Keswick parkrun No. 253


As often at this time of year, Peggy and I are away from parkrun for a week or two, and I would like to say that I am handing things over to Lance. In fact, it's bit of a family affair in both cases, and in reality, the Campion family are handing over to the Saxby family. Lance has written this week's run report, so all I'll do is say thank you to everyone who has been involved with parkrun Keswick over the last five years. Here's to the next five! Over to Lance...


So today was our 5th anniversary parkrun. Keswick parkrun No. 253 ! it's a shame that founder Adam and Peggy couldn't be here to celebrate; it turns out that they have a life outside of parkrun, but thank you to the 195 parkrunners who helped out. A rousing rendition of Happy Birthday was followed by a charge under the parkrun banner and out on to the course.
My thanks go to Mike and Maureen for their time and energy putting up the banner and bunting - it is really appreciated.

The volunteers managed to sort themselves into a semblance of order and processing the results was a doddle; thank you. Your parkrun was brought to you by the selfless actions of Annette Grogan, Dawn Saxby, Dawn Titley, Duncan Booth, Gwyneth Timson, Kathryn Clarke, Mandy Haworth, Maureen Shirvell , Mike Hirst, Paul Titley, Sian Saxby, Susan Barnes, Vanessa Metcalfe.
First finisher was Peter Molloy on his first visit and still under 18 years of age.I take off my hat to you Peter. We've had 238 different first finishers over the 5 years, all of them amazing runners.

However, to all of the non-first finishers, of which there are many more, thank you for turning up, completing the course and making parkrun happen - we couldn't do it without you.

Over the five years the statistics say that 11,216 runners have done 36,022 Keswick parkrun and covered 180,110 kilometres up and down the old railway line. In total we've collectively spent 1 year 352 days 5 hrs 44 mins and 36 seconds parkrunning at Keswick; what did we all used to do on Saturday mornings ? (Comment on social media if you want to share what you've given up on Saturdays - for me it was shopping at Morrisons).

As we look forward to the next five years there are changes that will happen and we'll have to work with. The boardwalk will be removed, the long tunnel will be reinstated, and the track will be laid to tarmac. During the construction we will have to relocate temporarily and work is underway to ensure the continuity of Keswick parkrun, and to continue to support the brilliant work that our friends at Cafe West do. Watch this space.

For now, feet up, gin poured, happy Run Director !