Event #258

To Storm or not to storm? That was the question this Saturday morning as the threat of storm Hannah loomed and a lot of the parkruns in the west of the country had already fallen foul of high winds and torrential rain.

Luckily for us, the rain held off until we were all packed up and just about back in our cars!  As it happened, most of the run was blessed with glorious sunshine which, if anything made us all a bit too warm :)

We had a good turnout of 171 participants, which was a lovely surprise as a lot of our regulars were away in London for some run or something....

We welcomed 17 first timers at our course, including visitors from Texas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Lincoln, Heaton Park and Horsham. While 7 people were taking park in their first ever parkrun!  We hope you all enjoyed your run with us and we'd love to welcome you back again another week.

As always we doff our caps to our high viz heroes who helped the run take place safely and efficiently - cheers to

Alex MCBIRNIE  •  Andrew MOULD  •  Andrew PENN  •  Dave MONAGHAN  •  Dominic ASHFORTH  •  Francine ASHFORTH  •  Glen HARTLEY  •  Helen PENN  •  Justin FIELDER  •  Matthew FISHER-GILL  •  Paul WALTHAM  •  Rozz BOSHELL  •  Sally FISHER  •  Susan ELDER  •  Victoria RIDDIOUGH  we really appreciate your efforts :)

Now would seem like a good time to celebrate our volunteers achievements as Alex McBirnie reached his 25th volunteer milestone before going back to uni and regular helper Matthew Fisher-Gill reached his 100th volunteer milestone on his birthday weekend. On behalf of Humber bridge parkrun, we'd like to thank you both very much for all your hard work and dedication, you've both put a lot of effort in and it's really appreciated : )

We had a few runners celebrate milestones too, Jamie GOULD and Robert WILKINSON reached 100 parkruns and Mark A HUNT reached 50 . Congratulation all and thanks for the cake Jamie!.

32 of you achieved new pb's , great work Jamie GOULDDanny LONGHORNMark PHILLIPSJon SAMUELJoe SKIPSEYVenika MOVERLEYRoderick RUIZJessica GOULDShaun SCAIFEStewart FEATHERRobert BUTTERWICKFiona BENNETT,Brook JONES,  Philip OSBORNEAmy BLINKHORNHelen GREENScarlet JONESValerie SPRAGUEKathy CUCKOODaisy SIMMSDaniel SPARKSJo PAGEJanet LOUWMandy SIMMSBernard SPRAGUEBarrie LOUWKaren THOMPSONKaren MULLINSAngela KHUDONAZAROVAHannah BROADLEYPatricia OSBORNE and Jessica BELLENIE. congratulations everyone  - hard work paying off :)

Don't forget that next week we're paying homage to all things star wars as Saturday is May 4th and it would be rude not to : )  let's fill the country park with wookies, ewoks, driods and all manner of strange creatures ........

Have a great week everyone, see you soon.