#IWDparkrun Profile: Becky

Why did you start parkrunning?
During my second year uni exams, as the monotonous revision and inevitable sitting down all day was driving me slowly mad, I spontaneously decided to go for a quick jog around the block. My legs ached for days afterwards! But I gradually built up my distance and pace until I felt confident enough to go along to Coventry parkrun, something I’d wanted to do for a while, and I loved it.

The highlight of your running career so far?
I really enjoyed doing a parkrun double on New Year’s Day 2020; I was down south in Kent and like 400-odd other runners decided to do Cyclopark and Shorne Woods parkruns. It’s fair to say my second time is much slower than my first one though!

Favourite parkrun?
My favourite parkrun to volunteer at is OBVIOUSLY Jesmond Dene, as I really feel like I’ve found my place in the community here. My favourite parkrun to run at was Millhouses parkrun in Sheffield; it’s a fairly new course but it’s where I saw one of my fastest times yet.

Favourite volunteer role?
I like being Time Keeper as the new parkrun Virtual Volunteer app makes the process really easy and satisfying to do, but I most enjoy barcode scanning and congratulating everyone. Each person is friendly and buzzing after the Jesmond Dene “Hilarious Hill” and I love witnessing that.