Christmas and New Year‘s Day events

Every year, parkrun event teams have the option to organise additional runs on Christmas or New Year’s Day. At Inverleith, most of our volunteers are parents, or parkrunners, or both, and rather than ask them to volunteer with us on those days we want to leave them free to spend the day as they’d prefer, whether that’s with family or friends, or running or volunteering at a nearby 5k parkrun event (involving their children as appropriate of course!).

Although we’ll not be organising additional events on Christmas Day or New Years Day, we do intend to put on our usual Sunday events throughout the festive period, assuming we can fill all volunteer positions, and we will always encourage all appropriate festive outfits and fun!


Christmas and New Year

Every year, we are permitted to organise additional events on Christmas Day or New Years Day if we want to. This year we've decided that because these fall on a Monday and we're organising events on the Sundays anyway we will not host extra events, to keep the ask of the core volunteer team manageable, as our usual Run Directors and others are away at different times over the festive season for family commitments.

I'm pleased to confirm we do intend to hold our regular junior parkrun events that fall on Christmas Eve and Hogmanay.


Fun and friends

Anyone who is, or has been, a Beaver Scout might recognise the motto "fun and friends" which also nicely sums up the spirit of parkrun.
Most of today's volunteers are members of Edinburgh Running Network, a local club who like to put the fun into the run and we love parkrun with many of us regulars at Portobello and Edinburgh parkrun. Between today's team we've run 869 5km parkruns, volunteered 175 times and run 35 different parkruns across the country, plus wee Harris did over 100 parkruns in the buggy with dad Andrew so it's great to see him "graduate" to running himself at junior parkrun. Sadly we're all too old to run Inverleith Junior Parkrun but we did go out for our club Sunday runs after volunteering (minus the fancy dress props to avoid any news reports involving crocodiles at Cramond!)
Parkrun is definitely about having fun and there were some great smiles round the park today. It's a run not a race and whilst some of you are very fast, everyone is a winner for taking part and doing their best round the course.
Through parkrun many of us have made lots of new friends who we now run with and meet socially outside of parkrun, and there's always support for, and from, our parkrun buddies at local races. It's lovely to see this friendship in the junior parkrunners too with kids who've already finished going back down the course to support their friends and showing first timers what to do - true sportsmanship! There seems to be a lot of post-parkrun friendship going on in the play area too but they told me I was too old to play on the swings!
A plea to the parents and guardians......parkrun doesn't happen without volunteers so please consider getting involved. No prior experience required, all will be explained on the day. You just need to arrive a bit earlier to get your briefing and stay until the tail walker finishes. An hour of your time is probably less painful than explaining to your disappointed kids why there's no parkrun one week!
Keep running junior parkrunners,  have fun and make new friends, you're all superstars!

Two monthly report

A few people have pointed out that despite having been going for a couple of months we still don't have any news on our website's news pages so I thought I'd write a quick summary of our event so far, and take the opportunity to say a few thank-you's.

First, thank you to Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership who provided the funding to buy the kit we needed to run a parkrun event. Thanks also to Edinburgh Council for their permission to use the park. Thank you to the core team at parkrun for their guidance and support, and to our outstanding local parkrun ambassador, Susan Morrison, who's involved in supporting every new parkrun event that starts up in our part of the world. I also want to thank our friends at Edinburgh and Portobello parkruns who've spread the word and shared their experience and insight so generously to help us get started.

I've been involved with parkrun since I first ran Edinburgh parkrun in Cramond back in February 2010. (Sadly my best time remains from June 2010!). It's always been a standing comment that the sun always seems to shine on parkrun. It's amazing how often even when the weather's been terrible all week, the sun still manages to break through when we want it to. And, while I might really regret saying this now, that's definitely been the case since we started our event on 30th April 2017. The weather most weeks has been tremendous!

This week was no different. Thanks to Shona Mair who took some photos today which you can find here:

For our 8 runs to date, we've averaged more than 150 children taking part each week. So far, over 500 different children have run or walked a 2K with us. Most of them have come back, as the average number of runs per runner is nearer 3. For those who've run more than once, nearly 300 new PBs (personal bests) have been recorded.

We've had a fantastic group of core volunteers who've helped us establish the event. And we've also had new volunteers who've pitched in and learned new roles, which is helping make our event more sustainable and, I hope, building a stronger community as people meet each other and make new friends. Thank you to everyone who's helped out.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to parents, carers and grandparents, and the children who've run with us, for bringing exactly the right spirit of fun and positivity. No matter what the week's news might bring, getting to see the array of football shirts and superhero costumes, children falling and getting back up, families outside together and smiles of triumph and joy (or relief!) as our junior runners cross the line on a Sunday morning is a great reminder of good in the world.

Thank you all, I look forward to more fun, future events ahead! :)

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