#IWDparkrun Profile: Jocasta

Why did you start parkrunning?
Although I’d powerwalked the occasional parkrun before, I only became a regular parkrunner in 2015 when I got a place in the GNR ballot and decided that I’d better try to run some of it. Through a combination of parkrun and an Active Newcastle #thisgirlcan social running group, I gradually increased my running stamina. I now regularly run at least 3 times a week, am a run leader, a trained guide runner and a member of a local running club, Newcastle Frontrunners. I still don’t consider myself to be a “proper” runner though!!
The highlight of your running career so far?
Being ahead of Mo Farah in the 2017 GNR with photographic evidence to prove it! (We’ll gloss over the fact that Karen, the VI runner that I regularly run with, and I had a head start on the elite men and the masses…)
Favourite parkrun?
Tricky question as I’ve now done 143 parkruns at 46 locations and it’s hard to pick just one. When I’m touring I like the smaller parkruns, where you chat to the local volunteers and other participants. We’ve had memorable visits to parkrun de la Ramee, Toulouse, which on one occasion was facilitated by just one volunteer! Locally, I like the course and café at Rising Sun, and Newcastle (my home run) for the people I know there. I’ve yet to “run” Jesmond Dene, but you can’t fault its fabulous view.
Favourite volunteer role?
Definitely guide runner as selfishly you get both a volunteer credit and a run at the same time! I also love having someone to chat to as I run – it makes the run seem a lot shorter than running by yourself.