This event has been replaced by Torvean parkrun

The Course

This event no longer takes place.

Please note Inverness parkrun no longer takes place but has been replaced by Torvean parkrun.

Course Map

Course Description

The course of Inverness parkrun features 3 anti-clockwise laps of Bught Park.
The start is at the south end of the park perimeter, running parallel to Bught Drive. A left turn leads to a long straight between an avenue of trees and the park perimeter on Bught Road, turning left at the north end of the park again behind a line of trees. Cross the park to the chain link fence surrounding the shinty park, and continue around this fence, through the football pitch, to the dirt car park at the end of Bught Drive. Turn right to follow the car park edge before turning left towards the southwest corner of the park to complete lap one. Lap two is the same with lap three finishing on the straight opposite the Florians Theatre.