Well,..... that didn't go according to plan now, did it? After being lulled into a false sense of security with a fairly bright and sunny start to Saturday morning ,I was duly rolling my eyes and muttering about ridiculous weather forecasts.
Ye of little faith and all that! As not long after the starters orders we were in for a good old cloudburst and quite a soaking! . Good Job we're such a jolly bunch and found the whole thing very amusing  :D

A special early mention then, for this week's volunteers, who probably got more of a soaking and windy battering than any of us this week - Thank you Dave MONAGHAN  •  David CARBERT  •  Helen PENN  •  Jamie PENN  •  Kim MCBIRNIE  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Nick FRERE  •  Nick LARKE  •  Pamela TARBET  •  Pete KIRK  •  Piper LARKE  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH for your stirling efforts in truly horrendous conditions. Our High viz heros!

We always need people to come forward to help, so don't be shy, See our volunteer page for details on getting involved in making Humber Bridge parkrun happen.

This week we were joined by 173 participants of whom 13 were first timers to our parkrun and included visitors from : Leamington Spa, London, Sewerby, Brighton and Swindon. Kelly HALL joined us for her first ever parkrun, welcome to the family Kelly!. We hope you all enjoyed your run.

25 of you recorded new personal bests this week, congratulations to  Stephen WALKER who seems to be making a habit of this !, Adam PLUMTREEIan MCCOIDMark PHILLIPSHermione PICKERINGMax STUBBINGSNick LONGHORNJonathan GREENPhil JENNINGSRichard BERRYPaul HOGGARTH,Adam TYAS,  Megan CHOWNPaul SCOTTStewart FEATHERJessica GOULDSheila KERRAlison CLARKKelly SHEPHERDSONAnya WHINCUPAnnemarie TURNERAnita HULTUMKim HUNTLouise SPALTON and Peter TASKER. Great work everyone :D.

Well done to those of you taking part in the Spenborough 20 mile race today, not the best of conditions today either....

Don't forget to get your Star wars costumes ready for our May the 4th be with you run in a few weeks ...

Have a great week, see you next Saturday.