PAs and Puns a plenty!

Yes it’s that time of year again. The summer bug spray is replaced by winter garments, gloves and bobble hats. In fact I need no second invitation to dress up and next week I will be taking full advantage of the venues Halloween pacing event “The route of all evil”.

With the clocks due to go back next weekend, 425 runners enjoyed the beauty of the park. Regulars at Kingsbury will see the water park in all its guises, as 1 season rolls onto the next.

With recent heavy rain forcing several cancellations due to flooding, Michael WYANT (27:07) quite literally dipped his toe into the water, with the suggestion of a footballing kick about after future parkruns.
Several are keen to meet up with all ages and genders welcome, with jumpers used for goalposts. Early indications show “Man – Chest – Hair United” tops a local poll as a potential team name.

I also heard a rumour that Bedworth parkrun may be putting together a team of their own, with a future friendly match being touted as a distinct possibility. I approached Jenna DAVIES from Bedworth parkrun who said. “There is some truth in the rumours and if we did form a footballing team we would call it “Knowing me knowing you – ZAHA.”

Event 318 welcomed 73 first timers and collectively there were 36 new personal bests. No fewer than 35 different running clubs were represented and it was the “Ice man” himself Tim Gould who directed this weeks show. The core team were also grateful to The Titan Triathlon Club for their volunteer takeover and to all the volunteers for completing this weeks roster.

With several “unknown” finishers including the first runner back, Chris JORDAN from Leicester Coritanian appeared 1 st on the results list in a quality time of 17:28.

Adam BRAITHWAITE crossed the line next in a speedy 18:24, while BADGERS runner David HILL completed his 10th parkrun in 19:22.

Young Sian DUVAK had the distinction of first female home on the listings, as she greeted the bar code scanners in a rapid 21:37. (Royal Sutton Coldfield AC)

Another youngster Evie FOREST impressed with her time of 23:18.
1st timer Kerstine HERBERT no doubt enjoyed her visit, as she marked her 75th parkrun with a sub 24 minute time of 23:39. (Kimberley @ District Striders)

As always there were flashes of brilliance and inspiration a plenty.
Local volunteer Matt GREEN ran his 150 th venue parkrun. The Peter CROUCH of runners marked the occasion with a top 10 finish (20:48), before heading off towards the café performing “the robot”.

Anne WEAVER (42:27) initially attended Sutton parkrun only to find the event cancelled. Remarkably she then made it to Kingsbury after the start of the event, but still completed the course finishing in front of the tail walkers.

The supportive Claire CARTMELL (35:39) rang the PB bell, as she demonstrated that true parkrun spirit. Sarah SHANNON worked hard and deserves all the plaudits as she finished in 35:41.

Paul CHARLTON (28:13) recorded his 150th parkrun, as the popular Rob ANDREWS marked his 125th representing Boldmere Bullets. (30:10)

Hinckley RC athlete Rachel EDWARDS chalked up her century. (31:58)
There were 75th outings for Royal Sutton Coldfield AC ace Daniel MUSSON (23:34), and BADGERS duo Lesley PALMER (40:19) and Yvonne FEASEY (35:47).

The following all safely navigated their 50th parkruns.
David DOUGLAS (24:20), Paul MCNAMARA (25:25), Young Benjamin DALY (27:18) and Sara FARRELL (29:41 Lonely Goat RC)

Neil GRIFFIN (24:38) ran his 25 th event, an achievement shared by John BARRY (33:41) and Jane HUGHES (43:24 This Girl Runs – Tamworth).

Rounding up this weeks milestones are those proud to have notched their 10th .

Madeline WOODWARD (24:19 1st timer), Rob KELLY (28:39), Michael KENNY (28:47 PB), Lorraine GODBER (29:01), Lloyd BRADSHAW (30:04), young Chole JORDAN (31:08 1 st timer), Charlotte BARTON (32:42 1 st timer), Sara HAWKINS (37:14) and Rebecca MYNETT (42:44).

Elsewhere and it was a case of “come on down” to Kingsbury for Mandy HANSON (35:18), as she collected a Garmin Forerunner for husband John, courtesy of slimming world sensation David PRICE (27:56 Lonely Goat RC).

It was an education for 1st timer Clair COLLEDGE as she passed with flying colours. (36:08)

Katie SHARPE was more than to the point as she cut through the crowds finishing in 31:10 for a new best.

Paul “the dog” COOPER was another to benefit from his year of hard work, as he smiled his way over the line for a new PB. (29:51)
There were also welcome returns from injury for BADGERS duo Sam STARKEY (22:02) and Justin HAYWOOD (22:29).

Our young runners were as always in dazzling form. The following all left with a new PB time. 1) William PAGE (21:42), 2) Joe CLEARY (28:04), 3) Nathan HUNT (30:17), 4) Jacob HARRIS (31:46), 5) Charlie THOULD (40:57) and 6) Lily-May DEAKIN (43:49).

Ian JACKSON (30:38) was loitering with intent gratefully receiving donations towards a new PA system. Sufficient funds have since been raised and on behalf of the organisers thank you to everyone for your support.

Crowd favourites Sara DENNIS (Lichfield RC), Sarah MADDAFORD and Fiona HILL (Run Mummy Run) all ran together. A formidable sight as the trio attacked the finish line like the Liverpool FC front 3.

There were further PB’s for Waseem AHMED (26:51), Fran LORETTO (26:13) and 1st timer Don CAWTHERA. (27:21 Sidmouth RC).

Finally the vibrant Rachael SHELTON was in attendance with her 2 boys, Corey (1:04:01) and Bradley (1:04:03 PB). With young Matt JACKSON in tow the quartet all safely crossed the line, showing that there is so much more to parkrun than just times.

I’m not sure when the new PA system will be available for use however, I am reliably informed the new speaker will be referred to by the core team as “The Rachael”.

Well done everyone and I will look forward to seeing you at next weeks pacing event.