Humber Bridge parkrun is cancelled on 2021-05-08 – COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Event #301


To begin this week's parkrun report, I would like to urge you to share the hell out of our FB post, regarding Jane Gibson being missing. Jane went missing last Sunday, 8th March.

Jane has completed all of her 138 parkruns with us and has volunteered on numerous occasions also. If everyone could share the post, in the hope that she turns up safe and well, I would be highly appreciative. As, I am sure, her family and friends would be too.

Again, I had been regularly visiting the County Park throughout the week due to the water levels rising inside, but it was obviously fine for us to go ahead as planned, on the (what is now affectionately being called) Dinosaur route.

In an unusual turn of events, we had no visitors and no first ever parkrunners either this week. This may be due to something happening, but we are not quite sure.

So, with the slightly tweaked starting area and the same finish funnel as our 300th parkrun, we were still spoilt with a fare few of you yesterday. To be honest, more than I thought who would turn up.

One thing to bare in mind, is the FB page 'Friends who like Humber Bridge parkrun', where you can catch up, converse and share things with other Humber Bridge parkrunners, especially if the inevitable occurs and all mass participation events have to be cancelled. You’ll need something to keep you busy after all.

I myself am finally close to my 100th parkrun, getting there after 6 years & this may halt my progress, just like the rest of you.

As I stated in the pre parkrun briefing; we have had to purchase a new set of tokens, at the cost to the parkrun of £40. I think that the kind donations we have received, could be spent on far better things if people just stopped taking them home.

Anyway, everyone behaved this week. There were no collisions, all the tokens came back, all children stayed with an adult, everyone heeded the advice not to walk into slower parkrunners, who were still running once you were leaving and no-one spoke in the pre parkrun announcements. Not once.

For future reference, the steep steps coming down into the Country Park are going to be blocked off from Monday 16th March for approximately 3 weeks, so access to these will be prohibited. However, the entrance where the Windmill is on Hessle Foreshore is reopening, but the car park isn't yet.

Hope to see you all next week.


now for the stats !!

This week we had a bigger than expected field of 112 participants, all equally welcome of course! :)  we welcomed 5 first timers to our glorious little park, we hope ( all things permitting) to see you all again soon.

We are as always, very grateful to our wonderful volunteers who make sure that the event goes without a hitch, this week we are thankful for : David CARBERT • Geoffrey COOPLAND • Glen HARTLEY • Helen PENN • Jamie PENN • Ken BROWN • Lisa HINCHLIFFE • Matthew FISHER-GILL • Patrick WALKER • Pete KIRK • Phil BROADLEY • Rachael BENSON • Sally FISHER • Shelley DUNN • Sophie PENN • Steve WRAY • Susan ELDER • Victoria RIDDIOUGH

We do always need people to offer their time and fill all the vital roles, please see our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen. You'll enjoy it or your money back!!

We had some milestones to celebrate this week with both Mary PRATT and Charlotte BIRCH completing their 50th parkruns :D . Mary has completed all 50 at Humber Bridge parkrun while Charlotte started her parkrun journey with us before heading to Australia via Dalby Forest before heading home again!  Congratulations Ladies!.

Also worthy of a mention is Tania Cream, who completed her 150th parkrun this week, although not an official milestone, it's still a huge achievement, well done Tania :)

7 of you recorded new personal best times, congratulations to : Ben TROOPGraeme DIXONChantal CABLESam SALVIDGE ,Owynn BAKERShirley LITTLEFAIR and  John LITTLEFAIR great work everyone.

Good to see so many of you in action at the Dalton Dash today too, some great results :) don't forget to let us know when you're taking on new challenges, we love to see how you're all doing.

That's all for now folks, have a great week and we'll (hopefully) see you Saturday!

Helen .



Event #300 The return of the inclines!

After weeks and weeks of preparing, keeping in contact with East Riding Council and regular checks on the Humber Bridge Country Park, we finally returned yesterday.

It was our 300th parkrun and the 'Return of the Inclines'. Usually in times like these, we tend to revert to asking people to dress up and perhaps a certain Holy member of our congregation decides to make an appearance.
This time however, I wanted it to be different. I want as many parkrunners as possible to be able to have a momento of this event. Therefore I decided to make the decision to ask people their opinions for a t-shirt design. We offered parkrunners the chance to join a group on Facebook, called 'Friends who like Humber Bridge parkrun'. Everyone who joined had a say what the technical t-shirt was going to look like. And even though we had a couple of molehills to contend with, we eventually found the design that we would choose. I think that everyone looked amazing in their commemorative memento, and it can be worn again and again. It made me feel so proud that so many people decided to chose and join in with the festivities, and the group photographs were a brilliant sight.

The milestone event wouldn't even be taking place yet, if it wasn't for my wife and fellow event director, Helen Penn. She painstakingly rewrote risk assessments and had to figuratively jump through hoops, in order for us to have the temporary parkrun on the foreshore.

I know her well (obviously), so I knew her tenacity. I also knew, that a little bit of flooding wouldn't put her off trying to get our parkrun going again. She already puts so much time into this event, but to come up with another route and for everyone to agree to it, shows us another example of how determined she is for our home parkrunners and visitors to still have a parkrun to come to.

Was it cold, wet, windy and horrible in the storms? Yes, it freaking well was, but the event still went ahead, and you still came..........

That course saw us over Christmas and New Year and the path is now closed for a year to be repaired. Some would say it was fate that we can now return inside of the Country Park. Well fate had other ideas, by sending us three stroms in three weeks for the Country Park to contend with. The water from previous flooding had completely dried up, but those three storms have now made it worse again. And although we ran through deeper water on our last parkrun before having to relocate, it was decided the day before our 300th parkrun that we really needed an alternative or an alteration, rather than running/walking through ankle deep water. We felt that for any brand new parkrunners, it may put them off from coming again to our fantastic parkrun with such a friendly and welcoming contingent.

Therefore myself and Ken Brown visited the Country Park on Friday and eventually came up with the amendment to the course, so we could go ahead and not run through the water. Another bonus is that the route now looks like a Dinosaur. Stay tuned in June for Jurassic parkrun.

I am so overwhelmed by a few things.
Firstly that the amendments actually worked, almost everything went smoothly and we've had so much good feedback about it from you all (yes, the start line will be moved for next week).
Secondly, the happiness on everyone's faces due to us returning home, inside the Country Park. The atmosphere was the best I've felt in any of the 300 parkruns we've held & I'm still buzzing from it.
Thirdly, that both of our children have been with us through all of our parkrun experiences. Yes, on occasion they have moaned about getting up early on a Saturday morning, but when they get there, they go on automatic pilot and just get on with whatever we have asked them to do. With my big mouth and Helen organising things, sometimes I feel they get forgotten about and they are just as vital as any other member of our great team. You have also seen them grow over the past 6 years too.
And finally, both myself and Helen were totally overwhelmed and emotional that some of our parkrunners had put together and purchased official parkrun t-shirts with 'Humber Bridge founder' on them. We will never forget this show of benevolence and it has truly touched us to receive them. My emotions almost got the better of me during my announcements and I am still over the moon with this altruistic gesture.

We can't wait to see you again next week. The amendment will remain until the water disappears. Stay tuned to social media and our website for any updates.

I love being a part of the amazing community family we have at Humber Bridge parkrun, you're all awesome.


We shared our fantastic morning with 215 fellow parkrunners, including 31 first timers to our course, 6 of you taking part in your first ever parkrun ( extra well done to you!) and visitors from Oxford, Luton, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Bradford. We hope you enjoyed your run with us and we'd love to see you again.

None of this would be possible without our amazing team of volunteers who this week comprised of : Ali CARTER  •  Andrew PENN  •  Brian LONG  •  Dave BRAITHWAITE  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Glen HARTLEY  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  Kate DAVEY  •  Kim MCBIRNIE  •  Mark WATERSON  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Melvyn MARRIOTT  •  Nicholas KIRTON  •  Pete KIRK  •  Sean ROUSE  •  Sophie PENN  •  Susan ELDER  •  Valerie SPRAGUE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH.

Thank you all so much :)

We do really need your help over the next few weeks though to keep the roster full, it's currently looking very empty!    Even if you've never done it before, why not give it a try? it's not too scary we promise!  Please see our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen.

5 of you recorded new personal best times this week, congratulations to : Simon STAPLEYSusan BEASLEYSarah FINCHGrace MCCLANE and Shirley LITTLEFAIR great work all of you :D

We had milestones to celebrate too with Roderick RUIZ and Ced FRANCIS reaching their 50th parkruns, Ali CARTER aka detour cone completed her 200th parkrun while someone named Helen PENN completed her 300th parkrun :D

That's all for now folks, see you next week for more of the same !



Event #299

Humber Bridge parkrun

Event number 299

29th February 2020

This week 177 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 38 were first timers and 21 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 23 different clubs took part and also tourists from Derby, Norwich, Scunthorpe and Wilmslow.

A big shout out to Linda Winstanley, Shirley Littlefair and Martyn Pearson who chose a very wet and windy day to commence their parkrun journey! Also Sian Reis, who came back for her second parkrun.

I visited Humber Bridge as a tourist although I'm originally off Hessle Road in Hull!

My parkrun journey started in June last year at Sheffield Castle and I was bitten by the bug! I gave myself the challenge of completing each of the UK letters of the alphabet (no X or Z) but in different counties! To make it that bit harder I decided not to do any parkruns within a 20 mile radius of my home one. Today was my final day! I deliberately saved Humber Bridge and East Yorkshire for last (that's why I was wearing the flag as a cape!). A great briefing by the RD and amazing smiles from the volunteers.

After travelling 5316 miles mostly by public transport, I've memories to last a lifetime. I have had the most wonderful time visiting parkruns from Edinburgh to Finsbury Park and Millom to Queen's in Belfast. Every single parkrun is different but retains the ethos at each one. I would recommend touristing to everyone. Touristing volunteering is just as much fun as I found out when I was back-up time keeper here in December. Your tail walker today, Will Greenwood, is also a tourist and trying to complete his Yorkshire Regionnaire!

Don't forget that Humber Bridge celebrates it's 300th parkrun next Saturday back in its old location.

The event was made possible by 18 volunteers:

Joanne EGAN • Louise BURNETT • Mike EGAN • Terence William PARKER • Adrian PARKER • Helen PENN • Sophie PENN • Jamie PENN • Will GREENWOOD • Pete KIRK • Victoria RIDDIOUGH • Nick LARKE • Phil BROADLEY • Anna GREENWOOD • Dave MONAGHAN • Matthew FISHER-GILL • Piper LARKE • Debra CASSAR

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Humber Bridge parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Kris LECHER who recorded a time of 15:40 on 2nd June 2018 (event number 210).

The female record is held by Charlotte WARD who recorded a time of 18:42 on 22nd December 2018 (event number 239).

The Age Grade course record is held by Jane Ruth MORLEY who recorded 87.19% (22:54) on 19th December 2015 (event number 80).

Humber Bridge parkrun started on 7th June 2014. Since then 7,023 participants have completed 38,936 parkruns covering a total distance of 194,680 km, including 6,782 new Personal Bests. A total of 474 individuals have volunteered 4,281 times.


Event #298

Mother nature does love to set us a challenge, this week was no exception, it's almost as if she knows our time here is almost up and so she's thoroughly upped the ante!!

Goodness knows what's in store for next week??

A huge thank you to this week's volunteers who were amazing for keeping the event going in the gale force conditions with minimal kit ( most of it has been destroyed by the wind :D )  you're all superstars.....Andrew PENN • Bethany DAVIES • Dave MONAGHAN • Glen HARTLEY • Helen PENN • Helen PHILLIPS • Jamie PENN • Jayne Elizabeth CUTTILL • Ken BROWN • Kevin PENNY • Mike EGAN • Patrick WALKER • Pete KIRK • Sally FISHER • Sarah MOOK • Tim SAVAGE • Victoria RIDDIOUGH

The next few weeks on the volunteer roster are looking a little bit empty, so if you fancy a turn at getting this show on the road please see our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen.

127 of you joined us for our pennultimate ( see what I did there? ) event, 17 of whom were first time visitors to our parkrun coming from Manchester, Doncaster, St Albans ,Sussex, Grantham and South Wales. Two of you were taking part in your first parkrun ever, congratulations ! we hope it's the first of many : )

Well done to those of you who took part in the events this weekend, there were a lot of you at Snake Lane 10 and the run your heart out 10k in Scunthorpe, do let us know how you got on.

We had a volunteer milestone this week, well done to Ken Brown who is a regular runner but has still notched up 25 volunteer stints, thank you very much fr your time Ken :)

Incredibly, 12 of you recorded new personal best times this weekend!! I'm guessing these times were probably helped out on the way back :D  congratulations to : Eddy WOLVERSONGary SMITHCari HAKESZoe EVANSJane WILCOCKPhoebe GRIMBLEBY,Elizabeth GROVES,  Sam SALVIDGEGary NEVEIan KAVANAGHMandy NEVE and Neil BARTLETT. Fantastic work all of you!

So, it goes without saying ( although I will)  that as next week is our last time on the foreshore and the last time anyone will be able to use it for a while due to the railway repairs... we'd love a big turnout to bid a fond farewell to our alternative route. Don't forget as well that as it's leap year day it's the first chance ever to complete a leap day parkrun ( will we get a parkrun proposal??? )

We return to the Country park on March 7th whoopee!!  huge thanks to the team who look after the country park for all the hard work they've put in to get the flood damage cleared up. We have been given the green light to return but please, please, please... listen carefully to the pre run briefing ( as you always do) as we have been asked to modify the route and KEEP OFF THE GRASS!! but more on that to follow....

Have a great week everyone, we're looking forward to Saturday already :D






Event #297

Another weekend, another visiting storm, this week storm Dennis paid us a visit, thankfully we missed the worst of the wind but did get spoiled by a bit of rain.The effects of the recent storms and high tides were much in evidence as there was quite a bit of debris on our start area which had been washed up from the river. Thank you to everyone who helped clear the worst of it, your help was much appreciated.

A big thank you as well to the hardy volunteers who once again braved the elements to ensure the run went ahead smoothly : Adrian PARKER • Andrew PENN • Dave MONAGHAN • Debbie BONNER • Garry BURNETT • Helen PENN • Kate DAVEY • Ken BROWN • Louise BURNETT • Matthew FISHER-GILL • Pete KIRK • Sophie PENN • Susan ELDER • Terrie BIXBY • Valerie SPRAGUE • Victoria RIDDIOUGH you're all superstars :D

This week we hosted 124 participants, we had 17 first timers including visitors from London, Leeds, Sheffield, Scunthorpe and Kettering. We hope you enjoyed your run with us and we'd love to see you again soon.

We had two milestones to celebrate this week, John DEVANEY completed his 50th parkrun and Paul WILLIAMS completed his 100th. Congratulations chaps, great work.

11 of new managed new personal best times - Ashley BEASLEYDave CARTLICHJulie DONALDJoshua TOWNSONJennifer SMITHGlenn MAYCOCKLisa CRAVEN-JONESAlexis WARRENAsh JONESHelen WARREN and Deborah MAYCOCK. Great work everyone :D

Don't forget that we've only got two more runs on our alternative route before we head home to the country park so grab your chance to experience the wolds way path before it closes for the rest of the year.!

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to volunteer for next weekend, our roster is already full.... a record surely :D

Have a great week everyone, we'll see you soon.


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