Kettering #Virtual #notaparkrun #1

Today, Saturday 30th May 2020 was our first Kettering #Virtual #notaparkrun. A (possibly) over-excited Andrea took to the Facebook live and gave her first RD brief from the Kettering team. Great hat and the bar is now set for future RDs – beat that unicorn hat!

The results came in thick and fast – being our first #notaparkrun day, you all get #virtual PBs- well done! That said, some people really went out and did a proper PB… extra #virtual points to them! It was hot as a hot thing so great effort to all those who went out there and did their 5k run. If you did more that 5k (why you would want to do that, we have no idea!!) … well done more!

Special thanks to Rebecca Murphy and Ruby who tail walked for us today.

Also special mentions and shout outs to:

Kevin Moriarty, who retired yesterday and did his #virtual #notaparkrun with the aid of a blow up walking frame. Rebecca Wroblewski -  #virtualtouristing  from Lee on the Solent parkrun.  Margaret McNeil – #virtualtouristing and #notparkrunning, stuck all the way over in Portugal. Not to be outdone by Portugal however, we also had Joe Moriarty #virtualtouristing from Singapore.  Amy Creasey spotted the ever infamous ‘Barton piggie’ on her run which was an amazing effort in the heat – we wonder if he was bacon by the end!  First time tourists Naomi and Isaac Clark, from March parkrun joined in the fun today.  Leanne Niven did her virtual #notaparkrun and scored a massive post-Isaac PB.  She also cleverly made her Strava art look like the Kettering course, without being anywhere near Wicksteed Park so 20 #notaparkrun points to her. A HUGE well done to Hannah Kate, who completed Couch to 5K app today and did her first ever parkrun, albeit it #notaparkrun. Welcome to the family! John Woods, who usually takes our pictures (superbly) joined in the fun on his bike scoring a time of 37.43 to cover just over 5k. Claire Donaldson submitted her Strava Art, looking slightly like Italy (if you squint a bit!) We were virtually joined by Shane Sharkey, RD at Melton Mowbray parkrun and the one who gave us all the ideas and paperwork for our very own event. Great to have you along Shane and thank you for your support #parkrunfamily.

We had walkers, treadmillers, joggers and runners. No hoppers this week, funnily enough so perhaps that’s a challenge for next week? Well done everyone. Same again next week!


Kettering #Virtual #notaparkrun #1

This week 98 people ran, jogged and walked a #Virtual #notaparkrun, of whom ALL were #virtualKettering #notaparkrun first timers and so ALL recorded new #VirtualKettering Personal Bests

The female record is held by Natasha Martin who recorded a time of 19.32 on 30th May 2020 (#Virtual event number 1)

The male record is held by David Hudson who recorded a time of 15.49 on 30th May 2020 (#Virtual event number #1)

Kettering #Virtual #Notaparkrun started on Saturday 30th May 2020. 98 participants have completed a #Virtual parkrun covering a total distance of 490 km