NOTICE: Exeter Riverside parkrun

Please be aware that due to unforseen circumstances Exeter riverside parkrun is cancelled on 16th May and 23rd May.

So, if you were planning to visit Exeter this week or next then to avoid being disappointed your are welcome to attend at Killerton parkrun, which is most definitely on.


Saturday 8 February – Killerton parkun CANCELLED

Killerton is expecting another deep low to pass over during Saturday bringing further strong winds and heavy rain. In the interests of safety, National Trust Killerton are closing the park to the public on Saturday.

We are very sorry, but both National Trust Killerton and Killerton parkrun have made the reluctant decision to cancel our event tomorrow.

With high winds there is the risk of falling trees and branches so we ask our runners to put their personal safety first and observe the closure.

You can follow our @Killerparkrun on twitter or facebook for updates.
We do hope that it will be business as usual next Saturday, thank you for your support and roll on spring!


Sweatshop Monthly Prizewinner: December 2013


We are delighted to announce that Hilary COLLINS was the December recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.

Hilary's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at her local Sweatshop store.

Hilary was present at the very first Killerton Parkrun on 30th April 2011, and has been a regular ever since, both as a runner and volunteer.  Hilary ran in all four December runs and has amassed 98 runs to date.  Hilary is likely to become the fourth member of the select ‘Killerton 100 Club’, almost certainly by the end of January.

We are sure that Hilary will wear her new shoes with pride and will choose a pair to compliment the black ‘100 Club’ t-shirt that she will soon receive.

Well done Hilary!


Killer-Christmas Social – Sunday 15 December

The Killer-parkrun Christmas Social is on Sunday 15 December, 13:30.
Join us for a slap up 3-course Christmas Lunch at the Killerton Kitchen restaurant.
Just £15 plus your drinks.

The dishes are home-made using ingredients from the Killerton estate or from local producers in the South West region.

Includes a chance to see the Christmas display in the House.

Email to book your place and send menu options.

Click here for the menu

(parkrunners, volunteers, partners and children are very welcome!)


Sweatshop Monthly Prizewinner: October 2013


Recognition for Young Volunteer Catherine’s Contribution


We are delighted to announce that once again one of our juniors, Catherine MOUNTFORD was the October recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.

Catherine's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at her local Sweatshop store.

12 year old Catherine has been a regular at Killerton Parkrun since she started volunteering back in February and has volunteered seventeen times so far this year.

She has undertaken a number of different duties including Barcode Scanning (her favourite role), handing out Finish Tokens, recording National Trust Membership details and has trained as a Funnel Manager too.

Catherine is proof that age is no barrier to successfully contributing to the organization of our Parkrun and is a great way of developing self-confidence and working as part of a team. Event Director Roger ROWE commented  “When Catherine is around we can be sure that the finish will run smoothly, she sorts out any issues with a smile”.

We are sure that Catherine will enjoy wearing her new shoes as she continues to volunteer and may soon add to the three runs she has already completed and aim for her ’10 T-shirt’ in the next year.

Well done Catherine!


Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner: September 2013

Christian's Commitment Earns a Reward


We're delighted to announce that one of our junior runners Christian TEAGUE was the September recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.

Christian's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at his local Sweatshop store.

Christian has been a regular Parkrunner, accompanied by his dad Ian since the beginning of 2012.  Still only 9 years old, he has improved his time from a very respectable 30:08 on his first run, to a phenomenal 21:41 in September, where he also recorded 2 PBs in the month and took part in all four runs.

His age graded percentage of 75.40 is in the top 4% of all the runners who have participated at Killerton.

Currently on 49 runs, all but one at Killerton, Christian will soon be the youngest member of our ’50 Club’.

We hope his new shoes will help keep his progress going and he won’t grow out of them too quickly!

Well done Christian


Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner: June 2013


We're delighted to announce that Hind KHUSHAIM was the June recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.

Hind's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at her local Sweatshop store.

Hind’s first Parkrun was at the end of May and was quite an event.  Due to some difficulties getting her son out of bed, Hind and family arrived a few minutes after the start of the run.  Unfortunately as she began the run after the tail runner, the signs designating the route had been removed and she ended up getting lost on the estate.  Luckily she met a runner warming down and was guided to the finish without the need for marshals to undertake a full scale search.  Since then, Hind’s experiences of Parkrun have been much less eventful and hopefully much more enjoyable. She completed all five runs in June, recording a new Personal Best on each occasion and reducing her PB by 3 ½ minutes in total over the month.

We hope her new shoes will help keep the progress going, or at least make the training sessions a little easier!

Well done Hind!


A message from the Killerton parkrun Event Director

Dear parkrunners,

Killerton parkrun is like a community of its own and that is one of the great things I like most about it.

You might know that I've not actually run the route that many times (probably walked it for administrative purposes as often), and although there is an injury that has served as one reason for that, it's mainly due to the fact that I've been so happily engaged in the volunteering side of the event, which is another of the great things about parkrun.

It's been well over two years since I first got together with an enthusiastic group of local runners to set up this event and it's quite rewarding to look back at all the meetings and other activities undertaken to get the event up and running and see how fruitful all those efforts were. In the early days the event was quite small and somewhat more intimate but that enthusiastic band of helpers and new runners who were just discovering what a parkrun is all about have, over time, turned into longer term friends and have become firmly embedded as part of that community I mentioned.

I can see how the event has evolved over its two and a bit year history from an initially slightly haphazard approach to one that is now far more slickly organised and supported, which it has to be if it is to cope with numbers approaching 200 runners as opposed to circa 40 something that was common in those earlier times. With evolution comes change and change is the reason for my message.

When thinking about bringing one of the first parkrun events to the south west I don't think I realised, or even stopped to think, how much time this event would take up in my life; I think I was just more focussed on the excitement of being able to bring the buzz of a parkrun event to Exeter - I must have watched that brilliant parkrun intro video so many times before I even ran one myself. I really can't guess how many days of my time has been spent since late 2010 helping the Killerton parkrun event get going, keep going and growing into what it is. It's certainly an investment well spent and has been a rewarding opportunity that has taught me loads and introduced me to a fabulous community that did not exist in my life before.

For the future development and stewardship of Killerton parkrun I am pleased to announce that we have a new Event Director, and one who is no stranger to our beloved parkrun. I'm grateful to Roger Rowe for agreeing to bring his decades of running experience and thorough understanding of the parkrun ethos to the helm.
Please join me in welcoming Roger as our new Killerton parkrun Event Director.

Lastly, whilst I'm also grateful to the core team and the many willing volunteers who have made this event what it is, I'm especially grateful to the NT Killerton Estate who also makes it a success but without whom this event would not exist at all - well it would probably exist but somewhere in Exeter, although that's a story for another day...

Simon James - Killerton Supporter


Sweatshop Monthly Prize Winner: May 2013


We're delighted to announce that Liana SHELFORD was the May recipient of our monthly prize, generously supported by Sweatshop.

Liana's prize is a free pair of running shoes fitted out at her local Sweatshop store.

Liana has been a regular parkrunner at Killerton since March having previously run at Newbury.  Liana completed all five runs in May, recording a new Personal Best on each occasion and reduced her best time by 75 seconds cumulatively over the month. We hope her new shoes will help keep the progress going, or at least make the training sessions a little easier.

Well done Liana!


How do I volunteer at Killerton parkrun?

This is not just a question for newcomers, as you might think, but also seasoned helpers too.

Behind the scenes there has been a change to the software that we use to manage the weekly co-ordination of the 10+ volunteers that we need to have at Killerton every Saturday morning to make it the smooth running event you normally enjoy.

The old system used to involve maintaining a 'register' of 'Killerton helpers', those runners who were happy to receive an email every so often asking which of the forthcoming weeks they could help out on.

With the newer, and better, web-based software we no longer have to keep such a register. Instead, the mailing list of those who will be fortunate enough to receive the email offering an opportunity to earn some merits is compiled automatically according to a few pre-defined rules.

You may now be wondering how do you get to be on that list of the fortunate few and what are those 'rules'?

The rules (as they currently stand) are simple...

For someone to get the volunteer appeal email they will have to have volunteered at Killerton in the past six months, be registered with Killerton as their home run, and have ticked 'yes' next to 'I would like to be sent news about parkrun' in their profile preferences¹.

Additionally, you will also need to check that your mail provider/software is not blocking parkrun emails as spam.

In future there will be greater granularity around the profile options for opting in/out so that you can separately choose between parkrun news emails and volunteering emails for example.

So, the new volunteering mantra is:

Volunteering at Killerton parkrun really couldn't be easier: Simply review the future roster and then email the event team, telling us when you're able to help.

We look forward to welcoming new volunteers to the exclusive club! On this topic you are invited to attend this taster event.

¹ If you cannot work out how to update your profile read this help here.

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