KWP Parkrun #289

Kingsbury Water – what a change from a year ago! – event #289

So, hands up who actually managed a parkrun the first week in March last year? Remember the Beast from the East? Or officially Anticyclone Hartmut? Today couldn’t have been more different. Today marked the first parkrun in 2019 where a good number had moved from thick running garb into lighter weight, spring style kit. Agreed, Storm Freya was getting psyched up for Sunday, but this was my first proper sunny, chatty run of the year.

From the tourist and voluntourist perspective, Kingsbury Water is a lot closer to Warwick than the GPS thought it would be on the Friday, so Harriet WHITE (barcodes) and I arrived along with the pre-event set up team. Parking is good (it’s very very good at 8am, #justsayin) and the team was ultra friendly. We chatted, posed with the selfie frame, and admired both lake and railway. Some days parkrun is about chasing a time. Others it’s getting out no matter how dreadful the weather. Today it was about enjoying the water, the bird, the trees and the joy of putting one foot in front of another. It’s quite a slow, steady start from the ‘level crossing’ and I settled in, quite by chance, to run with Sophie WALKER and her buggy passenger.

There were 34 people who ran their very first parkrun today and it looked as if it were a graduation run from a couch to 5k program or similar. Well done to everyone – and welcome to the parkrun family. Moving up the number of runs, Daniel SLAUGHTER joined the most exclusive junior 10 club. Shelley ASHBOLT, Evie WHITEHEAD (with a shiny new PB) and Ellie DARLASTON joined the 50 club with Edward SANDFORD joining the 100 club. May all your tshirt links go live quickly. Of the 567 parkrunners, 86 got new PBs to join the 51 first timers.

Breakfast afterwards was a delight. We were due to go to a show at the NEC and we had to be well fuelled. We sat outside because it was warm enough, not just because there was no seating inside, and continued the parkrun chat. It was also warm enough to go to the excellent playpark and delay any adulting.

I had a ball, I had a blast, I’d love to come back and improve myself: we might try Crufts one year instead of careers and post 18 plans. Thankyou.

Pippa WHITE, Queen Elizabeth.