Ipswich parkrun is cancelled on 11 April 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Photography on Saturday 22 February, 2020

Please note that Nick from Bruizer will be taking photos and video at Ipswich parkrun this Saturday.
The pictures and footage will be used by 'Visit Suffolk' to showcase the County.
Ipswich parkrun core team



Ipswich parkrun run report for 11th January, 2020

Ipswich parkrun Event number 382
11th January 2020

What an amazing parkrun day for Suffolk and for Ipswich parkrun’s first week back at Christchurch Park, in the heart of Ipswich.

This week 577 people ran, jogged and walked the course.

This is a new record number of participants for Ipswich parkrun and the biggest attendance on a Saturday parkrun in the whole of Suffolk – ever.

The previous record attendance was held by Lowestoft, where 566 participants ran, jogged and walked their way round the course on 20th April 2019. The biggest previous attendance at Ipswich was 502, so you have all smashed it today.

Records have been broken.

As well as a new record for Ipswich and Suffolk for a single parkrun, today saw the second highest attendance of all time across the whole of Suffolk.

Of the 577 who took part today 68 were first timers at Ipswich and 29 of those were completely new to parkrun. Representatives of 32 different clubs took part.

Long-time Ipswich parkrunner, Jonathan Jenkyn (JJ) shared the fantastic news that he has just been given the all clear and is now free of throat cancer, which he has been battling since August last year. As a tribute to the great work of the staff at the Radiotherapy Department of Ipswich Hospital, JJ announced that he intended to donate to them £10 for every PB earned today at Ipswich parkrun.

Spurred on by JJ’s story and fund raising efforts, the 577 strong runners, joggers and walkers amassed a bumper 81 PBs! Jonathan has duly donated the fantastic sum of £810 to the Radiotherapy Department at Ipswich Hospital, along with donations from parkrunners today.

JJ’s fundraising efforts have, since Tuesday last week raised almost £1600 for his chosen charity.

Of course, this parkrun was made possible by 35 amazing volunteers, who all helped our record breaking community event run smoothly and with such great support:

Colin SHAW • Rory MARRIOTT • Barbara JOUSIFFE • Dave NEWSON • Pam MORGAN • Pat D MORGAN • Steven UTTERIDGE • Georgia GARVIN • Nick ALLEN • Mark FLATMAN • Gary JARVIS • Mike WILLIAMS • Ben JACOBS • Kaceigh BURNETT • Jim HENDERSON • Harry LANGNER • Andy LANGNER • Ian WALLIS • Graham RODGERS • Karen DRURY • Tim BYFORD • Vanessa THORPE • David LLOYD • Paul BLOOMFIELD • Hilary MARRIOTT • Laney BULGER • James OLLEY • Vicky BRETT • Sandra ROBERTS • Mark KEMPTON • Corina SWANSTON • Evie BUDDEN • Kun XIAO • Jason NG • Margaret HOPKINS

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Ipswich parkrun Results Page.

The female course record is held by Charlotte CHRISTENSEN who recorded a time of 17:35 on 26th August 2017 (event number 259).

The male record is held by Kieran CLEMENTS who recorded a time of 15:41 on 9th September 2017 (event number 261).

The Age Grade course record is held by Judy BIRD who recorded 90.42% (20:01) on 9th June 2018 (event number 300).

Ipswich parkrun started on 8th September 2012. Since then 10,616 participants have completed 97,332 parkruns covering a total distance of 486,660 km, including 15,458 new Personal Bests. A total of 1,356 individuals have volunteered 11,097 times.

Shall we do it all again next Saturday?



Ipswich parkrun run report for 1st January, 2020

Event #380 for Ipswich
Event #283 for Kesgrave
Event #90 for Felixstowe
By Rory Marriott (A130428)

New Years Day is very special in the parkrun world as it is the only time when you can register a “double” and get a run credit at two separate events. Following on from the strategy utilised by the 3 Event Directors in 2019 it was agreed that the “Double” this year would be Ipswich and Felixstowe or Kesgrave and Felixstowe.

Before I give some info on the 3 local events, across Suffolk 9 of the “Saturday” Events hosted a NYD run and it will not come as too much of a surprise to know a record number of finishers crossed the finish line somewhere at least once.  For only the second time ever over 3,000 completed a parkrun in Suffolk on a single day with a phenomenal 3,143 participating on NYD 2020

For Ipswich, Kesgrave and Felixstowe the parkrun morning started over in Chantry park where Ipswich was scheduled for an 8:30 start.

First of all a massive thank you to all the Hi Viz heroes Anneli Helen OSTLER  •  Ben JACOBS  •  Corina SWANSTON  •  Dave COPLAND  •  Dave NEWSON  •  Esther KIEHL  •  Gary JARVIS  •  Graham RODGERS  •  Ian OLD  •  Ian WALLIS  •  Joanna LEWIS  •  Justin LEWIS  •  Kaceigh BURNETT  •  Lourdes KOCUREK  •  Mark FLATMAN  •  Olivia JACOBS  •  Patrick SWANSTON  •  Peter WOODS  •  Roberta LEWIS  •  Rory MARRIOTT  •  Sally JACOBS  •  Sally WILKINSON  •  Scott GISSING  •  Vanessa THORPE

Congratulations to Gi Kwong Cheung on completing his milestone 50th event

Congratulations also to Mark Holland who not only made his debut at Ipswich but also completed his 100th parkrun. Most of these have been completed at Kesgrave (89) but he has also toured to 7 other events.  As well as his 100 run credits Mark also has over 100 volunteer credits.

Massive congratulations to Core team member Ben Jacobs who completed his 250th parkrun and will now be able to order himself a nice Green 250 Club milestone tee shirt. Ben is another prolific volunteer with 127 credits to his name

As Samantha Tapp from Hadleigh Hares was crossing the finishing line at Chantry having set herself a nice 16 second PB (new PB 29:59), Joe Hunt and Ethan Linsell (joint RDs for the day) got things off to a start over at Millenium Field in Kesgrave.

Meanwhile back to the results from Ipswich, First finisher amongst the men was Liam White in 17:44. For the women it was Laura Shewbridge in a time of 20:03. There were also Ipswich PBs for the following runners Dillon HOBBS, Chris GREEN, Chris PONT, Martin HOBBS, Rob DYER, Victoria TAPP, Amanda SMITH, Tim SANSOM, Wendy KELLETT, Colin FARTHING, Jane ROBSON, Nicholas ALLEN, Samantha TAPP, Matti DESAX, Barbara DESAX, Jackie JOHNSON, Richard MARSDEN, Chris ST JOHN-GREEN and Ryan SCHUG.

Finally for Ipswich, a very warm welcome to the 21 of you making your debut at Chantry Park.

Back now to Millenium Field where Joe, Ethan and their volunteering team of Carole BROWN  •  Cathy WATSON  •  Chris LAST  •  Clair FIDDAMAN  •  Clare GLEAVE  •  Denise KING  •  Dylan CHAPPLE  •   Eve CHAPMAN  •  Felicity CHAPPLE  •  Gillian CARRON  •  Ian DUGGAN  •  Ian WATSON  •  Jessica FIDDAMAN  •   Joseph ATKINSON  •  Katrina COPPING  •  Kev LINSELL  •  Liz HICKS  •  Malcolm HOGARTH  •  Marcus KWAN  •  Mathew CHAPPLE  •  Neil JACKSON  •  Roseanne BYFORD  •  Sarah LINSELL  •  Simone SUTHERLAND  •  Susan CATTERMOLE  •  Toby LINSELL  •  Wendy TUNSTALL had everything under control looking after the 347 runners that were participating in the 283rd Kesgrave parkrun.

In a repeat of the finish to the event on NYD 2019 the first two finishers were pretty much shoulder to shoulder the whole way round the course with Kesgrave debutant Chris Hall from the Stowmarket Striders Running Club taking the coveted 001 finishing token with a time of 17:56 which was just 5 seconds faster than second finisher Austin Vidal-Cocker.

In a complete repeat of 2019 the first lady home was Emma Attwood, this year Emma completed the course in 20:40 which is just a second slower than her course PB.

A fantastic 18 of you managed to achieve Kesgrave parkrun PBs today so congratulations to Glen TUNSTALL, Ben SHEPPARD, Andrew HARKER, Gemma SHEPPARD, George BALDWIN, David CHURCH, Sam HICKMAN, Marcus KWAN, Freddie WISEMAN, Meyrem KIDBY, Jamie BURGESS, John WOOD, Daisy ABBOTT, Victoria HAMMOND, Rika PARK, Rachel TAYLOR, Melissa SEAMAN, Kingsley ELLIFF

A warm Kesgrave welcome to the 41 first timers to our event and in particular to the following 14 participants James RUSSELL, Dan WILSON-BROWN, Kathy WILSON-BROWN, Pippa NEALL, Richard NEALL, Nathan RUSSELL, Justine BERGDAHL, Jenny ELLIOTT, Leona GROOM, Allison DENNY, Justine BENNETT, Kevin LISTER, Jasper QUINTON and Robert KEEBLE who completed their very first ever parkruns. Be warned - parkrun is very addictive!

With Ipswich and Kesgrave all finished by 09:51 that left plenty of time for those runners who wanted to complete the double to head down to Felixstowe.

Where do you start with the section on the Record Breaking Felixstowe?

The place to start is of course with the fantastic team of volunteers who made this remarkable occasion possible – Firstly the person who should take the biggest bow was our leader and Run Director for the day Sarah Fitch. Then we also have thanks for Adrian HINE  •  Amy KNOTT  •  Ana Luísa COSTA  •  Anne OLIVER  •  Anneli Helen OSTLER  •  Bella LEWENDON  •  Bridget READ  •  Cheryl WAKERLEY  •  Christina HOWLAND  •  David BREWSTER  •  David MACLEAN  •  David MOON  •  Gary JARVIS  •  Gillian CARRON  •  Graham RODGERS  •  Hannah GILLESPIE-GARDINER  •  Hilary MARRIOTT  •  Ian DUGGAN  •  Ian FITCH  •  Ian LIGHTFOOT  •  Ingrid SCOPES  •  Jacqueline ALLPORT  •  Jane MOON  •  Jayne STEELE  •  Jo WHELAN  •  Jonathan GLANFIELD  •  Kaye BRANTON  •  Kirsty MARSH  •  Liz CLARK  •  Lucy BEALE  •  Mandy ABDEL-AZIZ  •  Mark HOLLAND  •  Mike GREEN  •  Neil CATLEY  •  Peregrine BUSH  •  Peter WOODS  •  Rachael MILLER  •  Rachel BODSWORTH  •  Rebecca BEWLEY  •  Richard ALLPORT  •  Richard GROOM  •  Rod MACGREGOR  •  Rory MARRIOTT  •  Sarah BANHAM  •  Sarah FITCH  •  Sarah RUSSELL  •  Steven ALDER  •  Vince CALVER  •  Wendie HALES.

Now let’s look at the phenomenal stats.

On New Years Day 888 people ran, jogged or walked the Felixstowe course
Making this the single largest parkrun event ever held in Suffolk. Felixstowe now holds the top 2 records. .

The first finisher James Reeder from the Bath Triathlon Club completed his 5km in the 8th fastest time ever, a staggering 16:15. First lady home was Maddie JORDAN-LEE in a new PB time of 18:40

At the time of writing, amongst the runners today there were 174 first timers to this event. Of which 43 were making their parkrun debuts. For the benefit of those 43, the prom isn’t normally as busy as this on a Saturday, however, the event is just as professionally managed

Out of the 812 parkrun events held in the world that have processed their results so far, Felixstowe was the 14th largest.

89 runners got their year off to the perfect start with Personal Bests.

Ian RUSH and Paul MADDEN earnt their Red Club tee shirts with their 50th parkrun. Ian LLOYD, Marcus BOON and Gemma MOSS from Ipswich Jaffa and Claire JAY from Stowmarket Striders completed their 100th parkrun

For the second year running for me what was most striking about the event today was the fantastic atmosphere. Only 3 more days until we do it all again.

But that isn’t the end of this report as I am an analyst and therefore you need to have a few more numbers.

Of the 258 runners at Ipswich, 124 did a single event and 138 did the double (51.9%)
Of the 349 runners at Kesgrave 203 did a single and 146 did the double (41.8%)
Of the 888 runners at Felixstowe 608 did a single event and 280 did the double
(unknown runners are included in single event numbers)

In the same way I finished my report last year the final thing I want to share with you is a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that events like today can happen.  With three events so close together in distance, knowing that on average 800+ runners attend a Saturday parkrun the Event Directors started planning for today back in September.  You have all experienced the result of over 4 months planning today. parkruns don’t just happen by luck, It is because of the dedication of our EDs and the core teams that all our events go ahead in such a professional way.


Notification of Ipswich parkrun Cancellation

Ipswich parkrun will be cancelled on Saturday 23rd November, 2019. This is due to the MoRun Event which is being hosted in Chantry Park.

Ipswich parkrun core team


New Years Day parkrun – 1st January, 2020

We will be hosting our special New Year's Day parkrun again at Chantry Park. Start time will be 8:30am, this will allow those who would like to take the once a year opportunity of doing a double parkrun to combine Ipswich at 8:30am with Felixstowe at 10:30am.

Note, the pavilion will be closed.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 1st January 2020.

Ipswich parkrun core team

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