Kettering #virtual #notaparkrun : Event #8

18/07/2020 #VirtualRD Robin Swindell from Oak Hill parkrun

Today, we ventured south to North London and on a leafy park near Barnet at 9am, we found  Robin Swindell, RD at Oak Hill parkrun. Robin is a seasoned parkrunner, RD, Ambassador, ED and sometime tailwalker, with an actual tail! Thank you Robin for giving us your time and for being our virtual RD this morning.
Today began slightly overcast in some areas of the country - those who ventured out early were grateful that they missed the heat, muggy-ness and sunshine that hit us later in the day.
Just in case you didn’t know, 18th July is Insurance Nerd Day, National Caviar Day, Perfect Family Day and World Listening Day. How are you celebrating? And a big Happy birthday to Nelson Mandela, born on this day in 1918.

Shout outs for today going out to:
Domenic Specchio who, in recovering from recent injury, has been on a PB hunt these last few weeks, listing some great #Stava times. From reading the times and posts today, one or two of our #virtual #notaparkrunners had Domenic fly past them this morning. Well done Dom #parkrunfamily. The Odell family joined us from a waterfall in Hawes today – sounds wonderful but we wonder if Spencer took his balance bike along? Sue Moriarty got herself a virtual PB and the AMAZING Kevin #ImRetired Moriarty continued his PB streak! Honestly if this is what retirement does, we should all give it some serious consideration. Well done both! Carol Brotherton Lloyd joined us from her holiday in Cornwall- the hills might not make for a virtual PB but the views are to die for! Happy holidays, Carol! A GREAT virtual PB from Mark Smith today and well done to Liz, who managed to stop her watch at the right distance this week! #troopers. Great running from Val Nix who finished her virtual 5k one second out of her #virtual #notaparkrun PB. Today marked a first sub30 5k run for Gary Botteley in about 30 years – SUPERSTAR! Well done to one of our regular parkrunners (virtual and actual!) Mel Gosliga, who couldn’t find time this morning and had to wait until late afternoon for his virtual #notaparkrun today -Seems to have paid off with a massive 37 seconds better than last week. Under 21 minutes. We are all chuffed for you Mel!

This virtual #notaparkrun was brought to you by the KPR core team and we really hope you’ve enjoyed feeling part of the amazing #parkrunfamily. We hope that you’ll come back and join us next weekend – bring a friend. Stay safe and well this week!


Kettering #Virtual #notaparkrun #8
This week 66 people ran, jogged and walked a #Virtual #notaparkrun, of whom 6 were first timers and 13 recorded new #Virtual Personal Bests

The female record is held by Natasha Martin who recorded a time of 19.32 on 30th May 2020 (#Virtual event number 1)

The male record is held by David Hudson who recorded a time of 15.28 on 13th June 2020 (#Virtual event number #3)

Kettering #Virtual #notaparkrun started on Saturday 30th May 2020. 208 participants have completed total 690 #virtual #notaparkruns covering a total distance of 3450 km, including 201 new #Virtual Personal Bests.