A sunny spring morning at Kingsbury

Oi Oi!!!...hands up if you enjoyed todays parkrun, venue, volunteers, support, weather and core team organisation…wasn’t it just a blast!
My enjoyment started as soon as I got out of bed. The opportunity to run in a pair of pyjamas was simply an opportunity I couldn’t afford to turn down.

Now I’ve yet to meet KWP’s very own Paul DANIELS (37:37)…but tonight I promise you that 1 whole hour will disappear.
Yes you’ve got it. It’s the weekend we all look forward to and embrace with open arms. It’s “adios” Winter and “how you doing” Spring. (said in a Joey TRIBBIANI voice)

Doing more than fine today were 552 sun loving park runners. 108 celebrated a new PB time and 71 were first timers, who no doubt enjoyed the picturesque scenery.

Gary WHITEHOUSE representing Tipton Harriers made a course debut. Not only did he record a fantastic time of 16:58, he was also first back on what was event number 293.
Another first timer John HAYMAN followed next. Royal Sutton Coldfield AC are one of many local clubs that impress weekly. (17:41)
Thomas BRADLEY was on more familiar territory, as he notched a quality new PB of 17:56. (Hatton Darts RC)

It was a good day for 1st time runners, as Sarah BURTON finished first lady back in a rapid 20:17.
Not for the first time and I’m sure not for the last, I write the name of Claire Louise MARTIN. The Canicross Midlands runner crossed the line in 20:48.
Flying the flag for Coventry running club Northbrook AC , Jill PITTARD will no doubt be delighted to head back to the Sky Blue City with a new PB of 21:03. (PUSB)

Now Pyjamas originated from the Indian subcontinent. In the Western world they are loose fitting garments worn chiefly for sleeping, or lounging around.
In fairness in modern day society, it’s not unusual to see such attire worn on the school run such is their popularity. On the odd occasion I’ve done a 10k social run in them and nipped for a paper.
A few wore PJ’s today as part of a competition to win a King Sized mattress for best photo. There were certainly some bobby dazzlers on show. (I just worn mine for sheer liberation)

Margaret DOWNES deserves the plaudits, as she ran her 200th parkrun. (36:15)
Charlotte BARR chalked up her 125th. (26:47)
Michy’s Marvels are certainly 1 of many local favourites. Louise SHEPHERD was the toast of the Tamworth based club, as she notched a ton! (100th 31:37)

Lapping up that well renowned Kingsbury parkrun crowd support, was Steve LAPHAM. Is it any wonder as he dug in to celebrate his 50th run with a top new PB of 21:32.
Taz YOUSAF is not only popular but held in high regard. The Lonely Goat RC athlete shared the same milestone, finishing in 27:02.
Rebecca ROBERTS(27:23), Alison UPTON(29:49 Peel Road Runners) and Ruth MEEK(31:52) all rightly so enjoyed a fantastic achievement of 50 parkruns.
Lil SOUTER is a name most regulars associate with KWP parkrun. She also clocked up running event number 50. The BADGERS runner is also a regular volunteer, often sacrificing her own parkrun to make these weekly events possible. With colourful pom poms and more Tikiboo than a cat walk fashion show, she as all the above deserved her well earnt milestone.

Now this might sound like a register…a roll call even…but all the following ran their 10th parkrun…and it’s a fantastic feat, let alone a step onto the ladder for that next milestone.
Joshua MORGAN(22:04), Elizabeth INNIS(25:00),Lee WILLIAMS(26:04),Karen OLDACRES(27:28 1st timer),Lucy CADDICK(28:55 PB),Kimberley LEES(29:00 Cliff Lakes OCR),Karen GEBHARD(30:06 PB),Ruth DORKINS(30:49),Colin HILL(31:36),Lynzi AGAR(31:43),Adrian PARKES(33:11 a regular KWP volunteer),Lorraine HOWELL(34:00),Phillip ALLSOPP(34:43) and This Girl Runs Tamworth Jenny RAITHBY(44:59)…Wow.

Ashley TAYLOR volunteered and was a welcome addition.
Loyal Sharon WHITEHEAD and Sue THOULD navigated the parkrun ship, successfully guiding in all participants…2 of many volunteers appreciated.

Many have grappled with that finish line PB bell. Ashley BULLOCK firmly grabbed it by the horns as he finished in a rapid 19:36.
Young Adam WHITTAKER(25:27) pipped Chris PARSONS(25:28) by a nose, as both left with a new personal best.
Julie DENT(29:28) took a chunk out of her previous course time.(PB)
He may not have arrived with his bed robes, but Paul GILLETT left with a time…a new PB to be precise(29:31)

The one sure fire thing when I write the run report is I can’t include everyone. What I can guarantee though is I will include as many as I can.

The experienced Michael BAILEY(24:01) was the toast of local club BADGERS, as he ran a new PB.
This Girl Runs Tamworth had a great weekend. Gail FINDON lead the way with a quality time of 35:12(PB)
John BARRY(32:56), Mary BARRY(28:16) and Ken ARCHER(27:30) all rang that PB bell.

Let me give you 2 words…”young runners”.
Here is another list of every young parkrun champ that bagged a PB!
Charlie SMITH(18:58 Birchfield Harriers), Thomas Lloyd(19:09 Royal Sutton Coldfield AC), George DRINKWATER(21:21), Harvey OLIVER(24:04), Bethany DENNIS(24:50), Evie FOREST(25:35), Benjamin DALY(26:38), Faith GOLDSWORTHY(26:55), Roma TYSON(27:21), Rose KENNEDY(28:04), Robyn HARPER(28:13 Cliff Lakes OCR), Grace STARKEY(30:35) and Dan NEEDHAM(34:39).

Today I spotted Little Miss PJ’s, Betty Boop, Elmo, Darth Vader…even Santa.
David Mcgowan though couldn’t hide the glare of this weeks run reporter. I might be wrong but I’m sure I saw him in an Arsenal onesie, as he looked on in admiration as Charlene DUNN(BADGERS)ran a well deserved PB(22:54).
Jake BRADFORD(20:58), Robert OLIVER(22:03), Bill GUTHERIDGE(22:34) and Joanne HADDON(38:16) all celebrated the clocks changing with a personal best.

Nicola ORTON and Nicola STANLEY literally bossed the show.
Nicola ORTON took an astonishing 4 minutes off for a new PB(36:48)
Nicola STANLEY made it 3 consecutive PB times in a row, having felt the lucky chin.(27:31)
Michelle RENDER furnished a new PB of 35:04. Robert DO arrived with no doubt(32:14 PB)
Jonathan WALL laid the foundations for his own PB(24:12)

Much kudos to “Storm trooper” Sarah VINE.
4th in her age category today and in fine form, as she looks towards her 1st marathon this year. (26:14)

And last but by no means least, Katie Oliver celebrated her birthday in style by joining us for Parkrun.

As another run report, month and season draws to a close. Next weekend I’m hoping to navigate my first marathon in Manchester…hard to believe from someone overweight 2 years ago that struggled to run for 5 minutes.

Just be the best you can be and always think the impossible is possible #fatboyslim