FEE took third place in 21:06 and is becoming a regular top five female when she attends Hull.


Our milestones this week start with Jaroslaw BOCH who ran his 50th parkrun; having been parkrunning since 2017 he has notched up 46 of those at Hull. Kathryn BOOTYMAN-YATES has ran her last five parkruns at Hull but the majority of hers are from Rothwell – she also completed the first big milestone this week at 50.


Eunice JORNA has ran 96 of her 100 parkruns at Hull and after starting in 2017 she now secures that new black milestone t-shirt. As does Suzana ELEZI who has ran a quarter of her runs at Peter Pan but the bulk at Hull finishing her first century this week.


Two gents finished their 300th parkrun this week. First up is William HEASTY who has been parkrunning since 2013 and has ran 296 at Hull. Running at Hull since 2011, David BUTT also completed his 300 this week with 268 at Hull and 23 different UK parkrun events. Well done to all our milestone finishers this week, may you continue to enjoy everything about parkrun.


Personal Bests


53 of you achieved a new personal best on Saturday, which given the occasional gusty wind around the park is a massive success for you all. Here are a few noteworthy successes starting with parkrunners who got a sub-milestone time for the first time;


Beth DEARING ran her 93rd parkrun this week with 81 at Hull, she finished in 24:35 which was sub-25 minutes for the first time. Lindsey SALE finished in 24:26 on her 24th Hull parkrun, making this her first sub-25 minute event and her 3rd PB of 2020. Finishing in 27:32 was Julie BOSWELL on her 21st Hull parkrun giving her a new PB and a first sub-28 minute finish. Sarah HAMMOND completed her first sub-30 minute parkrun this week, finishing her 19th event in 29:46. Well done ladies!


Finishing in 22:18 and attaining her 3rd PB of 2020 was Samantha GRAHAM on her 114th parkrun (all of which have been at Hull). Junior runner Spike MORGAN ran his 72nd parkrun this week and secured his fourth PB of 2020 by finishing in 30:45.


Junior runner John DICKENS finished in 26:06 on his 20th parkrun and is now over eight minutes faster than when starting back in May 2019. Angela WILSON ran her 26th parkrun and beat her previous PB from three years ago by finishing in 41:52.


Christopher SCOTT finished in 22:45 with his third consecutive PB on his 41st parkrun.  Jacqui LINWOOD notched up her 4th personal best of the year finishing her 20th parkrun in 31:27. Running between Hull & Beverley parkruns, Victoria HOLTBY ran her first sub-30 minute parkrun anywhere this week by finishing in 29:33.


Finally a mention to Emma WOODMANSEY who finished her 26th parkrun in 29:36 and another nice PB. Also Sean McLEAN has now reached a best anywhere time of 28:36 on his 20th parkrun.




There’s been lots of new volunteers supporting parkrun recently which is great to see and what a difference marshal support makes to runners. The volunteer rota could definitely do with some support in the coming few weeks so please take a turn if you haven’t given this a go for some time…or at all. Parkrun only happens when we all pull together. This week was made possible and successful by 35 hi-viz heroes;


Alan Stanley WILSON  •  Anthea BAINES  •  Barry COOPER  •  Beverley FAIRBURN  •  Billy FOX  •  Bob KILVINGTON  •  Brenda MACLEOD  •  Chloe LAMB  •  Claire ROBINSON  •  Danielle PINDER  •  Darren HORTON  •  David RUSSELL  •  Diane MAWER  •  Eilish GLADWIN  •  Elisabeth LAMB  •  Hayden FOX  •  Jacqueline PEEL  •  Jed HOLDEN  •  Jenny ROSE  •  Jez KAYE  •  John S BAKER  •  Kalina MORRIS  •  Keith JACKSON  •  Leanne HALL  •  Luke HARBORD  •  Marie PICKERSGILL  •  Mark FOX  •  Mike LAMB  •  Rebecca FOX  •  Richard MACLEOD  •  Sarah GREENLEY  •  Stephen SHERIFF  •  Stuart SPENCER  •  Trevor ROSE  •  Vicky COE


As another month ends next week, we have the fifth parkrun in February next Saturday; a niche not to be repeated again until 2048! Hopefully those looking to achieve this goal will be there and so until next week when we do this all again, keep active and remember, parkrun is always closer than it seems!




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