parkrun report #238 19.3.16

Inverness parkrun #238 19th March

We talk about ’ moving the goalposts’ , but I think this must be the first time that a finish line has been moved during an event.

As he finished his first lap of today’s remodelled parkrun, Billy Skinner, no doubt looking at his smart phone and judging his pace, told the finish marshals that the lap seemed a bit short. As a result the finish funnel was moved several metres to try and remedy this. Images appear in one’s mind of runners chasing after a finishing line which was moving quicker than they were.
Anyway a total of 130 people managed to catch the finishing line. Because there has been a lot of wear to the grass where the run has been, the decision has been made to move the line of the run to allow grass to recover. This meant that the muddy sections and the slippery tree routes were avoided. This new course is much drier and consequently there were a lot of PBs today. There are really too many people to name, but congratulations to them all.

Gordon Lennox was the first to finish. He still maintains that he is not fully fit, so watch out when he is. His time was 16.26 which boggles the mind. First female was Megan Keith in an impressive time of 20.17. This was a PB for her, well done. A young, talented runner who must have much more to come.

Other noteworthy achievements were Morag Murray who completed her 200th parkrun. Only Billy has done more Inverness parkruns, and as he said to me he needs to ‘get a life.’ Anyway well done Morag. Roddie Main completed his 50th run. Well done to him too. John Day also completed his 165th parkrun, a week after completing the most southerly parkrun in the world in Dunedin, New Zealand. Is Inverness the most northerly? Alas no longer – St Petersburg taking this title.

Thanks of course to all the volunteers, Claire Acheson Elaine Barrie, Paul Crowe, Derek Fraser, Annelise Glew, Fiona Gordon, Rhona Grant, Liz Gray, Alec Keith, Caroline Marwick, Billy Skinner, Howard Swindells, Rhiannon Tinsley and David Waudby-West. If you haven’t volunteered for a while check with the roster for the next few weeks. Your parkrun needs you.

Finally a big thank you to all the organisers and supporters of the ceilidh last weekend. It raised over £500, most of which will go to the Lucky2behere charity who supplied our defibrillator.

Howard Swindells

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