99 runners but Storm Dennis ain’t one (KGVPF run 24)

As the week went on, conversations within the core team turned to Storm Dennis and if it would be safe for us to go ahead with parkrun number 24 at KGVPF.  I started checking the parkrun cancellation policy, and I must have searched “Cheltenham weather” a million times.  I even googled what a yellow weather warning was, pleased to see that in Gloucestershire’s warnings were not starting until 10am, and thoughts of “well, if everyone runs quick enough....we’ll be packing up by then” started to come.  As we heard notifications of parkruns being cancelled around Gloucestershire, I was getting worried I was going to be seen as reckless and rogue if I gave the go ahead on the morning.


But when I addressed the crowd of runners in my briefing and declared we will be parkrunning into Storm Dennis, the roar and cheers from you all confirmed I made the right decision.  I made it clear to you all if that any point I was worried about peoples safety i’d be calling my marshals in, but luckily the weather was kind to us.  At the finish line people were smiling, legs covered in mud, saying how much fun (and hard work) the run was today.  A huge thanks to my volunteers for braving the wind, and for the speediest post event close down ever.  And an even bigger thanks to 5 hardy pacers who helped us with KGVPF’s first pacing event.  And as always, to Saracens RFC for hosting a café after, I’ve never seen it so busy!!