Event number 285

2nd February 2019
The first parkrun of February and what a beautiful spring-like day to run…..

Did you know that February is named after the “Ice Moon”?. It struck me that we might have had an ice moon this week. The sky has been so clear and on Friday there were lots of calls into the BBC asking what the two bright planets were either side of the crescent moon… if you saw them it was Jupiter and Venus!

The lack of cloud cover brought a very chilly and frosty morning to Kingsbury. I love the park at this time of year… sound travels further because of the lack of leaves on the trees.. you can hear the dogs barking excitedly at the start, the birds singing more clearly in the trees as well as hear the excitement of the finish line as you turn the bend at the bottom of the lake. I love the sounds of parkrun.

This week we did wonder whether we would need to use the double lap course to avoid the slippery tarmac but the decision of the early risers, Rich and Hannah, was that we were good to go on the usual route. We hardly ever have to cancel parkrun- if you stayed in bed because it felt cold you missed a treat today.. and you missed the great afternoon self satisfied glow... I know I did this week.

And what a morning it was. You can’t get more “fabulous” on a crisp cold but sunny morning than 444 people running, jogging or walking the course. 29 of these were experiencing this for the first time. We really hope that these first timers will be back. You saw the park on a beautiful “spring like” morning and you heard the birds singing, but the beauty of this parkrun is experiencing this every week as the seasons change.

It was just the right conditions for PBs too… Did you know that since Kingsbury Waterparkrun started 15,667 new Personal Bests have been recorded!. Today 76 runners recorded new Personal Bests – of note were Martin CLUTTERBUCK (Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), David SMITH (Hatton Darts) and Ian HORTON all recording new PBs after doing well over 100 runs.. that is good going!!

In total 29 clubs took part today and there were lot of PBs for local clubs:

CLIFF LAKES OCR: Daniel HISCOKE, Holly CHILD, Samuel GILL, Keely HARPER, Robyn HARPER, Emelia CHILD and Nichola ALBUTT.

BADGERS: Cameron BARNES and keeping it in the family Lisa BARNES, and Pip WESTON.

MICHYS MARVELLS: Catrina GILL, Michelle ORME and Jayne HOLMES. Jayne’s hubby Tim HOLMES also recorded a PB


But well done to all runners and walkers who recorded PBs today.

Michy’s Marvells are increasing their turnout at parkrun and we have to say a huge congratulations to the wonderful Michelle DARLASTON for achieving her award for coaching Michy’s Marvells runners at the Round Table awards at Drayton Manor last night. It was also lovely to see that her niece Poppy GUILDER- who is often seen cheering the family on at parkrun- won an award for being such an inspiration to others.

What I love about parkrun is that it is for all people, no matter what their age. Becky RIDGE (J11-14) joined the 10 club today, Samuel KEY and Peter GRAY joined the 50 club, David SMITH joined the 100 club, the fabulous Mike SHELTON of the PEELERS and Jack JOHNSON (11-14) both completed their 150th parkrun today and Paul DANIELS completed his 175th parkrun. It feels to me like Jack JOHNSON (like so many other youngsters) have grown up through parkrun and it is great to see them week in week out. Well done to these runners!!

Chris HORTON was first runner back again this week in 17:18 and Till-Beau TYSON (11-14) was first female back in a time of 22:25. The highest WAVA scorers were Chris HORTON (81.31%) David PETTIFER (79.66%) Martin CLUTTERBUCK (77.98%) closely followed by fabulous Syvia PHILLIPS (77.33%) and Pip WESTON (75.87%).

But Kingsbury waterparkrun is about more than figures and stats, it is a great community of regulars that make parkrun a fun and inclusive experience for all. So this is a shout out to all those who haven’t been mentioned! You are all amazing!!

Of course we love to give a shout out to the volunteers, without whom there would be no parkrun for us to celebrate the times, pbs, club memberships and birthdays. This week we are indebted to the following 26 volunteers:
Richie BUNN • Hannah COOGAN • Brian ADAMS • Judy PARKES • Paul DANIELS • Jane BARRETT • Andy STRETTON • Lisa ARNOLD • Kevin GEARY • Sarah DENNIS • Rachael SHELTON • Matthew JACKSON • Neal DEMPSEY • Toby DENNIS • Jackie RUTHERFORD • Steve RUTHERFORD • Sharon WHITEHEAD • Alex SANDHAM • Richard BENHAM • Bethany DENNIS • Nick DENNIS • Natasha O'CALLAGHAN • Laura EDWARDS • Susan HANN • Lil SOUTER • Gemma FOLLIS

Since Kingsbury waterparkrun started a total of 720 individual have volunteered 5,749 times. In total we have had 11,791 participants. Could you join the ranks of the 720 who give up a week for others to run? If so please contact the core team through email to volunteer at Kingsburywateroffice @parkrun.com

Don't panic!! It is now only 6 days til the next parkrun. Have a good week!!