A blustery morning at Kingsbury

On a blustery morning with the weather decidedly unsure, the younger runners featured heavily in run number 290.
587 parkrunners took part this morning, after heavy midweek rain and strong winds. 85 battled the less than favourable conditions to bag a new PB time(16 of which were young super heroes).

4 youngsters also hit new milestones and 64 of today’s attendees were first time runners.

26 volunteers made the event possible, many of which braved the elements. These people are called hi vis heroes for a reason, as they dedicate their time, often sacrificing their own parkrun. It really is a rewarding role and I'm sure the event core team would welcome new faces on the weekly volunteer roster.
Cool mum Hannah COOGAN was todays run director and took centre stage. (talking of centre stage Paul DANIELS featured running 39:05). Thank you to Hannah and Italian referee Pierluigi COLLINA lookalike (Rich BENHAM) for his Facebook and social media contributions. Hannah’s daughter Natasha ‘unicorn’ O’CALLAGHAN earnt her purple t-shirt by volunteering for the 25th time.

I've been previously called Jessica FLETCHER (amongst various other names) due to my 1 finger typing exploits and moderate investigational skills ...so can you imagine my delight when I saw that J FLETCHER was first across the line! (Parkrun he wrote).
Yes, it was first timer Jamie FLETCHER who greeted the funnel manager in a fantastic time of 17:19.(Hatton Darts RC)
BADGERS athlete David "Felix" MCGOWAN missed out by "a whisker", as he rang the PB bell pocketing a quality 17:29. (The man)
Lichfield RC flyer Duncan COOPER made up the top 3. (18:03)
Claire Louise MARTIN had the accolade of first lady back.(20:39 Canicross Midlands)
Katherine SNOWDEN again came to prominence. The consistent Tamworth AC ace finished in 21:16.
Chaselife.uk Runner Sarah HETHERINGTON ran with a certain degree of panache, as she finished 3rd lady home in 21:31.

Richard JOHNSON (22:37) celebrated his 125th parkrun.
Young Roshan GHEDIA hit the 100 mark and I'm delighted to be able to report this.(31:07)
2 runners marked their 75th parkrun with a new PB.
Philip MCCARRON representing Massey Ferguson RC ran a swift 23:23.
Angela HINEY-BANCROFT made it a day to remember with a personal best of 34:39.

Another 2 young runners enjoyed their 50th parkrun. Congratulations to Ethan ASHBOLT (29:36) and Eleanor MULHERON (34:26).
James FORDE joined the half century party as he completed the route in 33:53.
The experienced Christine NORRIS did herself and local club Peel Roadrunners proud, as she enjoyed a time of 38:27.

David HETHERINGTON worked hard for a top time of 21:14, as he ran his 25th. (Chaselife.uk Runners)
Dave BIRD (26:28) and Chris PERKINS (27:32 PB) both registered run number 25 on the official stats pages.

13 dedicated runners achieved their 10th parkrun.
Young Rose KENNEDY(28:42 PB), Ian GOULD(21:32 Chaselife.uk Runners PB), Stephen BAKER(21:33 Cliff Lakes OCR), Jonathan WATTS(21:40 PB), Lee MEYRICK(24:34), Holly TURNER(27:31), Kirsty SMITH(30:42), Rachel TAYLOR(30:50 BADGERS PB), Abigail EVANS(31:35), Jen ELLIS(35:25), Michelle INGHAM(49:02), Neil SHOTT(40:15) and James INGHAM(38:47).

Such is her love for parkrun the only way today was Kingsbury, as Juliet ESSEX ran 34:07.
The popular Ian JACKSON(26:09), Laura ASHWOOD(25:09 PB) and Trevor GASPER(30:16) all got in on the act.
1st timers Katie MACRAE(30:15) and Steven MCLAREN(26:12) were both quick off the mark, as they accelerated towards the chequered flag.
With local Midlands neighbours Birmingham City and Aston Villa due to play tomorrow, all was well in todays DARBY as Isobelle DARBY(28:57) and Robert DARBY(24:31) both ended up honours, even with new PB times.
Andy WILLIAMS was just too good to be true, as he entertained the crowd with his own PB(29:44)...I've just put this on my phone on YouTube while I finish the report.(da da da da daaaaaaa da da da da da)

Todays young superstars deserve great credit and their names in lights...here are this weeks PB heroes that haven’t already been mentioned.
Joe WATTS(19:40), Oliver GOLDSWORTHY(21:06 Tamworth AC), Joseph GORST(22:25 Tamworth AC), Jenson PICKETT(23:05), William ORME(25:18), Luke ASPREY(25:28), Adam WHITTAKER(26:06), Evie FOREST(26:33), Robyn HARPER(28:57 Cliff Lakes OCR), Oliver STATHAM(30:24), Poppy HANCOCK(30:40), Emelia PICKETT(31:37), Jacob HASTILOW(32:32 Chaselife.uk Runners), George HARRISON(33:35) and Sophia INGHAM(38:46).

It was a pleasure to welcome UK PARKRUN TOURISTS Elliott LINE at todays run.(45:58)
Young Austin LINE also made his debut(45:02).

Finally several local Kingsbury regulars celebrated with Laura EDWARDS, as she also ran her 50th parkrun.
The film loving athlete sports a well groomed fringe which she is rightly proud of. One of my favourite film fringes was that of Jim CARREY character Lloyd CHRISTMAS in Dumb and Dumber.
Today there was certainly "something about Laura".
Mrs MAGNUM has shaved over 11 minutes off her parkrun time since her first run. This in large has been down to extra training and going that extra length.
Known affectionately by her Auntie Rach and Uncle Rich as "LUL", It really is a pleasure to congratulate both Laura and Sam as they announced they are expecting their first child together.
A huge congratulations both from KWP and your extended parkrun family.

KWP and parkrun in general is a weekly event that brings people closer together. To have the opportunity to witness such events let alone write about them is a real privilege.