event No. 288

Wowzers…It seems ages… bare time even, since I appeared at my home parkrun (let alone do the run report) I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve missed the venue, course and those associated with the event. Luckily for me this week I also had the opportunity to run.

The last time I wrote the run report the sun and warmer weather was a distant memory. Fast forward several weeks and here we are enjoying the early stages of spring, with the clocks due to change as we approach the month of March. The feel good factor is back and what a glorious morning to run.

The magic of parkrun is certainly not lost on me (or Paul DANIELS for that ma-er (39:51) )…I’ve missed this.

It was a pleasure to see familiar faces that have now become friends. Take todays run director for example Judy PARKES (who I’m reliably informed had a smashing time).

This weekend was event number 288 in what was a fantastic sporting weekend. Boxing, Rugby, Football, the Midlands Tiddlywinks world championships (literally something for every avid sporting fan). 597 runners descended upon a venue, I think most would agree is hard to rival. It is the creme de la creme of parkruns. Quite literally the icing on the cake or the prized chocolate hobnob of the biscuit tin.

27 volunteers featured, most of which appear every week dedicating their time. A huge thank you to everyone for their continued commitment, to ensure the run takes place. 78 first timers enjoyed the venue for the first time…123 (as easy as ABC) left with a new PB!

Jonathan JENNINGS (17:19) was first across the line representing Birmingham Running Athletics and Triathlon RC. Bang on that Jonathan and superb running.
Howard BUSH is a runner that has caught my eye when compiling the run report. The Tamworth AC ace made his way towards the bar code scanners with a time of 17:36.
Gloucester Athletic Club had Jason TILLEY in attendance. No doubt the club and the man himself were delighted, as he finished 3rd with a new PB time of 17:48.

Tracy HINXMAN led a trio of female runners who all bagged a new PB on the day. The Derby AC athlete finished in a quality 18:29. ( she also topped the age grading with 86.47%...wow)
Claire Louise MARTIN (Canicross Midlands) followed next in 19:48.
Katherine SNOWDEN made it a good day for Tamworth AC, as she pocketed a 20:15 PB.

The reverend William WEBB ELLIS was a clergyman and the alleged inventor of Rugby football.
Andrew ELLIS (23:29) and Martin ELLIS (25:18) both impressed.
With England playing Wales in the 6 Nations, Brian WELSH converted his 175th parkrun (25:23)…well done sir.
Footballing namesakes Darren CARTER (26:53 PB) and Paul ALLEN (23:57 1st timer) got in on the action. Paul VARDY was another first timer as he struck to seal a watch time of 22:38.
Garth CROOKS is an ex footballer and TV pundit. Regular Garth COX ran strong for Peel Road Runners (23:19).
Paul TYSON (32:01), Roma TYSON (31:41) and young Tilli-Beau TYSON (23:38) all delivered.

It was a celebratory day for both Peel Road Runners and Cliff Lakes OCR, as many of their members achieved milestones. Here is a list of all runners that feature.

The following all ran their 10th parkrun. Nicola CHILD (31:43 Cliff Lakes OCR), Emma RIDDELL (30:08 PB), Andrew CLAYTON (30:59), Emily CARTER (35:43 Cliff Lakes OCR 1st timer), Tim HOLMES (36:50), Julie PRESTON (36:57) and Jenny GILL (37:07 Cliff Lakes OCR PB).

Simon HARPER enjoyed his 25th parkrun completing the course in a swift 22:02.
Jamie WEETMAN (27:03), Peter HACKETT (28:11) and Ann HILL (33:09 Peel Road Runners) all left with the same milestone.

The next roll of honour is for all those that hit the 50 parkrun mark.
Darren TRUMAN (25:01 Peel Road Runners), Sandra INGRAM (27:02 Peel Road Runners), Steve O’NEIL (28:03), Andrea WEBSTER (28:05), Ken ARCHER (28:17), Sarah FRENCH (33:09 Peel Road Runners) and William Peter MULHERON (34:46).

Wayne REPTON (22:09 PB BADGERS), Noel MURPHY (27:15) and Sharon GRAY (30:01) all reached the 75 target.

Omar TAREK was no doubt delighted as he left with 100 parkruns to his name. (25:04)

Gill SNOWDEN navigated todays course with the proud distinction of run number 125.

Regulars will know that the young runners always take centre stage. A jaw dropping 16 all had the opportunity to ring todays PB bell. Here is a list of all of our young super heroes.
Reinis BALTINS (19:46), Luke TORPEY (21:59 Shpinx AC), Hayden RUTHERFORD (23:41), Henry BAKER-YEARWOOD (24:30), Daniel PALMER (24:41), Samuel VERNON (25:25), Evie FOREST (27:29), Julian ROBERTS (27:34 Nuneaton Harriers AC), Adam WHITTAKER (28:04), Thomas PRESTON (29:48), Grace STARKEY (30:41), Cheyanne HARVEY (32:42), Megan POWELL (35:58), Sophia INGHAM (43:02), Alexander INGHAM (44:08) and Teigan INGHAM (44:30)…brilliant.

Gavin, Norman and Norville are my favourite names.
3 males named Gavin featured this weekend. Bearded crowd favourite Gav CLINTON warmed up for the April Brighton marathon. He demonstrated why he is much revered with a top notch finish time of 20:49.
The also bearded Nuneaton George CLOONEY Gavlar CROCKWELL, posed for a PB selfie after ringing the bell, as he prepares for the Manchester marathon. (20:59)
I have no idea if Gav BAKER has a beard (but wouldn’t it be nice…we could form our own parkrun bearded boy band)..Well done Mr BAKER on your own PB time of 26:02.

Talking of boybands, John HANSON was quite simply different gravy. Not only did he finish in 20:55 he also got a WAVA rating of 75.38%...brilliant John and well deserved with all the hard work and training…cruising on Ocean Drive.

Local club BADGERS chipped in with their own PB times. Merv DENNIS aka Merv “The Swerve” JONES was at it again. Half man half machine the PB master did it again. (24:23)
Leon MILLERSHIP is a man who has been eyeing up the PB bell for several weeks. In fact a rumour sweeping around KWP is he was last seen winking at it, having been spotted midweek polishing it with a chamois leather. (22:27 PB)
Carl SAVAGE ran a new PB of 23:28.
Emma MASSER took full advantage of her own recent marathon training. (22:48 PB)
Rachel TAYLOR finalised her 8th parkrun with a new PB (31:55).
The “Measham Maestro” Alan ARGYLE also featured. (21:25)

A special mention though for David JACKSON. (19:39)
The diminutive BADGER known locally as “Big D” has quite literally had to watch on, as he makes his comeback from a lengthy injury. Here’s to a successful comeback and 2019!

It really has been a treat for me this weekend. It’s a pleasure to write the run report on any given week.
Thank you to everyone that supports this fantastic event.

On a final note keep your eyes peeled for the popular local BADGERS 10K opening for entries…a 10k event in the running for the National awards.