Fun and friends

Anyone who is, or has been, a Beaver Scout might recognise the motto "fun and friends" which also nicely sums up the spirit of parkrun.
Most of today's volunteers are members of Edinburgh Running Network, a local club who like to put the fun into the run and we love parkrun with many of us regulars at Portobello and Edinburgh parkrun. Between today's team we've run 869 5km parkruns, volunteered 175 times and run 35 different parkruns across the country, plus wee Harris did over 100 parkruns in the buggy with dad Andrew so it's great to see him "graduate" to running himself at junior parkrun. Sadly we're all too old to run Inverleith Junior Parkrun but we did go out for our club Sunday runs after volunteering (minus the fancy dress props to avoid any news reports involving crocodiles at Cramond!)
Parkrun is definitely about having fun and there were some great smiles round the park today. It's a run not a race and whilst some of you are very fast, everyone is a winner for taking part and doing their best round the course.
Through parkrun many of us have made lots of new friends who we now run with and meet socially outside of parkrun, and there's always support for, and from, our parkrun buddies at local races. It's lovely to see this friendship in the junior parkrunners too with kids who've already finished going back down the course to support their friends and showing first timers what to do - true sportsmanship! There seems to be a lot of post-parkrun friendship going on in the play area too but they told me I was too old to play on the swings!
A plea to the parents and guardians......parkrun doesn't happen without volunteers so please consider getting involved. No prior experience required, all will be explained on the day. You just need to arrive a bit earlier to get your briefing and stay until the tail walker finishes. An hour of your time is probably less painful than explaining to your disappointed kids why there's no parkrun one week!
Keep running junior parkrunners,  have fun and make new friends, you're all superstars!