#IWDparkrun Profile: Sue

Why did you start doing parkrun?
I started parkrun at Newcastle a few years ago as I thought it would be a fun way to introduce some moderate cardio exercise into my fitness program. A work colleague had mentioned parkrun and it sounded more convenient than an early Saturday slot at the gym. My expectations were quite low, I thought if I got through it that would be good. To my amazement I loved it! The people were so friendly and encouraging, you saw the same faces most weeks and before long you had made a real connection with some of them. After a few months my husband joined me and now our Saturday feels incomplete without our dose of parkrun.

The highlight of your running career so far?
At my pace I don’t have many “highlights” I suppose the fact that I have stuck with it and I am still doing it 4 years later is my main achievement. I have not vastly improved my time but also I have not had any major injuries and I do now enjoy a little jog on my own during the week. The fact that a woman in her mid 50s can take up running and enjoy it is my highlight.

Favourite parkrun?
Well l have to say Jesmond Dene, although I don’t say that when I am struggling up hilarious hill, but I do when I see the view from the top. I also love Newbiggen by the Sea which is almost as friendly as Jesmond Dene.

Favourite Volunteer Role?
I love being photographer. I love the reaction from the runners, from speedy Sparrow Morley’s wonderful smile, how do you smile when you are running that fast, to the very sweet red headed lad last week who just looked so happy. I love to see them all.