Killerton parkrun:Winter route change.

Killerton parkrun: Winter route change.

For some months now, the Core Team have been in discussion with our National Trust hosts regarding our current route. These discussions have centred on two key issues:

  • National Trust assistance afforded to parkrunners within the first mile of our route.
  • Conservation of the trail being used.

Regarding the former, it has been NT practice for some time to recover injured runners from this area. However, due to the conditions that prevail during the winter months, they feel this provision cannot be guaranteed as access becomes increasingly problematic. So they have asked the Core Team to look at alternative arrangements which would allow their support to be provided more easily. One such way would be a route change.

In relation to the second issue, the constant pounding of hundreds of runners does leave its mark on the trail and it would be beneficial to allow the trail time to recover.

The Core Team have agreed an alteration to our current route based on these two issues. The route proposed has been measured and scrutinized by Core Team members in recent weeks and have agreed that it should be used. The route has been risk assessed and passed to parkrun HQ for approval, which has been given.

The route will require some changes to our start procedures and will require parkrunners to walk a little further than normal to reach the start area. Runners will be provided with the usual briefing after which they will be encouraged to move towards the start line in expected finish times. In addition to this, all runners with buggies and dogs will be required to start at the rear of the field. These requirements are necessary as the start line is on a track and not the open field we currently use.

What is needed now is to test this route as close to a normal event as possible. It has been agreed that a trial run can be staged on SUNDAY 3rd NOVEMBER at the normal parkrun time of 9am. Core Team members will be acting as marshals on the course and we will offer a Finish Funnel and Timekeeper, though no official times can be provided.

In order for this test to go ahead we need runners to run the course. We would like a range of runners to support this trial with a range of finish times. If you can help with this then we would like to hear from you. You could contact our volunteer e-mail at

or reply to this post. It would be helpful if you could also state your expected finish time.

Runner safety is our main priority and we look forward to seeing you on the alternate route until the sun comes out in the spring!

Di and Mark (Co EDs)