21st September another day in history Kingsbury Water Park event #316

As the crisp morning dew started to disappear on the grass and foliage, the mist on the lakes rose as the warmth of the sun shining brightly clearing the way and setting the scene for 496 runners all united in one common goal; to participate in the Saturday morning phenomenon that is Parkrun, running, jogging or walking 5k, all with their own reasons, challenges and goals, all making history.
1957 "Perry Mason" TV series based on the character by author Erle Stanley Gardner, starring Raymond Burr premieres on CBS-TV. Today was the premiere for 72 first timers, 36 of those were Parkrun newbies and 36 were first timers at KWP.
1980 Richard Todd of NY Jets completes 42 passes in a game (NFL record), today was no exception for records, as 40 Parkrunners beat their own records and walked away earing a well-deserved pat on the back as they all achieved new personal bests.
1955 In his last fight, undefeated world heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Marciano KOs light heavyweight Archie Moore in the 9th round at Yankee Stadium, NYC. As we all know the 10th round follows the 9th and making his 10th debut and milestone was Noah ASPREY (29:33) who also chose to celebrate his 10th Parkrun with a New Personal Best.
1990 Pirate Bobby Bond is 2nd to hit 30 HRs & steal 50 bases in a season (so he can play in 6 decades) because it is a publicity stunt. Taking their 50th Parkrun milestones today were Reinis BALTINS (17:57) who celebrated the occasion with a new Personal Best, Michael BAILEY (22:51), David HUTCHINSON (23:47) and Tracy VICKERS (31:13).
1988 Saw the Suriname swimmer Anthony Nesty win the 100m butterfly at the Seoul Olympics; Suriname's first gold; first black to win individual Olympic swim gold medal; thwarts Matt Biondi's attempt at 7 gold medals. Brad KERMODE (25:19) took his own gold as he completed the milestone that is 100 Parkruns.
37 different running clubs were represented this week. To date there has been 316 events with 13, 867 runners covering a total distance of 518, 675km, which is equivalent to climbing Mount Everest 58.6 times, or 1.3 trips to the moon from earth.
"Heroes" is the 12th studio album by the late great musician David Bowie, released on RCA Records on 14 October 1977. Today 33 volunteers donned a Hi viz vet to become heroes, on behalf of the core team thank you for your dedication and valued support. Your heroes today were Sam BLENKIRON, Hannah COOGAN, Peter COOGAN, Julie GARBETT, Samantha GARBETT, Katharine GOULD, Madeleine GOULD, Matthew GREEN, Jessica HARPER, Teigan INGHAM, Alexander INGHAM, Ian JACKSON, Sharon JACKSON, Margaret JORDAN, Ken JORDAN, George KING, Sue KING, Kay MOHANNA, Daisy MULLEN, Poppy MULLEN, Corinne OLDHAM, Graham PERRY, David PRICE, Alex SANDHAM, Rachael SHELTON, Mike SHELTON, Lil SOUTER, Sam STARKEY, Andy STRETTON, Susan THOULD, Alex WHITE, Sean WHITE, Sharon WHITEHEAD