Christmas and New Year‘s Day events

Every year, parkrun event teams have the option to organise additional runs on Christmas or New Year’s Day. At Inverleith, most of our volunteers are parents, or parkrunners, or both, and rather than ask them to volunteer with us on those days we want to leave them free to spend the day as they’d prefer, whether that’s with family or friends, or running or volunteering at a nearby 5k parkrun event (involving their children as appropriate of course!).

Although we’ll not be organising additional events on Christmas Day or New Years Day, we do intend to put on our usual Sunday events throughout the festive period, assuming we can fill all volunteer positions, and we will always encourage all appropriate festive outfits and fun!


Christmas and New Year

Every year, we are permitted to organise additional events on Christmas Day or New Years Day if we want to. This year we've decided that because these fall on a Monday and we're organising events on the Sundays anyway we will not host extra events, to keep the ask of the core volunteer team manageable, as our usual Run Directors and others are away at different times over the festive season for family commitments.

I'm pleased to confirm we do intend to hold our regular junior parkrun events that fall on Christmas Eve and Hogmanay.

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