Killerton parkrun Event number 335 14th October 2017

Today was a first – the first time we took our puppy, Ruby, to parkrun. She is nearly 5 months old and loves being outside so we decided to take her to our local and favourite, Killerton, to run a bit, walk a bit and be carried a lot. Her older brother, Elvis, is a parkrun veteran and told her all about it so she was very excited. When we arrived, we were greeted by all our wonderful running friends, our incredible running family that grows week by week. When I say ‘we were greeted’, what I actually mean was ‘Ruby was greeted’. She is quite the celebrity and very much enjoyed the attention. Elvis did quite well for cuddles too, and after a while, they talked to us too!! Paul, our RD, reminded us all to thank the volunteers, without whom this inclusive and delightful event couldn’t go ahead. Thanks to our amazing Volunteer Coordinators Recently our volunteer roster has recently been filling up a few weeks in advance which is great news – next week is already full (and a personal thanks to all from me as I’ll be RD next week!!).  We really need people to focus on the following weeks, especially tose already in the 100 club! Elvis, as ever, gets himself very excited when he hears the announcements so Jon took him away so everyone could hear. I guess we all get that excited at the start but, unlike Elvis, we manage to contain ourselves!! The ground was quite dry and the leaves were falling. Autumn has definitely arrived but it was a warm morning and no rain. Ruby enjoyed running through the woods but didn’t like the deep leaves, I think because of the conkers being prickly and hidden and hurting her toes. There were 329 runners today and 11 runners new to parkrun, I hope the atmosphere and inclusivity of the event will mean they keep returning to us. The volunteers were cheery, Nigel the donkey was back (I haven’t seen him for a while but he looks well), the cows were mooing and the gate at marshal point 5, that had been stuck, was open so no need for steeplechase moves!! Our friends on the funnel said there was a 5-man battle for first finisher! Needless to say, we missed that, coming in at around 39 minutes. Of note from the results, there were 52 PB’s, and Holly Britton and Wilber Sullivan reached their 10 parkrun milestones and will hopefully be getting their ‘10’ t-shirts shortly. It was wonderful to see so many milestone t-shirts. Ruby had a wonderful morning and is now snoozing with her brother. As ever, we had a lovely morning and it looks like Killerton are going to have good weather for the Apple and Cider festival weekend. Tomorrow is the Great West Run in Exeter and I know many of our runners and volunteers will be participating tomorrow. I wish you all the greatest of luck and look forward to seeing you at the start and on all the out-and-backs!!!   This week 329 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 26 were first timers and 53 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 30 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 25 volunteers: Gordon SEWARD • Ian PANG • Philip CHIVERS • Michelle Lillian PANG • Jane MURRAY • Sarah Rachel SULLIVAN • Jackie TORDINI • Robert STEPHENSON • Paul PALMER • Jeff CURD • Julie-Anne SAGET • Claire DRAINEY • Sandie READER • Caleb PALMER • Vic N' SKRUFF (AINSWORTH) • Oliver DERHAM • Cyril MORCRETTE • Caroline ROWE • Di HOLLIDGE • Katrina VOS • Lucy SIZER • Dawn WALKER • Andy LUSH • Sharon MCCABE • Danni MEYER Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Killerton parkrun Results Page. Male placings: Patrick DEVINE-WRIGHT (VM45-49) of Axe Valley Runners, was first over the line in 18:03 - 5th time in 28 appearances. James WOOLF (VM50-54) (Unattached) was second over the line in 18:05 - was first to finish once before. Jon PARKINSON (VM50-54) of Torbay AAC, was third over the line in 18:10. Female placings: Ellie DOMINEY (SW30-34) of South West Road Runners, was first (12th overall) over the line in 19:56 - 38th time in 84 appearances. Helen ANTHONY (VW35-39) of Teignbridge Trotters, was second (19th overall) over the line in 21:00 - was first to finish once before. Cathy PARKINSON (VW50-54) (Unattached) was third (31st overall) over the line in 22:31. The three highest age grades were recorded by: Charlie HAGUE (JM11-14) – 82.33% for the time 18:35 (6th overall). James WOOLF (VM50-54) – 81.57% for the time 18:05 (second overall). Jon PARKINSON (VM50-54) – 81.19% for the time 18:10 (third overall). The female record is held by Lucy HASELL who recorded a time of 17:44 on 31st March 2012 (event number 49). The male record is held by Tom MERSON who recorded a time of 15:23 on 6th July 2013 (event number 114). The Age Grade course record is held by Catherine Ann Thurlow NEWMAN who recorded 92.07% (18:55) on 18th July 2015 (event number 218). Killerton parkrun started on 30th April 2011. Since then 9,978 participants have completed 70,010 parkruns covering a total distance of 350,050 km, including 12,847 new Personal Bests.