Processing a strange day – all parkruns cancelled

I went out for a run in the rain.

My feet took me to KGV. It was twilight and damp, with only the reflections of street lights to keep me company.

20200318 KGV sign in the rain

I ran through the park. I tried to process what was going on. I thought about how I’d miss parkrun, and the community we’d built in a few short months. The feeling of expectation on the start line. The positivity as people came through the funnel. The cake, coffee and chat afterwards.

But as I ran and the evening darkened, I noticed the birds still singing. For them, this was just another early spring evening. The seasons will turn. We don’t know what the future will hold, and undoubtedly some tough times first. But summer will come and, like summer and the leaves on the trees, our community will return in time.

20200318 K from KGV sign in the rain

Till then, stay safe, go for a run/walk/jog (not with others and not at KGV at 9am on a Sat), and look after yourselves and each other.