Event #300!! Another KWP parkrun milestone

Smiles, laughter, chatter, excitement, support, pride…just a few words you can
easily associate with KWP parkrun on a weekly basis.
Not a week goes by without a milestone, a success story, cake, a birthday and a
party atmosphere. This week however it really was a party atmosphere as the
event celebrated its 300th parkrun.
Whipping the crowds up into a birthday frenzy was run director Bryn. I have it
on good authority he notched up the loud speaker volume, like an 80’s
shoulder wearing boom box.
566 will go down in the parkrun archives as featuring, with 71 taking part for
the 1 st time. Under the watchful eye of 27 volunteers, 124 returned home
safely with a new personal best.

David PRICE (27:06) was certainly in the mood to party (PB), as he fully
appreciated the support of pom pom princess volunteer Lil SOUTER.
Tourists Andrew and Sally GLEDHILL savoured the occasion. Andrew was no
doubt jolly (Skegness & District Running Club) as he sailed to his 10th parkrun
with an impressive 23:39 (1 st timer)
Wife Sally completed the circuit in 39:17...much to the appreciation of loyal
companion Reg.
Another furry friend Benji, happily greeted Caroline SMITH at the finish line.

1st to finish today was Royal Sutton Coldfield AC speed merchant Ollie
SHEPPARD. (16:58 PB)
Fellow running club colleague John HAYMAN made it a 1-2 for Royal Sutton
Coldfield AC. A fantastic time of 17:20 proved to be a personal best for the
Midlands athlete.
1st timer Daniel FLOYD (Lichfield RC) made up the top 3 for the men
(17:35)…under the stewardship of funnel manager/hard man enforcer Adam

On this day in 1953 Jackie COCHRAN became the first woman to break the
sound barrier.
Breaking the speed barrier this week was Olivia HARRIS, as she was first female
back in a quality 19:58.
Kenilworth Runners had their starlet Louise ANDREWS in fine form. The
Warwickshire based ace finished in 21:16.
Another 1st timer was 3rd lady home. Megan JUDGE was the toast of Black Pear
Joggers as she broke sub 22 minutes. (21:47)

Louise SHEPHERD continued her fantastic form for Michy’s Marvels. The
talented runner was propelled to stardom status, as she featured on the
updated KWP community page picture. Congratulations on a new PB of 29:31.
Ashley HUGHES stopped her watch 4 seconds later. The 1st timer from St
Helens did her club proud with a time of 29:35 (OCR Wrongens).
Event admirer Gary ALLEN rang the now famous PB bell. (25:02)

There were pre birthday unicorn celebrations, with regular volunteer Fiona
HILL (Run Mummy Run) taking part in her 26th parkrun. (all at KWP).
Birthday girl and mum to be Laura EDWARDS celebrated her birthday, as she
volunteered with fellow time keeper and parkrun stalwart Rachael SHELTON
(BADGERS). An occasion that marks a near 4 year parkrun anniversary for
cheeky chops Rachael.
Another of today's volunteers Fiona MELDRUM (tail walker) celebrated her
100th parkrun.

A whole host of runners celebrated milestones. Here are those who haven’t
already been mentioned.

The glamourous Amanda HANSON (BADGERS) completed parkrun number 175.
Certainly no stranger to the event having ran on at least 116 previous
occasions with 25 volunteer roles to her name. Well done Mandy.
Samantha MCCLORY shared the same milestone for Black Pear Joggers. (1st
timer 30:58)

Steve WELLER chalked up run number 125. (30:55)
1st timer Philip MAHER ran his 100th (22:50), with Tom FOX pocketing his 50th .

There were 25th milestones for Tom PENDLETON (23:08 PB), Paul JONES
(23:58), Steve MOSLEY (28:25), Richard SLAUGHTER (29:17), Trudie CRUDDAS
(31:48), Marie KENNEDY (34:13) and youngsters Roxy THOMAS (35:05) and
Reuben PERRY (36:51 PB).

Finally Matthew WILLS (18:55 PB), Steve WHITE (26:32 PB), Kate WEBB (30:24
PB), Petra PEERS (33:03), Kathryn VENTHAM (34:15 (PB) In It Together –
Coventry) and Julie SANDERS all mastered parkrun number 10.

Another of todays volunteers “Mark No Chance” introduced a “power board”
on his marshal point...a great idea. It was certainly appreciated by Paul
RESTALL (27:14) who sped around the remainder of the course like a wind up
toy bath turtle.

Also born on this day in 1942 was English footballer, coach and manager
Nobby STILES. Which brings me onto Kingsbury parkrun guru John HANSON.
Often mistaken in his youth for Roger De Courcey, several experienced 1st
timers approached him for autographs during his warm up. 193 KWP parkruns
with over 50 volunteer roles for the Bear loving entertainer.

Trevor GASPER (29:40) is another name fondly associated with KWP. 241
runs/300 for him with 28 volunteer credits. Simply brilliant.
The experienced Sylvia PHILLIPS (28:32) has over 165 event appearances. Yet
again frequent volunteer Louise VERNON (28:43) has amassed 103 runs at
today's event alone.
Anne WEAVER (35:35) has over 80 and bearded Villain Gav CLINTON has
exceeded 140 at his local parkrun assisted by 15 volunteer ventures.

In 1862 on this date Josephus DANIELS was born. The American publisher and
politician was the 41 st US secretary of the Navy.
With 188 runs and 55 volunteer roles under his sleeve, Paul DANIELS was also
in attendance. (43:15)
The versatile John RESTALL (25:10) deserves great credit for 130 KWP outings
and 25 roles as a volunteer.

It’s an honour to be in a position to mention these local people. Many as
stated also volunteer on a regular basis. They are like the Status Quo and
Rolling Stones of the running world…parkrun legends.

Any young runner that already hasn’t been covered with a new PB, are listed
Mackenzie BLOXHAM (18:17 Wreake And Soar Valley AC), Lewis PRICE (21:06),
Samuel RHODES (23:05), Ellie GAUNTLETT (24:31 Tamworth AC), Tabitha LUNN
(27:58 Kenilworth Runners), Henry BOWYER (28:00), Oliver STATHAM (28:59),
Marie CHILD (29:01), Ewan JOESBURY (31:09), Jack HADDOCK (33:15), Ewan
CLIFFORD (34:09), Harry HADEN (34:28) and Kaitlin MARSHALL (39:00).
Well done to all our superb young runners, with a special mention for 1 st timer
Arlo WILLIAMS. (22:12)

Finally BADGERS runner Colin LEES ran his 100th Kingsbury parkrun. (21:37)
Laura Jane ASHWOOD continues to excel, as she again notched another
personal best (23:32).
Emma BARLOW (42:00) experienced the party atmosphere as she completed
her first parkrun. Deborah GARBETT (42:02) also successfully navigated the
new summer route.
Proud Gem FOLLIS ran the whole distance for a time of 29:18.
Experienced regular Juan Manuel Vera BACALLADO (27:29) embraced a
gorgeous birthday parkrun morning.

Thank you once again to all of today's volunteers. A huge well done to everyone
taking part and celebrating a new PB. On behalf of the event organisers I
sincerely hope all 1st timers enjoyed the day, course and surroundings.
I’m off to continue the party...and watch some 80’s re runs of John HANSON
with Nookie Bear.

Best wishes everyone and keep enjoying it.


Parkrun #299

This week saw the 299th running of Kingsbury Water parkrun, and the second week on our brand new summer course.

This event was a cause for celebration for several parkrunners, with plenty of milestones reached.

The sun shone down and some of our parkrunners must be solar powered, as 109 achieved PBs! Congratulations all round.

We welcomed 39 people completing their first ever parkrun with us. This number was boosted by a huge turnout of first-time parkrunners from This Girl Runs Tamworth & Lichfield. Congratulations to all of you and we hope this is just the beginning of your parkrun journey.

Two runners joined the Junior 10 club today; Jack Haddock and Adam Whittaker. Both have completed all their runs at Kingsbury Water.

Layla Rose Carver completed her 50th parkrun today. Again, these have all been at Kingsbury Water.

Two parkrunners chose to celebrate their 100th parkrun at Kingsbury Water. Dawn Darby had visited once previously in 2016 and beat her course PB today. Heather Campbell celebrated a double milestone, with this her 50th different event on the same day as her 100th parkrun.

Kate Jones celebrated turning 40 in the best possible way, by starting her day with a parkrun!

If you have a milestone or birthday coming up, let us know so we can give you a shout out in the run brief.

In total, 582 parkrunners walked, jogged and ran the course in the sunshine. They were supported by a team of 26 volunteers, ably led by Run Director, Rich Benham. The marshals proved very popular, giving lots of support to all the runners. If you’d like to join the fun and volunteer, please get in touch.

First finisher was Rob Mace in a time of 17:54, followed by Charlie Smith taking 17 seconds off his PB in 18:41 and Simon Corker in 18:45.

First female finisher was Katherine Snowden in 20:35, with Rosie Young and Frances Jackson coming 2nd and 3rd in a close finish, both recording a time of 21:46 and smashing their PBs in the process.

In addition to the 39 first time parkrunners, 27 others visited Kingsbury Water for the first time, with visitors coming from exotic locations including Huddersfield, Telford, Watford & Nottingham.

The most popular parkrunner name this week was a tie between David and Sarah, with 12 parkrunners with each name completing the course. The Davids take the crown in a tie break however, as there were also 3 Daves present.

The surname King reigned supreme, with 8 parkrunners, followed by Robinson & Walker with 6 each.

The best-represented age category this week was VW45-49 with 50 participants. Ladies in their 40s were very well represented, as the second biggest category was VW40-44 with another 42 parkrunners. The top male categories were VM45-49 and VM40-44 with 40 and 36 runners respectively.

The average time taken to complete the course this week was 31:07, and if each of the 582 parkrunners 5kms were run consecutively as a relay from Kingsbury Water Park, the total distance covered of 2,910km would be enough to reach Crete!

Join us next week for our 300th event!


Parkrun #298 – New course debut

Saturday May 4th .

Yes…this week we had the pleasure of hosting parkrun event number 298, on what is now referred to as “Star Wars day”. Fans of Stars Wars blockbusters such as “The Empire Strikes Back”, dress up in character, to pay homage to the inventive creative mind of director George LUCAS. In fact I nearly donned the Star Wars PJ’S again this week.

As late as Friday
evening I was wondering whether to create a lightsabre from a used kitchen roll, or just bring one of my clubbercise sticks.

But wait…

Saturday May 4 th is also world naked gardening day. Thankfully all of today’s runners arrived fully clothed, for the christening of a brand new summer course. 584 runners congregated of which 59 were 1st timers to the venue. 108 parkrun storm troopers left with a new PB.

BADGERS Danny WARREN will go into the Kingsbury archives, as he crossed the line in 17:29 to become first runner back on the new route. Ben SMITH celebrated his 25th parkrun. What better way to celebrate than running a new PB. The Coventry based Northbrook AC ace ran a quality 18:38. Hot on his heels was Simon CORKER (18:44), as he stormed through for Royal Sutton Coldfield AC.

It was a double celebration for Claire Louise MARTIN. The Canicross Midlands representative was first lady back, as she celebrated her 50th parkrun. (19:50). Olivia HARRIS got in on the PB act, as she completed proceedings in a top time of 19:54.

Young Zara BUCHANAN ensured another top 3 finish for Royal Sutton Coldfield AC, as she made up the top 3 for the ladies in a superb PB time of 21:08.

The astute Hannah COOGAN was today’s run director, with the cheeky Rachael SHELTON conducting the 1st timers briefing. Both felt the need to stand on a park picnic table. In fact they were both dressed so differently it was like a cat walk for Ewoks as they strutted to perfection.

With this week being a new course and a liberating week for garden
enthusiasts, I delved a little deeper this week to bring you the thoughts of those taking part. With open discussion regarding the course length…the following runners had this to say.
Keen gardener Eileen McElhone got straight to the root of the issue. Satisfied Eileen said “LOVED THE ROUTE AND I DON’T THINK IT SHOULD BE LONGER.”(38:02)

Peel Road runner pruner Garth COX celebrated his 50th outing. (22:45) No stranger to the course setup Garth added “IT IS ACCURATELY MEASURED. GPS ALWAYS READ SHORT DUE TO THE TREES. I ALWAYS GET A SLOWER THIRD KM. I HAVEN'T SLOWED DOWN IT’S THE EFFECT OF THE TREES.”

Fruit grower Kate PUGH had this to say “MY APPLE HAD IT AS 5KM EXACTLY AND I GOT A PB SO HAPPY HAPPY.” (29:05)


Barbara BALL ran her 225th parkrun in 34:50, with Tony ROGERS completing run number 150 in 24:01.

Duo Andrew BURGESS (24:20 PB) and Simon BANKS (29:36) ticked the 100 box.

Ashley BULLOCK stormed in on his 75th run with a powerful 19:28.
Mark WILLIAMS (24:03 Birchfield Harriers), Danielle SMITH (30:00) and Angela CRESSWELL (30:35) all bagged a ½ century.

Elsewhere there were 25 run milestones for young George DRINKWATER (23:09), Tracey ELLIS (31:44), 1 st timers Sarah BASKERVILLE (32:41) and young namesake Kacey (32:52). Jo PAYNE was another that marked the occasion running a PB. (34:42)

Michy’s Marvel Lucie Brady (51:13) completes the roll of honour.

The following all enjoyed run number 10.
Andrew LOVERIDGE (26:25), Ian DAVIES (28:15), Simon DOWNTON (28:30), Hollie WILLIAMS (28:36), Lisa SPARE (28:36 PB), Tasha HART (30:44), Robert DO (33:27), Paul GILLETT (33:45), Carol RICHARDS (39:24 PB), Clare MOUSLEY (41:09), Michelle RENDER (34:57), Andy WILLIAMS (35:30), Sonja DAVIES (35:33) and Kay BARKER (37:38).

Congratulations to everyone marking a milestone this weekend.

It wouldn’t be a Norm run report if it wasn’t true to a theme.
During this time of year blossom appears and crops grow to fruition.
In It Together Coventry runner Laura OAKLEY worked hard for a new PB. (32:59)

Kevin LANGTREE appeared running 32:55.
Ann BEECHEY shone as she recorded a watch time of 32:06.
Team HOLYOAK chalked another appearance on the board (32:14), and not to be outdone Simon MOSS features in this weeks run report with a nifty 25:31.

The experienced Geoff FARMER ploughed through the field impressing in 21:20.

With a backdrop of beautiful scenery, This Girl Runs Tamworth athlete Karen GREEN rightly so had the opportunity to ring the famous KWP PB bell. (43:10)

1st timer Megan GREEN ran 37:59 and fresh from his 50th volunteer role in recent weeks, volunteer Matt GREEN helped set up today's new course, before going on to run 20:35.

With a field of runners blessed with talent, Emma BARLEY (30:14) was the toast of This Girl Runs Tamworth as she scanned her barcode for a PB. Following suit was Chris BARLEY (30:13 PB).

Lil SOUTER was on marshal duty demonstrating an impressive pair of pom poms…in fact I even had the pleasure of giving another of today’s Hi-Vis heroes a high 5! (Gemma FOLLIS).

Total respect and admiration to all of today’s volunteers, with a big shout out to #picsbypenny.

Kingsbury parkrun is awash with young running talent. Here are this weeks young runner PB’s that haven't already featured.

Reinis BALTINS (19:32), Lewis PRICE (21:07), Samuel RHODES (23:44), Adam WHITTAKER (24:51), Reuben HARGREAVES (27:56), Hayden MOUSLEY (28:54), Sebastian STATHAM (31:39), Sophia INGHAM (33:12), Elizabeth DRUST (33:35), Lily PEGG (38:33), Alexander INGHAM (43:55) and Teigan INGHAM (43:55)…brilliant everyone.

Pamela ANDERSON lookalike YVONNE FAULKNER (31:57) and the Prosecco Prince John DULSON (32:04) sang and ran as they entertained fellow runners with their dulcet tones. (oh Norm)

Regular Paul OWEN enjoyed the occasion in 41:39.

The story of the day for me are a duo I have wanted to write about for some time now. In fact before today’s run I walked behind Ian MCNAMARA as he and Mark ROBINSON walked towards the start line. Not only was it a pleasure to congratulate Ian on recent times after injury, it was a joy to hear him confident on improving his time…and didn’t he just. With a time of sub 30 minutes the aim this year, Ian was certainly this weeks hero as he can now focus on sub 29 with a breath taking performance (29:21) Ian MCNAMARA I salute you and I wish you every success going forward.

Young Layla Rose CARVER edged closer to her 50th parkrun as she ran 46:24, with Helen TIBBY in hot pursuit. (46:28)

A young volunteer today Alex SANDHAM will also hit milestone 50 next time out. (55:48)
Laura ASHWOOD is a name fondly associated with Kingsbury. A huge well done today Laura, for your latest personal best. (24:42)

Local BADGERS runner Fiona MELDRUM will no doubt be typing away on the Asda click and deliver page for bargain cakes, as she eagerly awaits her 100th landmark having run her 99th today. (28:26)

The esteemed Michael BAILEY accelerated through the gears as he ran a PB of
23:27. (PB)

David DUGMORE left the car park with a swagger. (PB 27:25)

Neil CLEMONS showed true grit as he ran 19:11 for a PB (BADGERS).

BADGERS newcomer Matt HEAP took nearly 2 minutes off his distance personal best. (24:16)

I have no idea what the Chinese new year of 2019 is… but in running circles the Crow that is Robert is ticking all the right boxes. (PB 21:49)

I think that’s just about all bases covered…just 2 things left to say really.

(you know what’s coming surely)

When it comes to gardening, there is no one more equipped to use his hands
to good effect than Paul DANIELS (39:12)



Parkrun #297

Today marks my parkrun 2 year anniversary.

I don't know if other people mark the yearly anniversaries, or if they (you) only focus on the "milestones". In any other circumstances I wouldn't mark the years, but I started parkrunning after finding out a very good friend had killed themselves, and as it's just been the anniversary of their death, I know it's also been 2 years since I started running.

I've been doing a bit of reflecting, so this report may be slightly longer than usual!

In the past 2 years I've run 39 parkrun, 1 10km race, 2 half Marathons, and 1 full marathon. I've run 400 miles altogether, and signed up to run 1000 miles this year.

I've discovered I really like running on trails, and I really don't like running after having a fizzy drink. I've made some absolutely great friends, and had some fantastic cake. But more than all that, more than the community I've found in my running, I've discovered that I can go further than I thought possible. What started out as a "come to parkrun, it might take your mind off things, and if not then we can have a chat", has turned into a huge part of my life, as well as questioning if I want to run up 8 mountains in a day - for fun!

People start parkrunning for a whole host of reasons, but the one thing everyone at every parkrun has in common is a desire to improve themselves in some way. It might be time based - a huge shout to Kevin Geary, who is now only 6 seconds away from his elusive 23minute aim! - or it may be to be fitter, to be able to run the whole 5k, to have some time away from home and stress, to recharge, to tackle the rest of life that little bit easier, to run a marathon (don't start too fast, enjoy the atmosphere, don't be afraid to wear your medal forever afterwards!).

Whatever challenge you're facing, today's course was certainly part of it! There were times when the facade of calm and serenity was shattered by turning a corner into the wind, and my, what winds they were! If you were one of the 428 people who ran, jogged, and walked the course, I salute you!

A special well done to all 61 pb's, if you can get a pb in this weather, you can definitely beat it on a calmer week! And if you were one of the 42 first timers, it's not always this windy - honest!

To those 13 people who had today as their first ever parkrun: Great Job! This is the beginning of a whole new journey, and don't be afraid to dream big! (and don't forget your barcode!)

To those at the other end of the spectrum (Mr John Hanson on 273 parkruns!), I don't need to tell you how great running is, but think back to when you started, and think about how far you've come - don't be afraid to look back with pride as well as planning the next thing!

To those somewhere in between, to those who may be coming to parkrun but not doing much else run wise inbetween Saturdays, that's OK! You're allowed to dream, but you're also allowed to keep doing what you're doing, sometimes what we're already doing is enough!

Keep on being awesome! ❤️


Event #296 Easter Bunny Pacers

British bank holiday weekends are often associated with umbrellas, cardigans and the occasional anorak. The weather for event number 296 broke tradition, as open toed sandals, man crocs and Bermuda shorts were flying off the shelves faster than a Galaxy Easter egg.
I’m no Wincey WILLIS…but I will hazard a guess that todays event was the hottest in 2019. (made hotter by the appearance of local heartthrob Rich BENHAM)
604 parkrun lovers embraced the sunshine. 91 were 1st timers and 124 runners left with a new PB.
A big thank you as always to all the volunteers. (32 this weekend)
Fantastic work and huge credit to the core team. With pacers on hand and chocolate bunnies for all the young runners, the stage was set.

Run director Judy PARKES led the line, serenading the crowd with a mahooosive loud speaker.
In just 4 weeks time the event will be celebrating parkrun number 300…fantastic.

The 1st PB of the day belonged to Jason BURGESS. The Burton AC athlete powered home finishing first back in a quality 16:53.
Phil CLAMP had it nailed down, as the Tipton Harriers runner followed in an equally impressive 17:22.
With the 3rd place finisher unknown, 1st timer Ricky COLEMAN was the toast of Arena 80 AC, completing the circuit in 17:41.

The agile Olivia HARRIS had the distinction of 1st female finisher. (21:19)
Coventry runner Jane EDWARDS ran a new course personal best for Sphinx AC. (21:24)
Young Natasha LEE was 3rd female home much to the delight of Tamworth AC. (22:38)

Now the Easter Bunny (also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare) is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs.
Originating among German Lutherans, the Easter Hare originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether the children were good or disobedient in behaviour at the start of the season of Eastertide. (honestly I surprise myself at times)
The young runners at Kingsbury are fantastic…here are our latest youth super hero parkrun PB’s.
Isaac CARTWRIGHT (21:27 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Joseph GORST (21:49 Tamworth AC), Alfie BARLOW (22:20), Joel CARTWRIGHT (22:53 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Eva CARTWRIGHT (23:24 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), Evan MARSHALL (23:27), George HADDOCK (23:29), Holly CHILD (23:34 Cliff Lakes OCR), William PAGE (23:43), Libbie JOYCE (23:49), Evie FOREST (24:39), Owen WOODS (27:08), Daniel SLAUGHTER (27:11), Georgia COLEMAN (27:16), Robyn LEE (28:22 Tamworth AC), Henry BOWYER (28:55), Hannah JONES (29:39), Bobby WOOD (33:14), Jack HADDOCK (33:32), Elizabeth DRUST (33:44) and Lily PEGG (42:54)…Superb everyone.

On the subject of Easter and bunnies, how ironic that Danny WARREN was first BADGER back. (18:18)
Another furry symbol associated with Easter is the chick.
First timers Gary (25:03), Matthew (24:41) and Sarah (28:45) PECK all featured.
David BIRD ran 26:11 with Lisa SPARROW greeting the spectators in 34:41.
Vicki “Fowl”er…(sorry)…59:21 ran with debutant Steven MALE (58:59)
A proud moment as young Daniel MALE completed his first parkrun. (57:05)

29 that took part today feature next. All ran a milestone more than worthy of a mention.
1st timer Steven HAND (41:27) ran his 10th parkrun. The following also completed parkrun number 10.
Young Natasha LEE (22:38 Tamworth AC PB), Matt BAILEY (20:04 Macclesfield Harriers @ AC 1st timer), Christine MORTIMER (33:45 This Girl Runs – Tamworth), Lucinda CARDER (24:59), Gary ALLEN (25:11 PB), Peter STEPHENSON (25:17 1st timer), Neil GRIFFIN (26:21), Mandy PEARSON (27:09), Joanne ELLIS (31:34) and Liz ROBERTS (32:24).

Youngster Matthew BANKS (30:41) successfully navigated his 25th parkrun. Other runners achieving the same milestone were Alex RESTALL (21:20 PB), Helen LAWRENCE (31:27), Javier GARCIA (22:30 PB), Sarah ATKINS (31:27), 1st timer Carlitros CATALAN (22:55), Ben HALL (23:27 Lonely Goat RC), Simon HILL (25:05) and Andrew STATHAM (25:31).

Neil THORNE celebrated his 50th run. (32:54)
Ben DORKINS (22:22) and Isabelle DOHERTY (34:32) left with 75 runs to their name.

It was a day to remember in the Dennis household. Young Toby DENNIS was triumphant in run number 100. (26:51)
Bethany DENNIS remarkably hit the 125 mark. (30:21)…top achievements from 2 of the venues regular youth runners.

4 runners also joined the 100 club. Gale KING (31:35), Kay MOHANNA (34:03), Kwabena OSAYANDE (35:40 Bermuda Striders) and Michy’s Marvel Sally HATTON (30:49).

Elsewhere 1st timer Jazzy DREW was the fresh prince of Kingsbury, as he represented Beaumont RC. (25:17)
Real gone kid Jo SMITH ran her quickest time since 2017. The “Abba” of park runners stormed to a super trooper time of 23:35.
Musician and marathon trainer Claire WEBBER homed in on run number 200, as she ran her 199th parkrun in 30:58.
Popular Gemma FOLLIS (27:24) rightly so rang the PB bell, as did Ian JACKSON. (24:54)…in fact rumour has it that Ian spent so long ringing the bell, he left with it attached to his right hand. Wife Sharon (24:25) demonstrated her known attributes in a family clearly blessed with running talent.

Ashley I say Ashley Bullock featured. (PB 19:24)…he certainly didn’t see red and neither did Nick HERRING, as he too finished with an identical time for a new PB.
Garth COX is another regular often appearing on the volunteer roster. The Peel Road Runner made heads turn as he ran a new best of 22:25, as he closes in on parkrun number 50…Tom Selleck ran 19:43.

Mark ROBINSON fresh from his 50th parkrun appearance, ran with the returning Ian MCNAMARA.
Imran ALI (Sphinx AC 23:31), Leanne TURVEY (23:32), Chris BENNETT (23:47) and Ross FERRIS (24:11) all joined the PB club.

A Mohican is a haircut often referred to as a Mohawk. In the most common variety both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the centre console. Glyn BROADHURST continued his form with a fashionable new PB of 18:21.
Paul COOPER warmed up for his first marathon (London) with his latest PB (31:38)
20/20 was a fruity drink reminiscent of my youth. Cameron BARNES no doubt raised a glass as he finished in 20:20 (PB). Another shifting through the gears is Leon MILLERSHIP, as he cruised to another best of 22:16.
A special mention to Lil SOUTER. If there was an award for sheer determination she would be up there for sure. To see how hard she worked for yet another PB made my parkrun. (24:21)

It wouldn’t be a Norm run report without mentioning Paul DANIELS. Next week I’m in Blackpool for the ½ marathon and I’ve always wanted to buy one of them “damn seagulls” baseball caps.
I’m gonna get an “I LOVE DANIELS” t-shirt and wear it to the next event.

Happy Easter all and have a fantastic bank holiday.

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